879 #Startups Formed In Massachusetts In 05/2010

New Massachusetts companies.

Entrepreneurs in Massachusetts formed 879 new companies in May, 2010. That’s up two percent from the same month in 2009:

period current year ago change
2008-10 826 959 -14%
2008-11 651 777 -16%
2008-12 839 921 -9%
2009-01 945 1200 -21%
2009-02 831 951 -13%
2009-03 954 1001 -5%
2009-04 886 980 -10%
2009-05 866 940 -8%
2009-06 927 920 1%
2009-07 840 908 -7%
2009-08 738 823 -10%
2009-09 835 877 -5%
2009-10 831 826 1%
2009-11 696 651 7%
2009-12 900 839 7%
2010-01 1015 945 7%
2010-02 852 831 3%
2010-03 1113 954 17%
2010-04 957 886 8%
2010-05 879 866 2%
TOTAL 17381 18055 -4%


  1. This data is taken from Massachusetts public records and was correct at the time of publishing.
  2. This list includes newly incorporated companies in Massachusetts (so-called “domestic corporations”) as well as companies organized in other states that have filed to do business in Massachusetts (so-called “foreign corporations”). Some of these companies may not technically be startups, but I’m measuring the same data each month, so the year-to-year comparisons are valid. Put another way, it is what it is.
  3. Please do not ask to be “removed” from this database unless you have the ability to travel back in time and undo your filing.
  4. I have linked each company name to its corresponding record at the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office (or Secretary of the Commonwealth – whatever).

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  19. Absolutely Fabulous Hair Inc. (Turners Falls, MA)
  20. Academic Room, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  21. Acton-Boxborough Boys Volleyball Boosters, Inc. (Boxborough, MA)
  22. Acupuncture Connections, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  23. Adhereon Corporation (Tewksbury, MA)
  24. Ae Communications, Inc. (Stockbridge, MA)
  25. Affinity Group, Inc. (Southbridge, MA)
  26. Affirmed Networks, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  27. Afghan Youth Initiative, Inc. (Williamstown, MA)
  28. African Development Initiative, Inc. (Randolph, MA)
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  33. Alexandrias Interiors Incorporated,Inc. (Rochester, MA)
  34. Alfa Systems Corporation (Methuen, MA)
  35. Alice’s Bistro, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  36. All American Fenco Co., Inc. (Lee, MA)
  37. All Four One Corp. (Southboro, MA)
  38. All Hours Realty Inc. (North Attleboro, MA)
  39. Allenkingsley Corporation (Dedham, MA)
  40. Almaari Jewelers Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  41. Almeida’s Express, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  42. Alpha Omega Engineering Incorporation (Sutton, MA)
  43. Alternative Construction, Inc., (Southboro, MA)
  44. Ambrose Asphalt Equipment, Inc. (Plainville, MA)
  45. Ameer Shahzaib Corp. (Plymouth, MA)
  46. American Auto Finance Corporation, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  47. American Dream Demo Team, Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  48. American Legion Auxiliary Fairview Unit 438, Inc. (Chicopee, MA)
  49. American Legion Ladies Auxiliary, Unit 414, Dudley-Gendron, Inc. (Sutton, MA)
  50. Anbc I Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  51. Anbc Ii Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  52. Andrew R. Olden, P.c. (Shirley, MA)
  53. Angel Brokerage, Inc. (Holliston, MA)
  54. Anton’s Movers, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  55. Aphp Corporation Inc (Saugus, MA)
  56. Apical Nutrition Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  57. Arb Consulting Group, Inc. (Lynnfield, MA)
  58. Arsenal Dollar Inc., (Watertown, MA)
  59. Artisan’s Asylum, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  60. Artovation Inc. (Boston, MA)
  61. Arts For Crafts, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  62. Artscience Labs Inc. (Boston, MA)
  63. Ashburnham-Westminster Community Benefit Committee, Inc. (Ashburnham, MA)
  64. Assabet River Bicycles, Inc. (Hudson, MA)
  65. At Bat For Buddy, Inc (Lynn, MA)
  66. At Zhirinovsky’s, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  67. Atlantic Plumbing Services, Inc. (N. Eastham, MA)
  68. Auto-Matic Finance, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  69. Avenue Networks, Inc. (Yarmouth Port, MA)
  70. Awane Charitable Organization, Inc. (Randolph, MA)
  71. B & L Floor Covering Incorporated (Masphee, MA)
  72. B-Squared Global Solutions, Inc. (Somerset, MA)
  73. Back Bay Dog Walking Corp. (Framingham, MA)
  74. Bagong! Inc. (Great Barrington, MA)
  75. Baptiste Power Yoga Institute, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  76. Barrios Construction Company, Inc. (Revere, MA)
  77. Bartlett Consulting Group, Inc. (South Boston, MA)
  78. Baystate Metal Solutions, Inc. (Northampton, MA)
  79. Bc Siam Corporation (Lynn, MA)
  80. Bd Connections, Inc. (Scituate, MA)
  81. Beacon Merchant Construction, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  82. Beau’s Plastic Machinery Service, Inc. (Cherry Valley, MA)
  83. Bedford Health Center, Inc. (Bedford, MA)
  84. Bell Trading Usa Inc. (Jamaica Plain, MA)
  85. Benjamin Franklin Spiritist Society, Inc. (North Attleboro, MA)
  86. Better View Hardscape Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  87. Betty And Matthew Marks Scholarship Fund, Inc., The (Pittsfield, MA)
  88. Bgi Americas Corporation (Cambridge, MA)
  89. Bianchi Associates, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  90. Big Business Solutions, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  91. Big Buzz Apiary Inc. (Westford, MA)
  92. Big Wheel Ocean Skimmers, Inc. (East Freetown, MA)
  93. Birdsong Farm, Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  94. Bishop Zachary Kakobe International Ministries (Revere, MA)
  95. Black Diamond Manufacturing And Engineering, Inc. (Georgetown, MA)
  96. Black Lab Builders Inc. (No. Dighton, MA)
  97. Blue River Diamonds Company (Newbury, MA)
  98. Blue Sox Foundation, Inc. (Dedham, MA)
  99. Boardprospects, Inc. (Braintree, MA)
  100. Boca Marketing, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  101. Bodily Kneads, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  102. Bondir Restaurant, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  103. Boomwriter Corp. (Brookline, MA)
  104. Boston Cycle & Sport Corporation (Methuen, MA)
  105. Boston Equity International Inc. (Allston, MA)
  106. Boston Mobile Concepts, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  107. Boston Road Laundromat Inc. (Bedford, MA)
  108. Boston Twegaite, Inc (Watertown, MA)
  109. Bounce Academy Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  110. Boylston Place Foundation, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  111. Bradypro, Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  112. Braz Carriers, Inc. (Everett, MA)
  113. Brazil Arts World, Inc. (Belmont, MA)
  114. Brillo’s Restaurant Corp. (North Attleboro, MA)
  115. Brookline Group Enterprise, Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  116. Budding Years Inc. (Hingham, MA)
  117. Burlington Woods Manager Corp. (Boston, MA)
  118. Burlington Woods One Manager Corp. (Boston, MA)
  119. Burlington Woods Three Manager Corp. (Boston, MA)
  120. Bustle Media Inc. (Northampton, MA)
  121. C & B Construction & Remodeling Inc. (Boston, MA)
  122. C & K Corp. (Westport, MA)
  123. C&D Handyman General Services, Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  124. Cabot Residential, Inc. (Mitlon, MA)
  125. Cabslp, Inc. (Greenfield, MA)
  126. Cafe Pizzarelli, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  127. Canducci Communications Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  128. Cantalupo Enterprises Of Massachusetts Incorporated (Peabody, MA)
  129. Cantalupo Investments, Incorporated (Peabody, MA)
  130. Cape Cod Psychological Testing Inc. (W. Barnstable, MA)
  131. Caribbean Educational Institute Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  132. Caritas Health Care Services Inc. (Medford, MA)
  133. Carpet Boston, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  134. Cbc Trading, Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  135. Cell Pavilion, Inc. (Holyoke, MA)
  136. Center For Community Health, Education & Research Haiti Projects Inc (Dorchester, MA)
  137. Central Grill & Cafe, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  138. Central Home Health Care, Inc. (Natick, MA)
  139. Centricworks, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  140. Cesar Cars Auto Sales Corporation (Melrose, MA)
  141. Cfr Operating Corp., Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
  142. Chagas Improvement, Inc. (Milford, MA)
  143. Challenge F.a.s.t., Inc. (Plainville, MA)
  144. Chamber Music Art Foundation, Inc. (Mashpee, MA)
  145. Charles Degulielmo Contracting, Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  146. Charles River Bank (Medway, MA)
  147. Charleys Emerald Inc. (N Attleboro, MA)
  148. Chichoco Trucking Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  149. Chicopee Youth Football Association, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  150. China Planning Network, Inc. (Belmont, MA)
  151. Chippy Lane, Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  152. Choocci Corporation (Newton, MA)
  153. Chris B. Treats, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  154. Church Forward, Inc. (Milford, MA)
  155. Church Of Christ Apostolic Ministry New Earth (Peabody, MA)
  156. Church Of God Christian Life Center Of Boston Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  157. Church Of God, Bethel Of Deliverance, Inc (Boston, MA)
  158. Cia Fire & Control Systems Corporation (Boston, MA)
  159. Cill Dara, Inc. (Walpole, MA)
  160. Circuit Atlantic Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  161. Cleanland Environmental Corp. (Mendon, MA)
  162. Clear To Close, Inc. (Douglas, MA)
  163. Climate, Energy And Environment, Inc. (Lincoln, MA)
  164. Cls Enterprises, Inc. (Charlestown, MA)
  165. Cluster Mobile, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  166. Cm Protronics Corporation (Pepperell, MA)
  167. Cmrd Corp. Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  168. Coalition For Better Governance Of Haitian Nonprofit Organizations, Inc. (Coghano) (Brockton, MA)
  169. Coating Application Technologies, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  170. Columbia Management Investment Service Corp. (Boston, MA)
  171. Comfort Specialists Inc. (Acushnet, MA)
  172. Comini & Son, Inc. (Peabody, MA)
  173. Community Voices In Medical Ethics, Inc. (Rowley, MA)
  174. Comverse Albania Holdings, Inc. (Wakefield, MA)
  175. Con-Wear, Inc. (Wakefield, MA)
  176. Construction Done Right Inc. (Middleboro, MA)
  177. Continental Assaying & Meltin Facility, Inc. (Boylston, MA)
  178. Cook Education Services, Inc. (Cohasset, MA)
  179. Corban Driver Training Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  180. Corlex Drywall, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  181. Cozy One, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  182. Creative Blockworks, Inc. (Littleton, MA)
  183. Crf Group Transportation, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  184. Cross Country Painting Company, Inc. (Milton, MA)
  185. Cross-It Consulting Inc. (Milford, MA)
  186. Crossover Basketball Club Inc (Sagamore Beach, MA)
  187. Crown Dental, P.c. (Quincy, MA)
  188. Cureventures, Inc. (South Boston, MA)
  189. Cutting Edge Football Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  190. Cw Catering Inc. (W. Tisbury, MA)
  191. Cwd General Contractor Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  192. D. Scharn Electric, Inc. (Billerica, MA)
  193. D’angelo Construction Company, Inc. (East Falmouth, MA)
  194. Daban Childrens Foundation Intl Corporation (Boston, MA)
  195. Daly’s Sports Bar, Inc. (Methuen, MA)
  196. Daniel W. Villafranca, Inc. (East Freetown, MA)
  197. Data Litho Inc. (Middleboro, MA)
  198. Data-Linkz Corporation (Everett, MA)
  199. Dateharvardsquare Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  200. David Cahill Real Estate, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  201. Davie Electric, Inc. (Lynnfield, MA)
  202. Dcaccounting Inc. (Foxborough, MA)
  203. De La Mora, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  204. Delsep Corp. (Northboro, MA)
  205. Dentistry By Nita Gampa, Dmd, Pc (Worcester, MA)
  206. Deslauriers Housing Development Fund Corp. (New Bedford, MA)
  207. Diamond Crystal Online, Inc. (Windsor, MA)
  208. Digestive Health Institute Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  209. Dishoom Foods, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  210. Dong Dong Beijing, Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  211. Down To Earth Excavating, Inc. (Huntington, MA)
  212. Drury Girls Softball Booster Club Incorporation (No. Adams, MA)
  213. Drywall Doctor, Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  214. Dt Bioconcepts, Inc. (South Yarmouth, MA)
  215. Duarte Painting & Flooring, Inc. (Centerville, MA)
  216. Dunn Rite Parking, Inc. (Hull, MA)
  217. Duprez Electrical Services Inc. (Billerica, MA)
  218. Durant Consulting, Inc. (Charlestown, MA)
  219. Dynamic Ventures, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  220. E. & J. Automotive, Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  221. E.v.a.v. Corp. (Malden, MA)
  222. East Co. (Worcester, MA)
  223. Eastern Atlantic Holding Company, Inc. (Danvers, MA)
  224. Easton Advisors, Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  225. Eco Waste Disposal And Container Storage, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  226. Ecw Therapeutics, Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  227. Edgemark Contracting Corp. (Dracut, MA)
  228. Edlo Surgical Instrumentation, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  229. Edventor Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  230. Efm Electric Inc. (Middleboro, MA)
  231. Egenerationmarketing, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  232. El Paisa Butchery, Inc. (East Boston, MA)
  233. Elephant’s Trunk Bookstore, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  234. Elite Medical Educators, Inc. (Peabody, MA)
  235. Elliot Paul Schlang Dds Massachusetts, P.c. (Saugus, MA)
  236. Elmore Realty Services, Inc. (Brookfield, MA)
  237. Em Services Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  238. Emerald Education Foundation, Inc., The (Boston, MA)
  239. Emmanuel Management Corp. (Attleboro, MA)
  240. Empire Associates Inc. (Rockland, MA)
  241. Empire General Construction Inc. (Milfordm, MA)
  242. Empire Loan Of Worcester, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  243. Encore Players Productions, Inc (Concord, MA)
  244. Epigeum Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  245. Epiphany Hair Care Studio Inc. (W. Roxbury, MA)
  246. Ernest Agajanyan, Dmd, P.c. (Watertown, MA)
  247. Essex Investments, Inc. (Wakefield, MA)
  248. Eta Devices, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  249. Evans Writing Inc. (Amherst, MA)
  250. Evelyn Reda, Med, Otr Rehab Services, Inc. (Amherst, MA)
  251. Everett Self Help Group Inc. (Everett, MA)
  252. Everyone’s Child, Inc (Dorchester,, MA)
  253. Express Auto Transport Corp (Framingham, MA)
  254. Expression By Jennifer Chen, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  255. Extension Inc. (Allston, MA)
  256. External Resource Alliance, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  257. Ez Junk, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  258. F&L Construction Services, Inc. (Lakeville, MA)
  259. Fabens Building, Inc. (Jamaica Plain, MA)
  260. Faith Builders Of New England, Inc. (East Longmeadow, MA)
  261. Falmouth Clippers Sailing Team Booster Club Corp. (East Falmouth, MA)
  262. Families On A Mission Of Massachusetts, Inc (Springfield, MA)
  263. Fast Job Services Inc. (Malden, MA)
  264. Fe Distribution, Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  265. Fearless Fans, Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  266. Felicio Will Painting, Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  267. Fernandes Quality Painting, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  268. Fieldstone Holdings, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  269. Finet Restaurant Group Inc. (Boston, MA)
  270. First Quality Facility Services, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  271. Fit Kidz Get Up & Go, Inc. (Natick, MA)
  272. Five Star Sports, Inc. (Sutton, MA)
  273. Floral Impressions, Inc. (North Easton, MA)
  274. Flywheel Accelerated Solutions, Inc. (Concord, MA)
  275. Foliomed, Inc. (Hyannis, MA)
  276. Foo Hao, Inc. (Lynnfield, MA)
  277. Footprints Of Billy Incorporated (The William James Falco Foundation) (Weymouth, MA)
  278. Force Research Unit Corporation (Chelsea, MA)
  279. Forget Me Not Initiative, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  280. Forward Vision, Inc. (Medway, MA)
  281. Foundwaves Incorporated (Somerville, MA)
  282. Fourmax Marketing, Inc. (Plainville, MA)
  283. Frambors 2.0, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  284. Frame Center Of Nantucket, Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  285. Franklin Pest Control, Inc. (Hopedale, MA)
  286. Franklin Restaurant Group Corporation (Boston, MA)
  287. Freedom To Humanity, Inc. (Swampscott, MA)
  288. Friends Of Julie Fund, Inc. (Hanover, MA)
  289. Friends Of Navdanya Inc. (Weston, MA)
  290. Friends Of Special Ed Kidz, Inc. (Tewksbury, MA)
  291. Friends Of The Pembroke Skate Park, Inc. (Pembroke, MA)
  292. Functional Developments Inc. (Berkley, MA)
  293. G & S Painting And Cleaning, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  294. G.b. Inc. (Middleboro, MA)
  295. Galaxy Jordan, Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  296. Garfield, Inc. (Sturbridge, MA)
  297. Ge Auto Repair, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  298. George Vs Pool Service Incorporated (Swansea, MA)
  299. Gfcd Inc. (Billerica, MA)
  300. Giesen’s All Seasons Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  301. Gils Mufflers Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  302. Giorgio’s Delivery Inc. (Holden, MA)
  303. Giron Cleaning Service Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  304. Gkst Foods Inc. (Northborough, MA)
  305. Glau Int Import & Export Corp. (Medford, MA)
  306. Global Occupational Therapy For Orphans Incorporated (North Andover, MA)
  307. Global Responsibility, Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  308. Glorious Trinity Assembly (Worcester, MA)
  309. Go To Ez Success Inc. (Oxford, MA)
  310. Golden Flower Massage, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  311. Goldthwait Associates, Inc. (Middleton, MA)
  312. Good Counsel Tax Services, Inc. (Uxbridge, MA)
  313. Good Shepherd Assembly Of God Church (Framingham, MA)
  314. Goodwill Headquarters, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  315. Gottlieb Fund, Inc., The (Worcester, MA)
  316. Gp Building Contractor, Inc. (Peabody, MA)
  317. Great Fellaz, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  318. Great In Counters, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  319. Green And Gold Rubbish Removal, Inc. (Grafton, MA)
  320. Green Express, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  321. Greenburyport Inc. (Boston, MA)
  322. Gregory P. Mahoney Electrician, Inc. (Billerica, MA)
  323. Grj, Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  324. Grow Native Massachusetts, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  325. Gsw Music Corp. (Cambridge, MA)
  326. Guerreros De Jehovah Ministerios Ebenezer Boston (Dochester, MA)
  327. Gun Rock House, Inc., The (Hull, MA)
  328. Gus And Donna’s Barber Shop, Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  329. H & S Liquors, Inc. (Dennisport, MA)
  330. H&M Drywall Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  331. H2o Pools, Inc. (Southbridge, MA)
  332. Half Shell Group Incorporated (Falmouth, MA)
  333. Hamiltonbrooke Corporation (Greenfield, MA)
  334. Hampshire County Farm Bureau, Inc. (Hadley, MA)
  335. Handyman, Inc., The (Newburyport, MA)
  336. Hangovers Tavern Inc. (Rockland, MA)
  337. Harvard China Health Inc. (Wincherster, MA)
  338. Haul-It Trucking Corp. (E. Bridgewater, MA)
  339. Hdsc Corporation (Framingham, MA)
  340. Heltel, Inc. (Sudbury, MA)
  341. Hennessy Custom Builders, Inc (Nantucket, MA)
  342. Hepatica Design And Sales, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  343. Heritage Carpentry, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  344. Heritage Consulting And Research Incorporated (Holden, MA)
  345. Hidalgo Multi Services Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  346. Highland Terrace Gp, Inc. (Chelsea, MA)
  347. Hinge Networks, Inc. (Waban, MA)
  348. Hitpoint Inc. (Hatfield, MA)
  349. Hk Associates Group Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  350. Hope Community Church Of Agawam (Feeding Hills, MA)
  351. House Of Restoration Esther Church, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  352. Hp Realty Group Inc. (East Bridgewater, MA)
  353. Hsw, Inc. (Agawam, MA)
  354. Hughes/Donahue Art Gallery Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  355. Humbarger Tech Support, Inc. (Blackstone, MA)
  356. Huntress 1, Inc. (Rockport, MA)
  357. Hvac Applied Engineering, Inc. (Hanson, MA)
  358. Hyannis Fishing Corp. (Hyannis, MA)
  359. Ib Cleaning, Inc. (South Hadley, MA)
  360. Ideal Health Care System, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  361. Iglesia Peniel Casa De Restauracion (Fitchburg, MA)
  362. Iglesia Pentecostal Unida Hispana Inc (Lynn, MA)
  363. Impar Corporation (Plymouth, MA)
  364. Improved Order Of Red Men Nipmuck Tribe 131, Inc. (Southbridge, MA)
  365. Ims 2000 Building Maintenance, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  366. Indian Muslim Council – Usa, Inc. (Canton, MA)
  367. Info-Edo, Inc. (Westwood, MA)
  368. Informatics Research Partners, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  369. Ingle Law, P.c. (Southborough, MA)
  370. Ink Cartridge Refilling, Inc. (Hyannis, MA)
  371. Innate Chiropractic Inc. (Salisbury, MA)
  372. Innovative Group International, Incorporated (Watertown, MA)
  373. Integrating Healthcare, Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  374. International Birth And Wellness Project Inc. (Boston, MA)
  375. International Disaster Consulting, Inc. (Westminster, MA)
  376. International Dogs Of Leisure, Inc. (South Easton, MA)
  377. Investours, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  378. Ipswich Floor Covering Inc. (Ipswich, MA)
  379. Ipswich Playhouse Society For The Development Of Arts & Humanities, Inc., The (Ipswich, MA)
  380. Irg Group, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  381. Iris Design & Construction Inc. (Boston, MA)
  382. Ironpillars Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  383. Irriscape Irrigation & Landscape Contracting, Inc. (Middleboro, MA)
  384. Isaac International, Inc. (Orleans, MA)
  385. Island Painting Incorporated (Lynn, MA)
  386. It Pro Management Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  387. Italy Point, Inc. (West Roxbury, MA)
  388. J & B Brush Corp. (East Longmeadow, MA)
  389. J. Caron Contracting, Inc. (Methuen, MA)
  390. J. Castillo And Son, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  391. J.m. Construction Services Corp. (Boston, MA)
  392. J.t. Spinney Contracting, Inc. (Dracut, MA)
  393. J&D Insulation Experts Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  394. J3-Design Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  395. Jaaicc, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  396. Jacky Robert Foundation, Inc. (Belmont, MA)
  397. Jamaican It Easy, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  398. Jamie’s Of Scituate, Inc. (Scituate, MA)
  399. Jason Construction Corp. (Easton, MA)
  400. Jc Carpentry Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  401. Jdr Holdings, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  402. Jeffrey M. Collura, Dmd, Pc (Turners Falls, MA)
  403. Jgm Painting And Cleaning Services , Inc. (Revere, MA)
  404. Jmc Transportation Inc. (Winthrop, MA)
  405. Jnd Construction Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  406. John Mcgillicuddy, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  407. Johns Asphalt Paving & Construction Inc. (Chicopee, MA)
  408. Jonell K. Hopeck, Dds P.c. (So. Hadley, MA)
  409. Joseph P Alexopoulos Construction Inc. (Longmeadow, MA)
  410. Jpc Pet Sales & Marketing, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  411. Jr. Tech, Inc. (Centerville, MA)
  412. Js Construction Company, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  413. Juniper Consulting Inc. (Newton, MA)
  414. K & H Equipment, Inc. (West Roxbury, MA)
  415. K. E. Boston, Inc. (Shirley, MA)
  416. Kablian, Pc (Chelmsford, MA)
  417. Kadient, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  418. Kaeble Oil Inc. (Chicopee, MA)
  419. Kamp Holdings Corp. (Boston, MA)
  420. Karol Law Group Limited (Sudbury, MA)
  421. Kc Tailoring & Dry Cleaners, Inc. (Concord, MA)
  422. Kelly Collaborative Care Inc. (Brewster, MA)
  423. Kelly Equipment Inc. (Walpole, MA)
  424. Kenny Tax Services & Company Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  425. Keystone Water Heaters, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  426. Kingdom Heir Ministries, Inc. (Easthampton, MA)
  427. Kluza Construction Company, Inc. (Cohasset, MA)
  428. Kmc Business Solutions, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  429. Koliber Properties Incorporated (Dudley, MA)
  430. Konstantilakis Law Inc. (Chelsea, MA)
  431. Krp Enterprise Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  432. Ksa Construction, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  433. Kwhal, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  434. Kwok Fan, Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  435. L & C Holding Inc. (East Freetown, MA)
  436. L & F Martins Trade Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  437. La Mision Bautista (Saugus, MA)
  438. La Paloma Kingston, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  439. Lahori Enterprise Corporation (Hanover, MA)
  440. Lake Shore School Inc (Woburn, MA)
  441. Largevia, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  442. Lavish Spa & Therapy, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  443. Law Office Of Shani Rea Collymore, P.c. (Lexington, MA)
  444. Law Offices Of Cj Lavery, Pc (Quincy, MA)
  445. Law Offices Of Susan M. Costa, P.c. (Methuen, MA)
  446. Leapfrog Technology, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  447. Ledoux & Co., Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  448. Legal Sea Foods Holdings Co., Inc. (Boston, MA)
  449. Lehan Enterprises, Inc. (East Wareham, MA)
  450. Lenny Timko, Inc. (West Wareham, MA)
  451. Lenoxx Inc (Lynn, MA)
  452. Leo The Plumber, Inc. (North Chelmsford, MA)
  453. Lgh Cancercare Associates Newco, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  454. Lgh Medical Group Newco, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  455. Lgh Womanhealth Newco, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  456. Lianne Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  457. Lincoln Street Group, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  458. Line Drive Corp. (Malden, MA)
  459. Living Well Development Corporation (Dorchester, MA)
  460. Lizzie Blues Boots, Inc. (Roslindale, MA)
  461. Lizzy’s Smile, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  462. Lopes Auto Sales, Inc. (Rehoboth, MA)
  463. Luminus Devices International, Inc. (Billerica, MA)
  464. Lyndon Campos Corp. (Somerset, MA)
  465. M&A General Construction, Inc. (Randolph, MA)
  466. M&M Valdivia Professional Painter S Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  467. Ma Veterans Support Organization Inc. (Griswold, MA)
  468. Mad Fish Productions, Inc. (Andover, MA)
  469. Madra Allta, Inc. (Allston, MA)
  470. Mahatma Gandhi Peace Organization Inc (Shrewsbury, MA)
  471. Mai Du Learning Center Inc. (Malden, MA)
  472. Main Street Parking, Inc. (E. Longmeadow, MA)
  473. Making Waves Foundation, Inc. (Westwood, MA)
  474. Malden Flesh-Noir Soccer Team Association Inc. (Everett, MA)
  475. Malfetano Cigars Inc. (Agawam, MA)
  476. Mam, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA)
  477. Mannion Management Corp. (Boston, MA)
  478. Mar’s General Contractor, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  479. Marathon Staffing Services, Inc. (Tyngsoboro, MA)
  480. Marblehead Professionals, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  481. Marceau And Mckinlay Associates, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  482. Marginize, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  483. Margjust, Inc. (Fairhaven, MA)
  484. Marine Corps League Capt Glynn Detachment 128, Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  485. Marshall’s Jewelers, Inc. (Bellingham, MA)
  486. Martins Granite, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  487. Mary Jane Pillsbury Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. (Wareham, MA)
  488. Masala , Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  489. Masawa Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  490. Masconomet Education Foundation, Inc. (Topsfield, MA)
  491. Mass Ballet Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  492. Mass Energy Lab, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  493. Mass-Asa Softball, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  494. Massachusetts Alliance Of Professional Nannies Limited (Weston, MA)
  495. Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center, Inc., The (Cambridge, MA)
  496. Master Han’s Olympic Taekwondo, Inc. (East Long Meadow, MA)
  497. Matt Construction, Inc. (Milford, MA)
  498. Max And Gabby, Inc. (Winchester, MA)
  499. Mccarthy Tool And Equipment Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  500. Mcnichols Surveying And Mapping Company (Foxboro, MA)
  501. Mdm Education Services, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  502. Medeiros Masonry Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  503. Media And Place (Map) Productions, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  504. Medieval Starship Games And Hobbies Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  505. Medisize Us, Inc. (East Longmeadow, MA)
  506. Mei’s Hair Place, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  507. Memorials For Heroes, Inc. (Abington, MA)
  508. Mercury Orchestra, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  509. Metal Tronics, Inc. (Methuen, MA)
  510. Metro Financial Strategies, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA)
  511. Metrowest Pet Pantry, Inc. (Millis, MA)
  512. Mf Mutz Contruction Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  513. Michael E. Fichera, Dds, Pc (North Andover, MA)
  514. Middlesex Recovery Professional Corporation (Everett, MA)
  515. Milane Consulting, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  516. Mill River Management & Construction, Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  517. Millenium Flooring Inc. (Medford, MA)
  518. Minear And Company (Cambridge, MA)
  519. Miner Street Manager Corp. (Boston, MA)
  520. Ming Yu Seafood, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  521. Mision Evangelismo Mundial (Holyoke, MA)
  522. Monarch Developments, Inc. (Tyngsboro, MA)
  523. Monitor International, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  524. Moody Jade, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  525. Moreira House, Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  526. Mulroy Family Dental, Pc (Holden, MA)
  527. Munibook Incorporated (Gloucester, MA)
  528. Murale, Pc (Lexington, MA)
  529. Myky Corporation (New Bedford, MA)
  530. Myrozi Corporation (Waltham, MA)
  531. N L F, Inc. (Wareham, MA)
  532. Na Cantina Food Service Inc., (Framingham, MA)
  533. Nantucket Retreats Incorporated (Nantucket, MA)
  534. Nauset Neighbors, Inc. (Wellfleet, MA)
  535. Ne Tutorial Service Inc. (Roxbury, MA)
  536. Ned Remodeling, Inc. (Weymouth, MA)
  537. Needham Bikes, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  538. Needham Towing&Transport Inc. (Needham, MA)
  539. Neighborhood Pizza & Grill, Inc. (Maynard, MA)
  540. Neil & Yash Corporation (Paxton, MA)
  541. Neutral Corner Inc. (Longmeadow, MA)
  542. Nevog Cares Foundation, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  543. New Age Construction Corp. (Sutton, MA)
  544. New Bedford Community Rowing, Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  545. New Broadway Cafe, Inc. (Everett, MA)
  546. New England Biomedical Services Inc. (South Weymouth, MA)
  547. New England Broadcasting Edu. Group Inc. (Ipswich, MA)
  548. New England Colonial Contracting, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  549. New England Tissue Issue, Inc. (Swansea, MA)
  550. New Hi-7s Contractor Inc. (Everett, MA)
  551. New Jerusalem Orphanage Center, Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  552. New Matep, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  553. New Sun Travel Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  554. New Tecnology Solutions Consultants, Inc. (Bolton, MA)
  555. New World Contractors, Inc. (Ashland, MA)
  556. Newton Coach Inc. (Newton, MA)
  557. Ngp, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  558. Nice Place Properties, Corporation (Pepperell, MA)
  559. Nimbusdb, Inc. (Manchester, MA)
  560. Noah-Central Massachusetts Foundation Corporation (Shrewsbury, MA)
  561. Nor East Beer Garden, Inc. (Provincetown, MA)
  562. North Bay Construction, Inc. (Harwich, MA)
  563. North East Septic,Incorporation (Blackstone, MA)
  564. Northampton Community Arts Trust, Inc. (Northampton, MA)
  565. Northeast Contracting Solutions, Inc. (North Andover, MA)
  566. Northeast Tactical Sales, Inc. (Wakefield, MA)
  567. Northwest Boston Pilot Club, Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  568. Norton & Gaudet, Pc (Hyannis, MA)
  569. Norwell Youth Football And Cheerleading, Inc. (Norwell, MA)
  570. Nrrealty, Inc. (Sudbury, MA)
  571. Nu Boston Corporation (Acton, MA)
  572. Nucleus Scientific, Inc. (Lincoln, MA)
  573. Nuevavoz, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  574. Nurse Achieve, Inc. (Dover, MA)
  575. Oakmont Remodeling, Inc. (Uxbridge, MA)
  576. Oc’s Family Restaurant Corporation (West Yarmouth, MA)
  577. Ocean Fisheries, Inc. (Wellfleet, MA)
  578. Ocean Winds Realty, Inc. (Attleboro Falls, MA)
  579. Ok Coffee Company (Marlborough, MA)
  580. Ol’ Ruff Ventures, Inc. (Newburyport, MA)
  581. Olj, Inc. (Mattapoisett, MA)
  582. Om Kids Boston, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  583. Om Promotions Inc. (Wakefield, MA)
  584. Omega General Services, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  585. Omni Career Search Limited (Norwell, MA)
  586. Openmainframe, Inc. (Boxford, MA)
  587. Optimum Decision Inc. (Peabody, MA)
  588. Oriental Healing Therapy Spa Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  589. Outdoor Media Properties, Inc. (Salisbury, MA)
  590. P&L Logistics, Inc. (Weymouth, MA)
  591. Pag Consulting Inc. (Weymouth, MA)
  592. Papa’s Fried Chicken Inc. (Mattapan, MA)
  593. Papp, Inc. (Marshfield, MA)
  594. Par-Tee Freeze, Inc. (Marstons Mills, MA)
  595. Paradigm Professionals, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  596. Paramount Limousine, Corp. (Medford, MA)
  597. Pathogenica, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  598. Patinos Trucking Service Inc. (Methuen, MA)
  599. Paul J. Mooney Charitable Foundation, Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  600. Paws On The Ave, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  601. Paxton And Scott Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  602. Payment Solutions, Inc. (Fitchburg, MA)
  603. Peabody Property Services, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  604. Pediatric Gastroenterology And Nutrition Group, Pc (Longmeadow, MA)
  605. Peg Online Solutions, Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  606. Penguin Incorporated (Uxbridge, MA)
  607. Peony Pavilion Inc. (Dedham, MA)
  608. People’s Restaurant & Bakery, Inc. (Peabody, MA)
  609. Perfect Services Inc. (Revere, MA)
  610. Peter Charles Associates, Inc. (Melrose, MA)
  611. Pettees Pond Resident Association, Inc. (Westwood, MA)
  612. Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Chapter Alumni Association, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  613. Pickle Pickle, Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  614. Picofield Technologies, Inc. (Andover, MA)
  615. Ping Global Enterprises, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  616. Pioppi Construction, Inc. (Southbridge, MA)
  617. Pizarro Taxi & Towing, Inc. (Hyde Park, MA)
  618. Platinum Clothing Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  619. Play To Learn…Learn To Play, Inc. (Acton, MA)
  620. Pml Trucks Service, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  621. Poltrans, Inc. (South Hadley, MA)
  622. Porter Square Eye Associates, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  623. Porter’s Cafe And Irresistible Treats, Inc. (Whitman, MA)
  624. Possessions Gallery, Inc. (Melrose, MA)
  625. Post Road Media, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  626. Precision Branding Inc. (Groveland, MA)
  627. Prishana Corporation (Bridgewater, MA)
  628. Prn Medical And Legal Consulting Services, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  629. Pro Prep Services, Inc. (Winchendon, MA)
  630. Prodigy Sports Development Company, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  631. Progress Auto Tech Inc. (Hyde Park, MA)
  632. Project Mema, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  633. Project To Restore America, Inc. (Topsfield, MA)
  634. Psi91, Inc. (Florence, MA)
  635. Psil Consulting Inc. (Malden, MA)
  636. Publishing Good Inc. (Boston, MA)
  637. Qq Bakery, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  638. Quality Quest Tech Inc. (Newton, MA)
  639. Quality Stone Of Boston, Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  640. Quarry Brothers, Inc. (Rehoboth, MA)
  641. Quick Mart, Inc. (Agawam, MA)
  642. Quickdoc, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  643. R & R Trucking Co Inc (Fairhaven, MA)
  644. Rabitt Corporation (Middleton, MA)
  645. Radius Finance Corporation (Stoneham, MA)
  646. Rakuten Usa, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  647. Ralph E. Talbot, M.d., P.c. (Everett, MA)
  648. Ramirez Grocery, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  649. Rapid Rental, Inc. (Norfolk, MA)
  650. Rapture Harvest Missions International Inc. (Wakefield, MA)
  651. Raw Diamond, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  652. Rc Granite Installation, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  653. Re-Tunes, Inc. (Pembroke, MA)
  654. Real Cool Tv Productions, Inc. (Mansfield, MA)
  655. Rebel Restaurants, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  656. Red Island Restaurant Ma Inc. (Roxbury, MA)
  657. Regas Restaurant Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  658. Relight Project Inc (Worcester, MA)
  659. Reo 3000 Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  660. Reos Partners Global, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  661. Reportingshop, Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  662. Resolute Marine Energy, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  663. Respiratory Motion Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  664. Retirement & Investment Solutions Inc. (Fitchburg, MA)
  665. Rg Associates, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  666. Rgog Games, Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  667. Rhc Community Education Center, Inc. (Worthington, MA)
  668. Richards Sales Training & Development, Inc. (South Hamilton, MA)
  669. Richelieu Foods, Inc. (Randolph, MA)
  670. Ring Consulting, Inc. (Peabody, MA)
  671. Rj’s Corp. (Acushnet, MA)
  672. Robert Distefano, Inc. (East Boston, MA)
  673. Robert Hocking, Inc. (Milford, MA)
  674. Robert Macwilliams & Associates, Inc. (Southbridge, MA)
  675. Robeson Quik Pik, Inc. (Harwich, MA)
  676. Rock Splitters, Inc. (Dudley, MA)
  677. Rodizio Brazilian Steak House Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  678. Rolling Studios Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
  679. Roman’s Service, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  680. Ross Tree & Contracting, Inc. (Sudbury, MA)
  681. Ruck Associates, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  682. Saas Marketing Strategy Advisors, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  683. Safe Futures For Children Foundation, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  684. Saint Anthony Construction Corp. (Hudson, MA)
  685. Salem Street Enterprises, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  686. Saluti Woodworking, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  687. Sami’s Auto Service, Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  688. Sammi’s Mart And Deli, Inc. (Palmer, MA)
  689. San Miguel Transportation, Inc. (Rehoboth, MA)
  690. Sanjay, Inc. (Lancaster, MA)
  691. Santo Domingo Finance Corporation, Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  692. Satori, Inc. (Dartmouth, MA)
  693. Sattler Auto Sales, Inc. (East Longmeadow, MA)
  694. Save A Life, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  695. Sc Transportation Unlimited Company Inc (Brockton, MA)
  696. Scg Signs, Inc. (Stoughtonh, MA)
  697. Schyberg & Carlson Pc (Worcester, MA)
  698. Scituate Gas, Inc. (Scituate, MA)
  699. Seaside Kitchens & Baths, Inc. (Forestdale, MA)
  700. Seguro Networks, Inc. (Wrentham, MA)
  701. Sesbu, Inc. (Belchertown, MA)
  702. Shepherd Payne Associates, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  703. Shine Services, Inc. (Chicopee, MA)
  704. Shivpooja Corporation (Sheldonville, MA)
  705. Shoreside Enterprises Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  706. Shree Hari Estates Corp. (Lowell, MA)
  707. Shree Sairam Corp. (Peabody, MA)
  708. Shriya Corp. (Milbury, MA)
  709. Signature Custom Wine Cellars Of New England, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  710. Signature Limousine Company (New Bedford, MA)
  711. Silvio Cella Family Foundation, Inc. (Lynnfield, MA)
  712. Simonoff Solutions, Inc. (Rowley, MA)
  713. Sin-Bnv 4, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  714. Skaff, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  715. Slj Transport Inc. (Maynard, MA)
  716. Slv Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  717. Smb Esthetics, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  718. Smc Sand Dollar, Inc. (Dennis Port, MA)
  719. Smokin T Promotions Company (East Bridgewater, MA)
  720. Social.com, Inc. (Southborough, MA)
  721. Society For Progress Innovation For The Near East, Inc. (Andover, MA)
  722. Softsell, Inc. (Sandwich, MA)
  723. Solaris Therapeutics, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  724. Solucao Convenience, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  725. Songs For Ceilidh, Inc. (Medway, MA)
  726. Soul Mind Fist Fight Shops Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  727. Souls Educational Ventures Company, Inc. (Millis, MA)
  728. Sound Transport Inc. (Teaticket, MA)
  729. South Coast Conference Corporation (Mattapoisett, MA)
  730. South Sea Properties, Inc. (Hyannis, MA)
  731. Southern New England Pediatrics, P.c. (Plainville, MA)
  732. Spotless Cleaning Services, Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  733. Springwater Pool Service, Inc. (Medway, MA)
  734. St Marcorious Inc. (Foxboro, MA)
  735. St. Jean Repair, Inc. (Spencer, MA)
  736. Stafford, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  737. Steadfast Construction, Inc. (Norfolk, MA)
  738. Steele Ventures, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA)
  739. Stegall Renovators, Inc. (Agawam, MA)
  740. Stock Usa Import & Export, Inc. (Everett, MA)
  741. Stonewedge Corporation (No. Andover, MA)
  742. Strategies Unlimited, Inc. (Milford, MA)
  743. Stratus Emr, Inc. (Easthampton, MA)
  744. Strive Technology, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  745. Studiogb Architecture, Inc. (Stoneham, MA)
  746. Sundari Productions Inc. (Lenox, MA)
  747. Syd & Louie Enterprises, Inc. (West Tisbury, MA)
  748. Syntegra Solutions, Inc. (Maynard, MA)
  749. T Z N R Realty, Corp. (Arlington, MA)
  750. Tamarack Tree Service Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  751. Taste Of Heaven Ministry, Inc. (Winchester, MA)
  752. Taunton Dental Associates P.c. (Taunton, MA)
  753. Taylor Valves Incorporated (Dartmouth, MA)
  754. Techmediacloud Corporation (Hyde Park, MA)
  755. Technical Employment Services, Inc. (Rehoboth, MA)
  756. Teddy Bears Fdc Inc. (Medford, MA)
  757. Teleos Solar Inc. (Hanson, MA)
  758. Terri Crimmen, Inc. (Vineyard Haven, MA)
  759. Tewksbury Integrated Preschool Parent Advisory Council, Inc. (Tewksbury, MA)
  760. Tf North America Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  761. Tg Services, Inc. (Revere, MA)
  762. The 2nd Lieutenant Tj Mcgrath Charitable Foundation, Inc. (Reading, MA)
  763. The American Dreamer, Inc. (Easthampton, MA)
  764. The Barn Sites, Inc. (Natick, MA)
  765. The Brian Macisaac Sarcoma Foundation, Inc. (Natick, MA)
  766. The Burger Grille, Inc. (Uxbridge, MA)
  767. The Coach Transportation Inc. (North Reading, MA)
  768. The Cobbler Shop, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  769. The Glass Cooperative, Inc. (Bedford, MA)
  770. The Glory Mmx Foundation Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  771. The New Policy Action Tank, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  772. The Next Step Group, Inc. (Westborough, MA)
  773. The Original Steppers Of Boston Inc 2006 (Stoughton, MA)
  774. The Panel, Inc. (Melrose, MA)
  775. The Raise Factor, Inc. (Canton, MA)
  776. The Redeemed Christian Church Of God – Overcomers’ Assembly (Stoughton,, MA)
  777. The Sippy Cup Place Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  778. The Sun Tzu Consultancy Incorporated (Boston, MA)
  779. The Vineyard, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  780. The Wiltshire Company (Rowley, MA)
  781. Thelonious Monkfish Ltd (Cambridge, MA)
  782. Therapy For Intentional Living Inc. (Marblehead, MA)
  783. Thomas Sforza Inc. (Braintree, MA)
  784. Thormax, Inc. (Hingham, MA)
  785. Three Brothers Plastering, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  786. Three Six Nine The Hair Studio, Inc. (Foxborough, MA)
  787. Through Their Eyes Foundation, Inc. (Plainville, MA)
  788. Tim’s Rv, Inc. (Erving, MA)
  789. Timothy C. Abbott, D.o., P.c. (Northampton, MA)
  790. Tinys Local Food Inc. (Provincetown, MA)
  791. Tipperary Heating And Plumbing Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  792. Tls Landscaping, Inc. (Ludlow, MA)
  793. Tong Tong Beauty Center Ii Corp. (Springfield, MA)
  794. Tortilla Playa Del Carmen Inc. (Holden, MA)
  795. Total Approach Therapy, Pc (Middleboro, MA)
  796. Touch Of Perfection, Corp. (Everett, MA)
  797. Town Hall Realty Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  798. Tracy Murray Designs Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  799. Trans National Technologies Of America, Inc. (Holliston, MA)
  800. Tri F M Finishes Inc. (Methuen, MA)
  801. Tri-State Contracting, Corp. (Woburn, MA)
  802. Tribunal Law Enforcement Motorcycle Riding Club, Inc. (Methuen, MA)
  803. Troy Technologies, Inc. (Revere, MA)
  804. Turris Fund Manager, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  805. Twf Construction Inc. (Sterling, MA)
  806. Twin Springs Holdings, Inc. (Bolton, MA)
  807. Two Brothers’ Naturals Incorporated (Cambridge, MA)
  808. Two Finns Online, Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  809. U 4 Jesus Ministry, Corp. (Lowell, MA)
  810. U.s. Apparel Corporation (Sherborn, MA)
  811. Ubuntu Securities Group Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  812. Underdog Rescue Inc. (North Attleboro, MA)
  813. Union Biometrica Export Corporation (Holliston, MA)
  814. Uniqsis Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  815. United Alliance Services Corporation (East Wareham, MA)
  816. United Here Local 26 Hotel Workers Union, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  817. United Night Of Worship, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  818. United People Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  819. United Portuguese Womens Club Inc (New Bedford, MA)
  820. United States Education Services Inc. (North Andover, MA)
  821. Unity In The City (Brighton Center, MA)
  822. Universal Welding & Mechanical Contractors, Inc. (Russell, MA)
  823. Unlocking Potential, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  824. Ur Group, Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  825. Us Global, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  826. Us Group Discount, Inc. (Boxborough, MA)
  827. Usa Supreme Granite, Inc. (Everett, MA)
  828. V&R General Construction, Inc. (Everett, MA)
  829. Valley Church, Inc. (Granby, MA)
  830. Valueplays, Inc. (Westborough, MA)
  831. Venson Enterprises, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  832. Veteran Staffing Associates Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  833. Viki W. Storm P. T., Inc. (Conway, MA)
  834. Vineyard Kinda, Inc. (Vineyard Haven, MA)
  835. Vipra Corp. (Malden, MA)
  836. Vitality Medical Aesthetics, P.c. (Raynham, MA)
  837. Vitreoretinal Consultants, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  838. W & F Moreira, Inc. (Marlborough, MA)
  839. Wa Carriers, Inc. (Everett, MA)
  840. Warren Package Store, Inc. (Warren, MA)
  841. Wayland Animal, Inc. (Wayland, MA)
  842. Wdc Interiors, Inc. (Methuen, MA)
  843. We For Hope, Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  844. We Spin, Inc. (Grafton, MA)
  845. Webnash Design-Build, Inc. (Monterey, MA)
  846. Weir River Malamutes Inc. (Ware, MA)
  847. Wellness Rehabilitation Center, Inc. (Allston, MA)
  848. Welocke Development Corporation (Hopkinton, MA)
  849. Werc-2, Inc. (Pocasset, MA)
  850. Westbridge Construction, Inc. (Richmond, MA)
  851. Weston Dads’ Foundation, Inc. (Weston, MA)
  852. Weymouth Sports Council, Inc. (Weymouth, MA)
  853. Wharf Rat Inc. (Scituate, MA)
  854. White Tail Enterprises, Inc. (Newburyport, MA)
  855. Whitening Drycleaning, Inc. (Sudbury, MA)
  856. Wholesale Wine Grapes Inc. (Everett, MA)
  857. Whs Baseball Diamond Club, Inc. (Wellesley Hills, MA)
  858. Wicked Sweets, Inc. (Pocasset, MA)
  859. Wild River Trucking, Corp. (East Boston, MA)
  860. Wilder Beach Association, Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  861. Wilkins Geddes Beaudet, Inc. (Natick, MA)
  862. Winchester Salon, Inc. (Winchester, MA)
  863. Wingate Financial Advisors, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  864. Wireless Mobilicity, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  865. Woodlawn Landscaping, Inc. (Everett, MA)
  866. Worcester Children’s Chorus, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  867. Worcester Emergency Communications Team, Inc. (Oxford, MA)
  868. World Moving Services Inc. (Hingham, MA)
  869. World Peace Monument, Museum, And Cathedral Building Fund, Inc. (Hadley, MA)
  870. X Pressman Logistics, Inc. (Randolph, MA)
  871. Xaddx.org, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  872. Xeresearch Corporation (Burlington, MA)
  873. Yana Enterprises, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  874. Yellow Dog Environmental Consulting, Inc. (Newburyport, MA)
  875. Yes We Care, Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  876. Yoga Reaches Out, Inc. (Wayland, MA)
  877. Yourelo Your Full-Service Relocation Corporation (South Boston, MA)
  878. Zagco, Inc. (Dedham, MA)
  879. Zoom Painting, Inc. (Brighton, MA)

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