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17 Seconds

Clocktower uses value-based billing, which means that we charge for knowing where to hammer, not for hammering (see also http://www.erikjheels.com/1098.html). As such, we’ve published our updated price list (which is effective 2015-07-01). There are four changes.

The first increases the amount we charge for patent renewals to the same as we charge for trademark renewals, as we think that a patent is at least as valuable as a trademark.

The second removes US SOU filings from the “other” category to its own category, which has the effect of doubling the amount we charge for this (we think, valuable) service. It is also consistent with the “ITU vs. use-based” pricing difference, which we have always said is about 500.

The third is a new optional service, trademark monitoring. Every month, we will monitor your registered trademark and its corresponding specimen page to make sure that future trademark renewals go smoothly.

The fourth is to present pricing chronologically (in phases) rather than alphabetically. Now you can estimate more clearly how much it costs for each phase, from search (phase 1), to filing (phase 2), to pendency (phase 3), to renewal (phase 4).

We know of no other IP law firm that publishes its prices and communicates transparently about changes thereto.

Retiring My Retro Resume

A new bio, CV, resume for the next 50 years.

Erik J. Heels

Erik J. Heels







About 15 years ago, I started noticing that the video games I played in high school were being categorized as “retro” games.

Similarly, many of the classes I took at MIT (including, most notably, 2.70 and 6.001) are now considered “famous” classes.

Which got me thinking. I have not been looking for a job since I founded Clocktower in 2001, yet I had not updated my resume accordingly.

So I fixed that. Plus added some hidden ASCII art. Probably also has something to do with the fact that I am now in my 50th year (although not yet 50), so I need to consider what my resume should look like for the next 50 years. I do plan on living to be 100, at which point I’ll probably still be playing Pac-Man.

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