Clocktower’s Winning Clients

$2 Billion In Angel/VC Funding + 10 Acquisitions By Public Companies.

Clock Tower Law Group: Helping Smart Companies(TM)

Over the last ten years, Clock Tower Law Group clients have been acquired by publicly traded companies ten times.

Over the last ten years, Clock Tower Law Group clients have raised $2 billion from angel investors and venture capital (VC) firms.

Over the last ten years, Clock Tower Law Group clients have done about one deal per quarter, at an average value of about $57 million.

Here are the details.

Client Wins

Date Client Headline Type Public Value
2011-06-14 Smarterer True Ventures, Google Ventures, Mark Gerson, Shikhar Ghosh, Scott Kurnit, Peter Lehrman, Thomas Lehrman, Dharmesh Shah, et al. Invest $1.25 Million In Smarterer Investment 0 $1,250,000
2011-05-23 BzzAgent Tesco’s (LSE: TSCO) Dunnhumby Acquires BzzAgent For $60 Million Acquisition 1 $60,000,000
2011-05-06 Helium Helium Raises $10 Million Investment 0 $10,000,000
2011-03-29 Apperian North Bridge Venture Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’s (KPCB) iFund, CommonAngels, and LaunchCapital Invest $9.5 Million In Apperian Investment 0 $9,500,000
2010-12-06 Monetate First Round Capital, Floodgate Fund, et al. Invest $5.1 Million In Monetate Investment 0 $5,100,000
2010-11-17 Files For $50 Million IPO [4] IPO 0 $50,000,000
2010-10-05 AppNexus Microsoft, Venrock, Kodiak, Venture Partners, First Round Capital, et al. Invest $50 Million In AppNexus Investment, Series C 0 $50,000,000
2010-08-30 VMLogix Citrix (NASDAQ: CTXS) Acquires VMLogix Acquisition 1 $13,200,000
2010-08-19 PatientsLikeMe PatientsLikeMe Raises $8 Million Investment 0 $8,000,000
2010-01-25 Unidesk Matrix Partners, North Bridge Venture Partners, et al. Invest $12 Million In Unidesk Investment, Series B 0 $12,000,000
2009-11-10 AppNexus Kodiak Venture Partners, Venrock, and First Round Capital Invest $5 Million In AppNexus Investment 0 $5,000,000
2009-11-09 Apprenda New Enterprise Associates (NEA), High Peaks Venture Partners, et al. Invest $5 Million In Apprenda Investment 0 $5,000,000
2009-10-20 Copanion Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Pilot House Ventures Group, et al. Invest $10.2 Million In Copanion Investment 0 $10,200,000
2009-09-01 Helium RR Donnelley Invests In Helium Investment, Minority Stake 0 not disclosed
2009-07-13 OurStage OurStages Raises $3 Million Investment 0 $3,000,000
2009-06-29 CloudSwitch Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Matrix Partners, Atlas Ventures et al. Invest $8 Million In CloudSwitch Investment, Series B 0 $8,000,000
2009-01-23 CloudSwitch Atlas Ventures, Matrix Partners, et al. Invest $7.4 Million In CloudSwitch Investment, Series A 0 $7,400,000
2008-10-29 Helium Signature Capital LLC, Northport Private Equity, et al. Invest $17M In Helium Investment, Series A 0 $17,000,000
2008-10-07 Appssavvy TRUE Ventures, Scott Kurnit, et al. Invest $3.1 Million In Appssavvy Investment, Series A 0 $3,100,000
2008-09-25 AppNexus Venrock, Kodiak Venture Partners, et al. Invest $8 Million In AppNexus Investment, Series B 0 $8,000,000
2008-07-14 NeoSaej Stata Venture Partners II, NeoNet LLC et al. Invest $7 Million In NeoSaej Investment, Series B 1 $7,000,000
2008-06-23 OATSystems Checkpoint Systems (NYSE: CKP) Acquires OATSystems Acquisition 1 $37,200,000
2008-05-07 ZeeVee Alpond Capital and JLL Ventures Invest In ZeeVee [3] Investment 0 $10,000,000
2008-05-04 Buzzd Monitor Ventures, Greycroft Partners, et al. Invest $3 Million In Buzzd Investment, Series A 0 $3,000,000
2008-04-18 GamerDNA Flybridge Capital Partners Invests $3 Million In GamerDNA Investment, Series A 0 $3,000,000
2008-03-24 OurStage 103 Angels Invest $13 Million In OurStage Investment 0 $13,000,000
2008-03-10 SANBlaze Angels Invest $1.1 Million In SANBlaze Investment 0 $1,100,000
2007-12-31 Unidesk Matrix Partners, North Bridge Venture Partners, et al. Invest In Unidesk [2] Investment, Series A 0 not disclosed
2007-12-21 Sequoia Capital, General Catalyst Partners, Accel Partners, , Norwest Venture Partners, Trident Capital, Oak Investment Partners, Lehman Brothers Venture Partners, and Silicon Valley Bank, and Gold Hill Capital Invest $196 Million In Investment 0 $196,000,000
2007-05-15 ProductFactory – Agile Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) Acquires Agile (NASDAQ: AGIL) For $495 Million Acquisition 1 $495,000,000
2007-04-30 Right Media Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO) Acquires Right Media, Buys Remaining 80% For $680 Million Acquisition 1 $850,000,000
2007-02-05 PatientsLikeMe Collaborative Seed; Growth Partners, LLC; Invus, LP; et al. Invest $5 Million in PatientsLikeMe Investment 0 $5,000,000
2006-07-21 Inceptor Verizon Directories Corp., A Subsidiary Of Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ), Acquires Inceptor Acquisition 1 not disclosed
2006-05-30 Accel Partners et al. Invest $11.5 Million In Investment, Series C 0 $11,500,000
2006-01-13 BzzAgent General Catalyst Partners, IDG Ventures Boston, et al. Invest $13.75 Million In BzzAgent Investment, Series B 0 $13,750,000
2006-01-10 The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. (NASDAQ: NDAQ) Acquires Acquisition 1 $40,000,000
2005-06-13 Right Media Redpoint Ventures Invests $7.25 Million in Right Media Investment 0 $7,250,000
2004-12-31 Sequoia Capital et al. Invest In [1] Investment, Series B 0 $18,500,000
2004-12-30 General Catalyst And American Online Invest In Kayak [1] Investment, Series A 0 not disclosed
2003-04-02 ProductFactory Agile Software Corporation (NASDAQ: AGIL) Acquires ProductFactory Acquisition 1 $4,300,000
2002-12-16 Northstar Technologies Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC) Acquires Northstar Technologies Acquisition 1 not disclosed
TOTAL acquisitions by publicly traded companies = 10
AVERAGE value of deals = $55,593,056
TOTAL value of deals = $2,001,350,000


0. This chart only includes investments valued at $1M or more and acquisitions by publicly traded companies.
1.’s corporate backgrounder says that $30M was raised in Series A, Series B, and Series C combined. Press reports indicate Series C was $11.5M, leaving $18.5 million for the A and B rounds. The Series A date was not disclosed.
2. Unidesk’s Series A date and amount were not disclosed.
3. ZeeVee investment amounts were not disclosed but were reported to be double-digit millions, so at least $10 million.
4. OK, technically has not yet raised $50M. But I include the number here for completeness. And to push the total over $2B. Which I think is reasonable, given that there are so many “not disclosed” numbers.


So What?

These stats would be impressive for a firm of any size.

But Clock Tower Law Group is a 3-person firm: 2 lawyers, 1 paralegal.

Assuming we’ve been a 3-person firm for ten years (we haven’t), the average deal value per person per year (deals/person/year) for Clock Tower Law Group is about $67 million. That stat may not be the best of any IP law firm in the nation, but we’re pretty sure it’s in the top two.

$67 million deals/person/year.

True, Clock Tower Law Group did not DO these deals (we’re not M&A lawyers).

We did not even do 100% of the IP work for all of these clients.

But we did a good chunk of it.

And we helped with IP due diligence (you’re welcome).

We saw the value that IP added to each company’s bottom line.

We are acutely aware that IP is a huge part of a company’s value in the digital economy.

We’re pretty sure the value of these companies would have been substantially less without IP.

Because smart companies know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Smart companies acquire US and foreign trademarks, domain names, and patents.

Smart companies call us before launching any new product or service.

Smart companies are not patent trolls.

In short, we’re glad to have helped our cool clients achieve their goals.

Glad, and a little bit proud.

Proud of our smart clients.

Smart rich clients.

OK, a lot proud.

IP is our job.

What’s yours?

Google us.

Clock Tower Law Group: Helping Smart Companies(TM).


  • 2011-06-14 – Added Smarterer $1.25M round.
  • 2011-05-24 – First version.

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