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Here are the definitions of “Plow” from Wiktionary:



plow (plural plows)

  1. (US) spelling; see plough.

[edit] Translations

[edit] Verb

to plow
  Third person singular
  Simple past
  Past participle
  Present participle

to plow (third-person singular simple present plows, present participle plowing, simple past plowed, past participle plowed)

  1. (US) spelling; see plough.

Who might want to buy

Someone who works in a plowing service and mows the lawn and gets all the leaves blown of the driveway with that blowing machine thing that SpongeBob sometimes fools around with underwater.

Maybe someone who mows peoples lawns for a small business but might not have it as an official job.

Ideas: Maybe plowers could advertise on this site and e-mail friends about their outstanding plowing service or company. Or maybe you could comment on this site as well on examples of terrible lawns that don’t have grass that a different company or service did and they could explain how they would do a lot better. Pictures would also help if you can get a picture of a terrible lawn that’s been mowed by a different company or service.

This article was written by Erik’s 9-year-old daughter Sonja, who is guest blogging to earn money.

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