Twitter Tweets by Erik Heels 2008-Present

Because history.

Dear Intertubes:

I’ve been on Twitter for a long time (since 2008, not 2010, which (thanks to a Twitter bug) is what my account indicates). I initially used Twitter a lot, then less, the deleted lots of Tweets, then Twitter broke, and now I care less. But I still care a little. So here are some of the Tweets I saved, to further (and possibly finally) document the Twitter-no-longer-loves-me bug.

Plus because history.



2008 Tweets

2009 Tweets

2010 Tweets

2011 Tweets

2012 Tweets

2013 Tweets

2014 Tweets

2015 Tweets

Erik J. Heels is a patent and trademark lawyer for Boston startups, Red Sox fan, MIT engineer, and musician. He blogs about technology, law, baseball, and rock ‘n’ roll at

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If you think about a trademark as a “mark” of a “trade,” then it makes more sense.

Consider the origins of branding. Farmers needed a way to identify their cows from their neighbor’s cows, so they branded (i.e. burned) their unique brand (mark) into their cows (trade). If one brand looks too much like another, then the brands are not doing their job, and we can’t tell whose cow is whose.

And if one trademark is too close to another – and if the goods are also too similar – then there is a “likelihood of confusion” between the two marks.

By the way, trademark lawyers often use “marks” and “trademarks” synonymously. Ditto for “trademarks” and “servicemarks.”