Valentine’s Day Confessions of a Shoe Blogger

Long tail is long.

From 2007-2008, I cofounded (along with Eric McCoy) the women’s shoe store. One of my initial jobs was getting the blog online and writing the initial content. Over five years later, many of the 99 blog posts that I wrote (see list below) are still generating traffic for In search engine optimization (SEO) language, this is called the long tail of ecommerce. The store has also expanded from about 43 brands of shoes to about 144 brands of women shoes.

The lesson for law firms? Start writing relevant content now for your blog. Blog a little or blog a lot. But blog regularly. It will pay off in the long run.

Oh yeah, and disregard what the so-called “experts” say. On the Internet, there are no experts. There is only change, and change is constant. (FWIW, I have blogging for ten years.)

Erik J. Heels is a trademark and patent lawyer, Boston Red Sox fan, MIT engineer, and musician. He blogs about technology, law, baseball, and rock ‘n’ roll at

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  1. Designer Shoe Sale (4/22/2008)
    Great shoes, great prices, great service.
  2. LinkedIn Thinks All Dot-Com People Work For (4/18/2008)
    Great shoes, great prices, great service. World domination is lower on the list.
  3. Goodbye Zappos, Hello (4/18/2008)
    Strive for excellence, the PR will follow.
  4. Zinc Shoes (03/10/2008)
    Zinc shoes at
  5. Vince Camuto (03/10/2008)
    Vince Camuto shoes at
  6. Unlisted Shoes (03/09/2008)
    Unlisted shoes at
  7. Tribeca (03/09/2008)
    Tribeca shoes at
  8. Steven by Steve Madden (03/08/2008)
    Steven by Steve Madden shoes at
  9. Steve Madden (03/08/2008)
    Steve Madden shoes at
  10. Pour La Victoire (03/07/2008)
    Pour La Victoire shoes at
  11. Sam Edelman (03/07/2008)
    Sam Edelman shoes at
  12. Report Signature (03/07/2008)
    Report Signature shoes at
  13. Report Shoes (03/06/2008)
    Report shoes at
  14. Poetic Licence (03/06/2008)
    Poetic Licence shoes at
  15. oh…DEER! (03/05/2008)
    oh…DEER! shoes at
  16. Not Rated (03/05/2008)
    Not Rated shoes at
  17. Nine West (03/04/2008)
    Nine West shoes at
  18. Nicole Shoes (03/04/2008)
    Nicole shoes at
  19. Naughty Monkey (03/03/2008)
    Naughty Monkey shoes at
  20. Natural Comfort (03/03/2008)
    Natural Comfort shoes at
  21. N.Y.L.A. (03/02/2008)
    N.Y.L.A. shoes at
  22. Modern Vintage (03/02/2008)
    Modern Vintage shoes at
  23.,, And A Free Shoes Facebook Contest (3/1/2008)
    Free shoes just in time for spring!
  24. MINK Shoes (03/01/2008)
    MINK shoes at
  25. MIA Shoes (03/01/2008)
    MIA shoes at
  26. Me Too (2/29/2008)
    Me Too shoes at
  27. Max Studio (2/29/2008)
    Max Studio shoes at
  28. Marciano (2/28/2008)
    Marciano shoes at
  29. Marc by Marc Jacobs (2/28/2008)
    Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes at
  30. Madeline Shoes (2/27/2008)
    Madeline shoes at
  31. Luichiny (2/27/2008)
    Luichiny shoes at
  32. Laura Brandon (2/26/2008)
    Laura Brandon shoes at
  33. L.A.M.B. (2/26/2008)
    L.A.M.B. shoes at
  34. Kenneth Cole Reaction (2/25/2008)
    Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes at
  35. Kenneth Cole NY (2/25/2008)
    Kenneth Cole NY shoes at
  36. Jessica Simpson (2/24/2008)
    Jessica Simpson shoes at
  37. Jessica Bennett (2/24/2008)
    Jessica Bennett shoes at
  38. J. Renee (2/23/2008)
    J. Renee shoes at
  39. Hollywould (2/23/2008)
    Hollywould shoes at
  40. Hale Bob (2/22/2008)
    Hale Bob shoes at
  41. Guess Shoes (2/22/2008)
    Guess shoes at
  42. Exchange Shoes (2/21/2008)
    Exchange shoes at
  43. Enzo Angiolini (2/21/2008)
    Enzo Angiolini shoes at
  44. Due Farina (2/20/2008)
    Due Farina shoes at
  45. Dollhouse Shoes (2/20/2008)
    Dollhouse shoes at
  46. Betseyville (02/19/2008)
    Betseyville shoes at
  47. Diego di Lucca (2/19/2008)
    Diego di Lucca shoes at
  48. Diba (2/19/2008)
    Diba shoes at
  49. Dereon (2/18/2008)
    Dereon shoes at
  50. Cynthia Vincent (2/18/2008)
    Cynthia Vincent shoes at
  51. Corso Como (1/31/2008)
    Corso Como shoes at
  52. Claudia Ciuti (1/30/2008)
    Claudia Ciuti shoes at
  53. Cindy Says (1/30/2008)
    Cindy Says shoes at
  54. Cindy Says Couture (1/29/2008)
    Cindy Says Couture shoes at
  55. Chinese Laundry (1/28/2008)
    Chinese Laundry shoes at
  56. Charles David (1/27/2008)
    Charles David shoes at
  57. Charles by Charles David (1/26/2008)
    Charles by Charles David shoes at
  58. Carlos by Carlos (1/25/2008)
    Carlos by Carlos shoes at
  59. Bronx (1/24/2008)
    Bronx shoes at
  60. Boutique 9 (1/23/2008)
    Boutique 9 shoes at
  61. FeedBurner + AskGraphics = Better Blog (01/22/2008)
    Content + presentation = experience. More blog changes afoot (pun intended) at
  62. Betsey Johnson (1/22/2008)
    Betsey Johnson shoes at
  63. BCBGirls (1/21/2008)
    BCBGirls Footwear at
  64. BCBGMaxAzria (01/20/2008)
    BCBC Maz Azria shoes at
  65. Apepazza (1/19/2008)
    Apepazza shoes at
  66. A.B.S. Shoes (1/18/2008)
    A.B.S. Shoes by Allen Schwartz at
  67. Shoe Brands (01/18/2008)
    Women’s shoe brand at
  68. Transform Backless Shoes With Muleos Straps And Ties (1/17/2008)
    Muleos are fashion accessories for slides, mules, and backless bridal and evening shoes or sandals.
  69. Shoes Make A Great Valentine’s Day Gift (1/16/2008)
    Guys, trust me on this one.
  70. Store Update (1/15/2008)
    New arrivals and on sale shoes even easier to find.
  71. Blog Overhaul (01/14/2008)
    Change is constant.
  72. Founders Tell Their Story (11/12/2007)
    Plus a discount coupon code!
  73. Columbus Discovers Shoes (10/08/2007)
  74. Why Do Women Wear High Heels? (09/11/2007)
    The answer may surprise you.
  75. Putting Comfort Into High Heels (09/10/2007)
    From A Podiatrist And An MIT Rocket Scientist.
  76. Heels and Bags Mashup (09/09/2007)
    Match game.
  77. Decorations For Your Feet (09/08/2007)
    Party on!
  78. Slingback (09/07/2007)
    A thousand words.
  79. GameBoy Shoes (09/06/2007)
    Do not want!
  80. How To Deal With Broken Heels (09/04/2007)
    Don’t ditch ’em, fix ’em!
  81. Love Of Fashionable Footwear Brings People Together For Shoe Club (09/03/2007)
    Social networking for shoe lovers.
  82. Girls Say Wearing Heels Makes Them Happiest (09/02/2007)
    Agreed. High heels = happy.
  83. Stepping Out With My Baby (09/01/2007)
    Nice Flickr photos.
  84. Red High Heels Video :: Kellie Pickler (08/31/2007)
    The original music video.
  85. Red High Heels Video :: Kellie Pickler on The View (08/30/2007)
    Pick Pickler!
  86. Metallic Silver Sandals (08/29/2007)
    Look, something shiny!
  87. Video Teaches How To Walk In High Heels (08/28/2007)
    Because we were all newbies once.
  88. Adjustable High Heels (08/27/2007)
    Shoes that convert from flats to high-heels.
  89. Blogroll :: Shoeaholics Anonymous (08/23/2007)
    Your Shoe Addiction Secret is Safe with Us!
  90. Blogroll :: Teenfashionista (08/22/2007)
    By a nineteen-year-old aspiring fashion writer who is determined to make it big in the fashion world.
  91. Blogroll :: ShoeBUYTES (08/21/2007)
    The official fashion blog of
  92. Blogroll :: Chic Alert (08/20/2007)
    Designer Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry.
  93. Blogroll :: ShoeBlog (08/19/2007)
    The ShoeBlog is a site dedicated to women’s shoes.
  94. Blogroll :: I Love Shoes, Shoes, and Shoes (08/18/2007)
    A personal space to rant and rave about shoe-mania.
  95. Blogroll :: “The” Shoe Blog (08/17/2007)
    Because shoes don’t judge.
  96. Blogroll :: Soles4Souls (08/16/2007)
    A nonprofit that provides shoes for the needy.
  97. Blogroll :: Sole Satisfaction (08/15/2007)
    I can’t get no … sole satisfaction!
  98. Blogroll :: Shoe Queen (08/14/2007)
    Hail to the queen, she’s the queen and so we hail her.
  99. Stop Making Sense (08/13/2007)
    Gotta love that big suit.

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