MIT Lawyers Unite!

Sort of an informal bar association for lawyers who are also MIT alum.

I put together a website called, which is an informal community of, for, and by lawyers who are also graduates of MIT. I used, the same software that powers I’m very much interested in making this a community project, which is why I chose the wiki format, but I’m open to suggestions.

The site is pretty basic at this point, but the framework is there for something more substantial.

There’s also an MITLawyers group on LinkedIn:

For now I wanted to create the platform and see where it goes. Comments welcome and encouraged!

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  1. 10/27/08

    On 07/16/08, I installed a new server and moved all of my websites from my old Verio VPS v2 (running FreeBSD 4.7) to my new Verio Linux VPS v3 (running RHEL 4.0).

    I’m using WordPress 2.5.1 for my blogs (,,, On 10/03/08, I installed php5 on my server (for, a site that requires php5). On 10/04/078, I noticed that the header graphics on were broken (e.g. lack of nav bar in php5 version). I reverted back to php4, and works again (but now is broken).

    I thought the problem was with my design. In the php5 version, it looks like the bloginfo tag isn’t being evaluated in php5. But the designer says that he’s tested the site in PHP4 and PHP5 and it works in both.

  2. 10/29/08, Joan said:

    I think I have found the problem. In a few places (including the logo URL and the call to list the nav buttons) you are using the < ?= delimiter instead of < ?php echo. If your new server has the short open tags off, then these won't work. That is why it is working for your designer (it works on my server too).

    I made the changes in your header file, uploaded it to my server and it still worked (so I guess all that means is that I didn't introduce any more errors). There are 4 other files with those in them too.

    You can always set the short_open_tag to On if you want too. Otherwise, I can fix the 5 files and email them to you.

  3. 11/01/08, Joan said:

    I updated the following files:

    I replaced all < ?= with < ?php echo
    and all < ? with < ?php

    It was a little harder to check for the "< ?<,/code>" than the "< ?=" but I think I got them all. I backed everything up on my machine before I made the changes, If you have any trouble, let me know. It does run on my server, and it runs on your current one, so I don't think I added any typos.

    The short tag setting is in /usr/local/php/lib/php.ini.
    short_open_tag = on

    You shouldn't have to do that now though unless something else breaks.

  4. 10/16/09

    In the past 48 hours, I’ve had DNS errors with GoDaddy, MySQL errors with Verio. I’ve fixed all WordPress sites. But is a MediWiki site and is very broken.

    I don’t have the time to fix it, so I’m 301-ing all MITlawyer domains to

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