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If you think about a trademark as a “mark” of a “trade,” then it makes more sense.

Consider the origins of branding. Farmers needed a way to identify their cows from their neighbor’s cows, so they branded (i.e. burned) their unique brand (mark) into their cows (trade). If one brand looks too much like another, then the brands are not doing their job, and we can’t tell whose cow is whose.

And if one trademark is too close to another – and if the goods are also too similar – then there is a “likelihood of confusion” between the two marks.

By the way, trademark lawyers often use “marks” and “trademarks” synonymously. Ditto for “trademarks” and “servicemarks.”

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Believe it or not, Clocktower’s website design is coming up on two years old, so it’s time for a makeover.

As part of the website redesign planning process, I audited all of my brands to check that the most important ones are regiserted as word and/or logo trademarks, whichever makes the most sense. I have some trademark gaps to fill and will blog about that in the future.

The basic rule with trademarks is that you should use what you registered and register what you use.