Freakonomics, Cleavage, and Fair Use

A call for Freakonomics to clean up its act. Earlier this week, I noticed a photo of cleavage on the Freakonomics blog. And I wondered. Where do these professional blogs get such high quality photos? Surely they are paying for them. Right? Better Blogs With Photos Conventional blogger wisdom says that adding photos to your … Continue reading “Freakonomics, Cleavage, and Fair Use”

Why I Love Freakonomics

The world’s best weblog just keeps getting better. If you are not reading Freakonomics, then you are missing out on this biggest thing since the invention of the wheel. Today on Freakonomics, Stephen J. Dubner asked “Who Comments on Blogs and Why?” I think the following comment from a particularly enlightened Freakonomics reader sums it … Continue reading “Why I Love Freakonomics”