900 #Startups Formed In Massachusetts In 12/2009

New Massachusetts companies.

Entrepreneurs in Massachusetts formed 900 new companies in December, 2009. That’s up seven percent from the same month in 2008:

period current year ago change
2008-10 826 959 -14%
2008-11 651 777 -16%
2008-12 839 921 -9%
2009-01 945 1200 -21%
2009-02 831 951 -13%
2009-03 954 1001 -5%
2009-04 886 980 -10%
2009-05 866 940 -8%
2009-06 927 920 1%
2009-07 840 908 -7%
2009-08 738 823 -10%
2009-09 835 877 -5%
2009-10 831 826 1%
2009-11 696 651 7%
2009-12 900 839 7%
TOTAL 12565 13573 -7%


  1. This data is taken from Massachusetts public records and was correct at the time of publishing.
  2. This list includes newly incorporated companies in Massachusetts (so-called “domestic corporations”) as well as companies organized in other states that have filed to do business in Massachusetts (so-called “foreign corporations”). Some of these companies may not technically be startups, but I’m measuring the same data each month, so the year-to-year comparisons are valid. Put another way, it is what it is.
  3. Please do not ask to be “removed” from this database unless you have the ability to travel back in time and undo your filing.
  4. I have linked each company name to its corresponding record at the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office (or Secretary of the Commonwealth – whatever).
  5. I have linked each president’s first name to its dot-com equivalent website. It is likely that many of these links are 404 and that others go websites for individuals with the same names who (smartly) registered their own names as domain names. Please do not ask to have any links “corrected” because the links are not mistakes, they simply demonstrate that personal branding is as important as corporate branding.

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  22. Abisee Acquisition Corporation (Acton, MA)
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  24. Ac4design, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
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  27. Acj Vending, Inc. (Westport, MA)
  28. Acorn Accounting, Inc. (Grafton, MA)
  29. Acquisitions Unlimited, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  30. Active Chiropractic Rehab, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  31. Acupuncture Of New England, Inc. (Middleton, MA)
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  34. Advance Temperature Control Inc. (Boylston, MA)
  35. Advanced Techynology Innovations Group, Inc. (Billerica, MA)
  36. Afb Marketing, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  37. African Great Youth Education Initiative, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  38. Afrocentric Educational Media Inc. (Chelmsford, MA)
  39. Agence Mali, Inc. (Ama) (Lynn, MA)
  40. Agree, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  41. Aha Corp. (Mansfield, MA)
  42. Aidan Herman Partners, Inc. (No. Easton, MA)
  43. Aj’s Cleaning And Maintenace Corporation (Brockton, MA)
  44. Aku-World, Inc. (Natick, MA)
  45. Alex Morrison Landscaping, Inc. (Edgartown, MA)
  46. Alg Partners, Inc. (Natick, MA)
  47. Algan Corp. (Malden, MA)
  48. All College, Inc. (Amhest, MA)
  49. All Construction Services Unlimited, Inc. (Uxbridge, MA)
  50. All Family Dental, P.c. (New Bedford, MA)
  51. All Nations Dominion Bible Church (Lowell, MA)
  52. All Pro Basement, Inc. (Uxbridge, MA)
  53. Allday Distributors, Ltd. (Lawrence, MA)
  54. Alleycat Studios Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  55. Allied Septic Service, Inc. (North Falmouth, MA)
  56. Alnara Securities Corporation (Cambridge, MA)
  57. Alphasub Beacon, Inc. (Dracut, MA)
  58. Alphasub Brighton, Inc. (Dracut, MA)
  59. Alphasub Fenway, Inc. (Dracut, MA)
  60. Alphasub Quincy, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  61. Alternative Education Foundation Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  62. Ambica, Inc. (Southwick, MA)
  63. Ambitious Security Technologies Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  64. Amcrg Corporation (Norwell, MA)
  65. American Truck World, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  66. Amerikhana Games On Horseback, Inc (Bridgewater, MA)
  67. Ames Associates Consulting, Inc. (Cummington, MA)
  68. Amita Convenience Inc. (East Bridgewater, MA)
  69. Amped For Education Inc. (Whitman, MA)
  70. Amr Adesso, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  71. An Overnight Success Home Staging And Redesign, Inc. (Rowley, MA)
  72. Anderegg Family Foundation, Inc. (Carlisle, MA)
  73. Anderson Associates, Inc. (Bellingham, MA)
  74. Andoz Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
  75. Andy Nguyen Co. (Attleboro, MA)
  76. Angel Care Kids Therapy Center, Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  77. Anova Hearing Lab, Inc. (W. Springfield, MA)
  78. Antibody Society Research And Education Foundation, Inc. (Newton Lower Falls, MA)
  79. Apex Chimney Co., Inc. (Wenham, MA)
  80. Apex Painting Inc., (Quincy, MA)
  81. Appflipper, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  82. Applause Academy, Ma. Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  83. Appliance Distribution Of Massachusetts, Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  84. Aprileileen Corporation (Waltham, MA)
  85. Aqua Pool Co. Inc. (S. Orleans, MA)
  86. Aragain Capital Management, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  87. Arkbid, Inc. (Cataumet, MA)
  88. Arriba Y Adelante Professional Development Services, Inc. (S. Dartmouth, MA)
  89. Asem & Ahmad, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  90. Ashland High School All Sports Boosters, Inc. (Ashland, MA)
  91. Asm Enterprises Corporation (North Garfton, MA)
  92. Assembleia De Deus- Assembly Of God El Shadday (Weymouth, MA)
  93. Asthma Signals, Inc. (Wellesley, MA)
  94. At Home Tlc, Inc. (Clarksburg, MA)
  95. Attardo Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  96. Auto Damage Appraisers Of Chicopee, Inc. (Chicopee, MA)
  97. Azama Grill, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  98. Azis Software Corporation (Cambridge, MA)
  99. B.a.t. For Kids, Inc. (Weston, MA)
  100. B2b Consulting, Inc. (Lincoln, MA)
  101. B3 Online Incorporated (Westminster, MA)
  102. Baker Yau Pc (Walpole, MA)
  103. Balanca Enterprises Inc. (N Attleboro, MA)
  104. Barnstable Youth Basketball, Inc. (Osterville, MA)
  105. Bay Colony Brass, Inc. (North Reading, MA)
  106. Bay Colony Pomeranian Rescue, Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  107. Baystate Triathlon Team, Inc. (E. Bridgewater, MA)
  108. Bbp Management Corporation (Boston, MA)
  109. Bead Emporium, Inc. (Hyannis, MA)
  110. Behave Media Inc. (Newton, MA)
  111. Bentley Management Group, Inc. (Longmeadow, MA)
  112. Bert Murphy Construction Inc. (Milton, MA)
  113. Besmart Wellness Coalition, Inc. (Norfolk, MA)
  114. Best Driving School Inc. (Charlton, MA)
  115. Bhartiya Music Academy, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  116. Biga Wholesale, Inc. (Milton, MA)
  117. Biomass Accountability Project, Inc., The (Cambridge, MA)
  118. Bioorganics Incorporated (Chelmsford, MA)
  119. Bjc Clothing Corp. (Chatham, MA)
  120. Bkkcapecod, Inc. (Hyannis, MA)
  121. Black Gold Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  122. Blackhorse, Inc., The (Winchester, MA)
  123. Boathouse Ministries (North Truro, MA)
  124. Bob’s Auto Body Of Ipswich, Inc. (Ipswich, MA)
  125. Bokai Incorporated (Acton, MA)
  126. Boledo, Inc. (Marlboro, MA)
  127. Boris Usherov, Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  128. Boston 3g, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  129. Boston Architectural Hinge Company, Inc. (Pembroke, MA)
  130. Boston Ivy Prep, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  131. Boudreau Bros. Landscaping, Inc. (Fitchburg, MA)
  132. Bouk – Sun Enterprises, Ltd. (Boston, MA)
  133. Bourne Bridge Pool And Spa Company (Bourne, MA)
  134. Brand Acquisitions, Inc. (Taunton, MA)
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  136. Brazilian Christian Network Incorporated (Somerville, MA)
  137. Brendan Lynch Construction Inc. (Hopkinton, MA)
  138. Breno Corp. (Malden, MA)
  139. Brian’s Auto Body, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  140. Brightworks, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  141. Bronhard Accounting & Tax Services Inc. (Belmont, MA)
  142. Brownell Supply, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  143. Bryson Home Improvement Inc. (Boston, MA)
  144. Btw Company Inc (Maynard, MA)
  145. Burlington High School Robotix Team 2876 Corporation (Westford, MA)
  146. Buster Equipment Inc. (Stoneham, MA)
  147. Bv Carpets, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  148. C & C Heating & Cooling, Inc. (Westfield, MA)
  149. C.d.s. Supplies Inc. (Medford, MA)
  150. Cagd, Inc. (Wilbraham, MA)
  151. Cakes Retail Corp., Inc. (Milton, MA)
  152. Calderon Market Iii, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  153. Caldwell Architectural Associates, Inc. (Dartmouth, MA)
  154. Cambridge Chiropractic Center, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  155. Cannata Family Foundation, Inc. (Foxboro, MA)
  156. Cape Quality Plumbing & Heating Inc. (Wellfleet, MA)
  157. Carrozza Law Office, P.c. (Bellingham, MA)
  158. Cars South Member Services, Inc. (Hanover, MA)
  159. Casco Services Incorporation (Medford, MA)
  160. Cc Sign, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  161. Cca Cooperative Corporation (Jamaica Plain, MA)
  162. Cds Beach Corporation (Plymouth, MA)
  163. Cds Investments Inc. (Centerville, MA)
  164. Cedar Point Consulting Inc. (Scituate, MA)
  165. Cell-Id Corporation (Millbury, MA)
  166. Cem Home Maids, Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  167. Center On Slavery And The Nation, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  168. Centerville Convenience Inc. (Centerville, MA)
  169. Central Mass Building And Construction, Inc. (Hubbardston, MA)
  170. Central Mass Yoga And Wellness Inc. (W. Boylston, MA)
  171. Centro America Enterprises, Inc. (Milford, MA)
  172. Cerilli Real Estate Appraisers Inc. (Braintree, MA)
  173. Cfs, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  174. Cgm Group, Inc. (Rowley, MA)
  175. Chama’s Mart Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  176. Chancellor Beverages Company, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  177. Chesterfield Builders, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  178. Chicopee Street Auto Sales, Inc. (Chicopee, MA)
  179. Chisommedic Supply, Inc. (Hyde Park, MA)
  180. Chodowychi Recreation, Inc. (Westford, MA)
  181. Christ Embassy Church Stoneham, Inc. (Stoneham, MA)
  182. Christian Community Development Corporation (Dorchester, MA)
  183. Christo Driving School, Inc. (Marlborough, MA)
  184. Ci Design, Inc. (Northbridge, MA)
  185. Citihealth Orthopaedics Inc. (Boston, MA)
  186. Citizens For A Stronger Massachusetts, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  187. Ckr Enterprises, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  188. Clarity Business Consulting, Inc. (Natick, MA)
  189. Classical Music For Children Foundation Corporate (Waltham, MA)
  190. Clean Green Cities, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  191. Cleaning Angels, Inc. (Hudson, MA)
  192. Cloa’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, Inc. (Marlborough, MA)
  193. College Hockey, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  194. Collins Avenue Properties, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  195. Comfydental, P.c. (Malden, MA)
  196. Comite Pro-Desarrollo De Canoas Jutiapa, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  197. Comlink Computers, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  198. Common Foundation, Inc., The (Amherst, MA)
  199. Community Nurse Private Care, Inc. (Fairhaven, MA)
  200. Conglomerate Inc (Springfield, MA)
  201. Contrapose Dance Inc. (Methuen, MA)
  202. Cook Construction Inc. (Melrose, MA)
  203. Corregidor Therapeutics, Inc. (Concord, MA)
  204. Cosmo’s Hair Salon Inc (Malden, MA)
  205. Cosmo’stone Inc. (Billerica, MA)
  206. Cosmopolitan Real Estate Inc. (Medford, MA)
  207. Cosmopreps, Inc. (Natick, MA)
  208. Cove Strategy, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  209. Crescendo Foundation Inc. (Dorchester Center, MA)
  210. Crs Medical Billing Services, Inc. (Hudson, MA)
  211. Css Subs, Inc. (Seekonk, MA)
  212. Cullinan Manufacturing, Inc. (Topsfield, MA)
  213. Currier Event Incorporated (Boston, MA)
  214. Curry Hardware Hanover, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  215. D & R Nichols Trucking Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  216. D.a. Patton Sales & Service, Inc. (Bridgewater, MA)
  217. D2k Solutions, Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  218. Danalevi Corp. (Belchertown, MA)
  219. Daniel Moheban, Dmd, Pc (So. Boston, MA)
  220. Dataclink Corporation (Burlington, MA)
  221. Dave Anthony Photography Inc. (Feeding Hills, MA)
  222. David Germaine Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  223. Delnear Corp. (Marlborough, MA)
  224. Denholms Inc. (Jamaica Plain, MA)
  225. Derby Logistics Solutions, Inc. (Tyngsboro, MA)
  226. Devin Ford Enterprises, Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  227. Devine Innovations, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  228. Dexter Research Institute Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  229. Dhc Inc. (Tyngsboro, MA)
  230. Diamond Auto Parts, Inc. (Middleboro, MA)
  231. Diamond Custom Coatings, Inc. (Westfield, MA)
  232. Dictator Museveni Must Go Revolution Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  233. Dif, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  234. Digby Neck Inc. (Rockland, MA)
  235. Diggledog Productions Inc. (Cotuit, MA)
  236. Dillon Creations, Inc. (Oak Bluffs, MA)
  237. Dimitri’s Wine And Liquors, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  238. Dimsum Media, Inc. (Wellesley, MA)
  239. Dinas Roast Beef & Pizza Inc. (Georgetown, MA)
  240. Dn Ventures, Inc. (Westford, MA)
  241. Dolce Freddo Gelato, Inc. (Methuen, MA)
  242. Dolney Compassionate Center Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  243. Donovan Design And Installation, Inc. (Weymouth, MA)
  244. Drains By James Incorporated (Woburn, MA)
  245. Dreams To Reality Inc. (Sturbridge, MA)
  246. Duplessy Foundation Inc. (Boston, MA)
  247. Dutch Island Dairy, Inc. (Randolph, MA)
  248. Duval Sign Company Inc. (Lunenburg, MA)
  249. Duxbury Consultants, Inc. (Duxbury, MA)
  250. Dwelling House Of Hope, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  251. E. R. C. Services Corporation (Acushnet, MA)
  252. E. Sheehan Corporation (Hanson, MA)
  253. East Coast Performance, Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  254. Ef Cleaning Services Inc. (Winthrop, MA)
  255. Ef International Academy, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  256. Eighty Ates Group, Inc. (Webster, MA)
  257. Eme – Brockton, Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  258. Emergency Parts Logistics, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  259. Energyclimate Solutions, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  260. Englishcentral, Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  261. Enterprise Development Trust Corporation (Boston, MA)
  262. Entopica Therapeutics, Inc. (Andover, MA)
  263. Entrol Systems, Inc. (Pembroke, MA)
  264. Epox-Z Corporation (Norwell, MA)
  265. Era Financial, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  266. Erallo Technologies, Inc. (Littleton, MA)
  267. Essex County Collision, Inc. (Salem, MA)
  268. Essoh-Attah Development Association(Eda) U.s.a. Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  269. Evergreen Residential Incorporated (Boston, MA)
  270. Evolvegan, Inc. (Northampton, MA)
  271. Exceptional Natural Products Inc. (Assonet, MA)
  272. F. H. Ellis Law Office P.c., The (Dedham, MA)
  273. Fair Haven Ministries, Inc. (Mattapan, MA)
  274. Fairhaven Affordable Independent Residences, Inc. (Fairhaven, MA)
  275. Fall River Civic Celebration, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  276. Families United For Educational Leadership, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  277. Family Realty Group, Inc. (Everett, MA)
  278. Fearless Fitt Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  279. Fhm Hospitality Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  280. Filali Restaurant, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  281. Finish Touch Carpentry, Inc. (Auburn, MA)
  282. Flash Fitness, Inc. (Norwell, MA)
  283. Flashpoint Development, Inc. (Holliston, MA)
  284. Floating Rock Restaurant, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  285. Fmc Realty & Construction Inc. (Winthrop, MA)
  286. Foley Winn Foundation For Women, Inc. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
  287. Fordee’s Grill, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  288. Forest Row Association, Inc. (Great Barrington, MA)
  289. Founders Fashion Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  290. Foxx Transportation, Inc. (E. Bridgwater, MA)
  291. Framingham Cab Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  292. Framingham Taxi Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  293. Francis Smith, Inc. (Brewster, MA)
  294. Frank’s Firewood & Tree Service, Inc. (Swampscott, MA)
  295. Fravelfive, Inc. (Cotuit, MA)
  296. Fresh Market Of Massachusetts, Inc., The (Hingham, MA)
  297. Fresh Valley Foods Corporation (Haverhill, MA)
  298. Friends Of Concord-Carlisle High School Boys Hockey, Inc. (Concord, MA)
  299. Friends Of Franklin Historical Museum, Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  300. Frost Transportation, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  301. Fun Time Travel, Incorporated (Plymouth, MA)
  302. Fundacion Mision Fronteras Inc. (Holyoke, MA)
  303. Fuse Christian Concerts, Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  304. Future For Farato, Inc (West Roxbury, MA)
  305. G – W Site Solutions Inc. (Blackstone, MA)
  306. G-Force Shipping And Consulting, Inc. (Hanover, MA)
  307. G-Mart Supermarket, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  308. G.t Masonry Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  309. Gail Kaplan, Pc (Canton, MA)
  310. Gallatin Holding Inc. (Rockland, MA)
  311. Galvani Law Offices P.c. (Framingham, MA)
  312. Garnett Enterprises, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  313. General Auto Glass Inc. (Qincy, MA)
  314. Genome Corporation (Cohasset, MA)
  315. Geoorganics Inc. (Chelmsford, MA)
  316. George Trucking, Inc. (Medfield, MA)
  317. Ghs Realty, Inc. (East Longmeadow, MA)
  318. Gicas Construction, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  319. Gigi Ride, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  320. Gilr Consultants, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  321. Glacial Natural Gas, Inc. (Sandwich, MA)
  322. Glamour Beauty Corp. (Taunton, MA)
  323. Global Advocates Foundation Inc (Everett, MA)
  324. Global Commodities Exchange, Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  325. Global Electrical Services Ltd. (Brookline, MA)
  326. Global Success Inc. (Rockland, MA)
  327. Globalmost, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  328. Gm Marketing And Management Inc. (Natick, MA)
  329. Gm Ward Enterprises Corporation (No. Attleboro, MA)
  330. Gobizcrazy, Inc. (Ashland, MA)
  331. Goff Brothers Construction, Inc. (Orleans, MA)
  332. Golden Chopsticks Yang Inc. (Holyoke, MA)
  333. Golden Pearl Trading, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  334. Goldming Tech Corp. (Worcesrer, MA)
  335. Golf Club Management, Inc. (Millis, MA)
  336. Gosler Consulting Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  337. Gotch Consulting Incorporation (Somerville, MA)
  338. Graphique Inc. (Duxbury, MA)
  339. Graybeck Realty, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  340. Great Beginnings Learning School, Inc. (Danvers, MA)
  341. Great Pond Productions, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  342. Great Woods Shuttle Inc. (Mansfield, MA)
  343. Green Bax Tax Services Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  344. Green Energy Management Services, Inc. (Winchendon, MA)
  345. Green Mountain Variety And Liquor, Inc. (Plainfield, MA)
  346. Greenears Global Enterprises, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  347. Grid Solutions Corp. (Marblehead, MA)
  348. Grove F S Inc. (Marlborough, MA)
  349. Growing Cultures, Limited (Bridgewater, MA)
  350. H & F Motors Incorporated (Somerville, MA)
  351. H.e.a.r.t. Performance, Strength & Conditioning Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  352. Haiti 2015, Incorporated (Hyde Park, MA)
  353. Hamvatan Foundation, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  354. Harvest Automation, Inc. (Groton, MA)
  355. Health Care Solutions International Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  356. Healthy Choice Pizza Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  357. Healthy Village Networks Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  358. Hearts For Hope Foundation, Inc. (Foxboro, MA)
  359. Helambu, Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  360. Helen Paddock Memorial Fund, Inc (Haydenville, MA)
  361. Hello Laptop Hello World, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  362. Helping Hands Medical Equipment Inc (Plymouth, MA)
  363. Hemco Sheet Metal Co. Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  364. Heritage Hill Partners, Inc. (Lakeville, MA)
  365. Heru Animation Incorporated (Boston, MA)
  366. Heru Films Incorporated (Boston, MA)
  367. Hi-De Liners, Inc. (Orange, MA)
  368. High Quality Instullations Company (Taunton, MA)
  369. Hindupedia Corp. (Waltham, MA)
  370. Hmg Enterprises, Inc. (Hopkington, MA)
  371. Hobbytropolis, Inc. (No. Easton, MA)
  372. Hollister Holdings, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  373. Hollister Staff, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  374. Holloway Associates, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  375. Hopps Company, The (Quincy, MA)
  376. Hospital Management Recruiters Of America Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  377. Hoy Ting Association Inc (Boston, MA)
  378. Hozelhoff, Inc. (Weymouth, MA)
  379. Hppr, Inc. (Amherst, MA)
  380. Hubbub Technology Inc. (West Roxbury, MA)
  381. Human Element Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  382. Huntington Fire Association, Inc. (Huntington, MA)
  383. Husky Homestead, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  384. Huzno, Inc. (Scituate, MA)
  385. Iglesia 2da Pedro 3:9 (New Bedford, MA)
  386. Iglesia Betel Casa De Oracion, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  387. Iglesia Cristiana Nuevo Comienzo Incorporation (Springfield, MA)
  388. Iglesia Evangelica Internacional Manantiales Del Cielo (Lynn, MA)
  389. Iglesia Pentecostal Rescatando Las Almas Perdidas Concilio Renovacion Cristiana Incorporation (Springfield, MA)
  390. Iglesia Pentecostal, El Milagrode Dios Inc. (Chicopee, MA)
  391. Iglesia Templo Y Morada De El Espiritu Santo, Inc. (E. Boston, MA)
  392. Ilv & Associates, Inc. (Newburyport, MA)
  393. Imagerights International, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  394. Imagine Optic, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  395. In My Father’s House, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  396. Incanto Consulting, Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  397. Inclusive Items Inc. (Swansea, MA)
  398. Increasing Fortune Incorporation (Boston, MA)
  399. Incubot Productions, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  400. Influence International, Inc. (Rockport, MA)
  401. Innovative Global Medical Solutions Inc. (Dudley, MA)
  402. Innovative Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (Lynnfield, MA)
  403. Innovative Medicine, P.c. (Boston, MA)
  404. Insulet Ma Securities Corporation (Bedford, MA)
  405. Integriscript, Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
  406. Integrity Motors, Inc. (Millbury, MA)
  407. Intraverge Consulting, Ltd. (Lancaster, MA)
  408. Invision Business Consulting, Inc. (Petersham, MA)
  409. Ipswich High School Hall Of Fame, Inc. (Ipswich, MA)
  410. Iron Mountain Charitable Foundation, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  411. Isite Interactive, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  412. Island Home Realty Inc. (Oak Bluffs, MA)
  413. Israel’s Plumbing, Inc. (Vineyard Haven, MA)
  414. It’s Raining Pet’s Inc. (Salem, MA)
  415. Itech Select Search Incorporated (Hopedale, MA)
  416. Itrust Income Tax & Accounting, Corp. (Boston, MA)
  417. Ivani’s Cleaning Services, Inc. (Marstons Mills, MA)
  418. J & E Taxi & Livery Corp. (Auburn, MA)
  419. J Mcdonagh Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  420. J. Mosca Landscaping & Design, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  421. J.u.t.s., Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  422. Jain Tax Services, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  423. Jamaica Plain Green House, Inc. (Jamaica Plain, MA)
  424. James C. Judge Consulting, Inc. (Kingston, MA)
  425. Jat Delivery Corp. (Bradford, MA)
  426. Javelin Sec, Inc. (Belmont, MA)
  427. Jb Contracting, Inc. (Rutland, MA)
  428. Jbbiw, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  429. Jbr Strategies Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  430. Jcf Cleaning Services, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  431. Jd Restaurant Group, Inc. (Wayland, MA)
  432. Jec And Associates Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  433. Jeffrey’s House Inc. (Malden, MA)
  434. Jennifer R. Gavin, Attorney At Law, P.c. (Brookline, MA)
  435. Jesus Center Of Good News (Chelsea, MA)
  436. Jillies Foundation, Inc. (Jamaica Plain, MA)
  437. Jing’s Revere, Inc. (Revere, MA)
  438. Jnn Enterprises, Incorporated (Tewksbury, MA)
  439. John Action Siding Inc. (Revere, MA)
  440. John C. Horn Plumbing & Heating, Inc. (North Adams, MA)
  441. John D. Kaplan, Pc (Canton, MA)
  442. John Galt Professionals, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  443. Jonathans Formals, Corp. (Danvers, MA)
  444. Jordan Christian International Family Fellowship (Fitchburg, MA)
  445. Jrt2 Consulting Services, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  446. Js Food & Gifts Limited (Leominster, MA)
  447. Jsmitty’s Inc. (East Taunton, MA)
  448. Jubilee Community Initiatives (Jci) Incorporated (Lowell, MA)
  449. Jun Le, Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  450. Junta Internacional De Capellan Inc. (Holyoke, MA)
  451. K & L Fall Services, Inc. (Ludlow, MA)
  452. K & L Produce Acquisition Co., Inc. (Chelsea, MA)
  453. K Truckin, Inc. (Milford, MA)
  454. Kachroo Legal Services, P.c. (Cambridge, MA)
  455. Kallipolites Business Services, Inc. (Harwich, MA)
  456. Karden Associates, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  457. Kas Accounts Receivable Corporation (Norfolk, MA)
  458. Kassq, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  459. Katfam Photography Inc. (Ashland, MA)
  460. Kcastro, Corp. (Lynn, MA)
  461. Kelly Green Construction, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  462. Ken’s Fish, Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  463. Kenneth Hartkorn Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  464. Kga Morgans, Inc. (Mendon, MA)
  465. Kickass Cupcakes, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  466. Kids4peace Boston, Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  467. King Buffet Of Fitchburg Inc. (Fitchburg, MA)
  468. King Sales Group, Inc. (Manchaug, MA)
  469. Kjm Gas Inc. (Douglas, MA)
  470. Kon Properties, Inc. (Hatfield, MA)
  471. Konnect-Wicab Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  472. Kp Trucking, Inc. (West Brookfield, MA)
  473. Kureta Donuts, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  474. L & K Restaurant, Inc. (Roslindale, MA)
  475. L. N. F. Ultra Cage Fighters, Inc. (Dighton, MA)
  476. La Cappella Suites, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  477. La Senda Antigua Pentecostal Church, Inc. (Mattapan, MA)
  478. Ladybug Decoration Inc. (Revere, MA)
  479. Lakeview Junior High School Parent Teacher Organization, Inc. (Dracut, MA)
  480. Lakeview Marine, Inc. (Webster, MA)
  481. Langley Realty Management, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  482. Lannan Motors Ltd. (Lowell, MA)
  483. Laurelwood Builders, Inc. (Cheshire, MA)
  484. Law Office Of David V. Lawler, Pc, The (Hyannis, MA)
  485. Law Office Of Paul B. Watkins, P.c. (Saugus, MA)
  486. Leadsurfing, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  487. Leaf Design Associates, Inc. (Winchester, MA)
  488. Led Trucking, Inc. (West Springfield, MA)
  489. Ledoux Investment & Retirement Solutions, Inc. (Ludlow, MA)
  490. Leerink Family Foundation, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  491. Leonard D Rea & Co Inc (Fiskdale, MA)
  492. Les’ Auto Repair, Inc. (Lunenburg, MA)
  493. Li Yuan Health, Inc. (East Boston, MA)
  494. Liberty Bell Roast Beef,Seafood &Pizza Inc. (Billerica, MA)
  495. Liberty For Humanity Inc. (Charlestown, MA)
  496. Lifeboat Ministries (Gloucester, MA)
  497. Linsbridge Consulting Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  498. Little Hands Academy, Inc. (Sudbury, MA)
  499. Living Hope Christian Church (New Bedford, MA)
  500. Lowe’s Variety & Meat Shop, Inc. (Northborough, MA)
  501. Lsi Foundation, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  502. Luknova Incorporated (Mansfield, MA)
  503. Lynn Gulf Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  504. M & M Sales Training, Inc. (Rehoboth, MA)
  505. M & R Corp. (Dorchester, MA)
  506. M&T Marketing, Inc. (Millbury, MA)
  507. Macaab Inc. (Hyannis, MA)
  508. Magner Construction Corp. (Cohasset, MA)
  509. Make Your Mark Consulting, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  510. Malden High School Alumni Association, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  511. Mamas N Divas, Inc. (Westborough, MA)
  512. Man-Mohan Corporation (E. Bridgewater, MA)
  513. Manee Designs, Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  514. Mantis Signs, Inc. (Easthampton, MA)
  515. Mara International Inc. (Whitman,, MA)
  516. Marblehead Dental, P.c. (Marblehead, MA)
  517. Marco1 Gasoline Stations, Inc. (Somerset, MA)
  518. Marilyn Baker Scholarship Fund Inc (Osterville, MA)
  519. Marketplace Retail, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  520. Martel Associates Inc. (Rehoboth, MA)
  521. Marthas Vineyard Heliport Inc. (Edgartown, MA)
  522. Martin Holdings, Inc. (Milton, MA)
  523. Masonry Doctor Inc. (Ipswich, MA)
  524. Mass Ems, Inc. (Wilmington, MA)
  525. Mass Medical Ur Corp. (Berkley, MA)
  526. Mass Motion, Inc. (Fiskdale, MA)
  527. Massachusetts Nga 2010 Inc. (Boston, MA)
  528. Massive Industries, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  529. Masterpiece Professional Hair & Healing Studio, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  530. Matchpoint Systems, Inc. (Natick, MA)
  531. Matt’s Blackboard, Inc. (Rochester, MA)
  532. Mavel Americas, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  533. Mccarthy & Company Inc (Gloucester, MA)
  534. Mcdavitt Sports, Inc. (South Boston, MA)
  535. Mcgrath Ent. Inc. (Millis, MA)
  536. Mckenzie Engineering Consultants, Inc. (Brewster, MA)
  537. Md Logistics Services, Inc. (Palmer, MA)
  538. Medeiros, Lavoie & Wilson, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  539. Mediamob Corporation (Arlington, MA)
  540. Medical Access International, Inc . (E. Longmeadow, MA)
  541. Medstar Ems, Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  542. Mehta Fitness, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  543. Melrose Dental Care, P.c. (Melrose, MA)
  544. Mendon Motors, Inc. (Mendon, MA)
  545. Merrimack It Consulting, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  546. Metric Construction Of Boston Corporation (Boston, MA)
  547. Metro Pizza, Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  548. Mez Capital, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  549. Mfs Investment Management Foundation, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  550. Mgm Brokerage Company, Inc. (Randolph, MA)
  551. Michael Sofer Ltd (Dorchester, MA)
  552. Midnight Travelers, Inc. (Belmont, MA)
  553. Mihailovs, Inc. (Tyngsboro, MA)
  554. Milan Construction, Inc. (Fitchburg, MA)
  555. Milestones Child Care Center And Pre-School, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  556. Military Order Of Devil Dogs Montachusetts Pound 318, Mass Pack Inc. (Fitchburg, MA)
  557. Miller-Goulart Golf Management, Inc. (Harwich, MA)
  558. Ministerio A Solas Con Dios (New Bedford, MA)
  559. Misoya Corp. (Boston, MA)
  560. Missionary Church Croisade Evangelique Of Jesus-Christ International (Roslindale, MA)
  561. Modern Landscapes, Inc. (Agawam, MA)
  562. Moreira, Inc. (Everett, MA)
  563. Morning Light Beauty Center Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  564. Morse Engineering Company, Inc. (Scituate, MA)
  565. Motionhd, Inc. (Plympton, MA)
  566. Mount Sinai Eco-Resort Enterprises, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  567. Mountain View Family Practice, P.c. (Baldwinville, MA)
  568. Moving Forward Physical Therapy, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  569. Mphw Inc. (Clinton, MA)
  570. Mpy Restaurant, Inc. (Stow, MA)
  571. Mr. Home, Inc. (Ludlow, MA)
  572. Mrc Design Corp. (Lunenburg, MA)
  573. Mrsm Corporation (Andover, MA)
  574. Mullur, Inc. (Millbury, MA)
  575. Mutual Fundamentals, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  576. My Concierge Connection, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  577. N & S Staffing Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  578. N&G, Inc. (Hampden, MA)
  579. Nantucket Bay Design, Inc. (Leyden, MA)
  580. Nantucket Combined Charities, Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  581. Nantucket Disc Golf Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  582. Nap’s Auto Sales & Service, Inc. (Greenfield, MA)
  583. Nascimento Group Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  584. National Icelandic Sheepdog Resue Alliance, Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  585. Nauset Enterprises, Inc. (Harwich, MA)
  586. Nest Egg Commodities, Inc. (Chelsea, MA)
  587. Network Of Arab-American Professionals Of Boston, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  588. New Bao Yuan, Inc. (Medfield, MA)
  589. New Beauty Laser, Inc. (Amesbury, MA)
  590. New Black Sheep Knitting, Inc. (Dedham, MA)
  591. New England Financial Agents Association Inc. (Boston, MA)
  592. New England Floor Covering Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  593. New England Industrial Internet Services, Inc. (Amesbury, MA)
  594. New England Metal Services Inc. (Brookfield, MA)
  595. New England Relay, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  596. New Fw Software, Inc. (Peabody, MA)
  597. New Horizons Clinic, P.c. (Brighton, MA)
  598. Newton Home Services, Inc. (West Newton, MA)
  599. Next Gig Productions, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA)
  600. Next Level Building Services, Inc. (Millville, MA)
  601. Niche Operations, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  602. Ninesling Investment Services, Inc. (Mansfield, MA)
  603. Nite Lite Lounge, Inc. (Milford, MA)
  604. Noor, Inc. (Hyannis, MA)
  605. North Avenue Maintenance Company (Rockland, MA)
  606. North Worcester Gastroenterology, P.c. (Leominster, MA)
  607. Nour Alhouda, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  608. Novus Scientific, Inc. (Canton, MA)
  609. Ns Portfolio Investment Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  610. Oak Brook Manager Corp. (Boston, MA)
  611. Oakledge Wellness Inc (Hopedale, MA)
  612. Oasis Transport, Inc. (Canton, MA)
  613. Obgg Ventures, Inc. (Danvers, MA)
  614. Ochoa-Monterola, Corporation. (Somerville, MA)
  615. Octoscope, Inc. (Bolton, MA)
  616. Olympia Junior Hockey, Inc. (West Springfield, MA)
  617. On-Q-Ity Securities Corporation (Waltham, MA)
  618. On-Time Livery Service, Inc. (Revere, MA)
  619. One Hen, Inc. (Wellesley, MA)
  620. One Step Forward Foundation, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  621. One Week Wonder, Inc. (Hingham, MA)
  622. Oneforty Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  623. Optimum Labs, Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  624. Orchard Street Preschool Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  625. Outer Cape Plumbing, Inc. (Wellfleet, MA)
  626. P.e.a.c.e. Plus Maintenance Corp. (Needham, MA)
  627. P.m. General Inc. (Weymouth, MA)
  628. P.t. Trading Corp. (North Andover, MA)
  629. Pairings Wine And Food, Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  630. Palace Designs Granite & Marble, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  631. Paragon Properties & Development Inc. (Abington, MA)
  632. Park Place Salon, Inc. (Fiskdale, MA)
  633. Parmco Holding Co., Inc. (Swampscott, MA)
  634. Pathology Diagnostic Services, P.c. (Westfield, MA)
  635. Patient, Lynch & Associates Pc (Worcester, MA)
  636. Patricia David Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  637. Patriot Capital Finance Corporation (Fall River, MA)
  638. Paul Catering Inc. (Wilmington, MA)
  639. Pds Logistics Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  640. Peabody Youth Girls Softball League Inc. (Peabody, MA)
  641. Pec Group, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  642. Pereira’s Painting Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  643. Perfect Youth Organization, Inc. (So. Orleans, MA)
  644. Personal Progression, Inc. (Scituate, MA)
  645. Pete’s On The Main, Ltd. (Marlborough, MA)
  646. Pete’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc. (Lunenburg, MA)
  647. Pfo Global Horizons, Inc. (Dorcester Center, MA)
  648. Pharmareed Co, Inc. (Westford, Ma 01886, MA)
  649. Pharmorx Therapeutics, Inc. (Southborough, MA)
  650. Phenomenal Looks Beauty Salon Corp. (Springfield, MA)
  651. Phoeng Family Corporation (Lynn, MA)
  652. Photon Spot, Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  653. Platinum Marketing, Incorporated (Plymouth, MA)
  654. Plymouth North Athletic Boosters Club, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  655. Poliskey Roofing Contractor, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  656. Polo Market Corporation (Chelsea, MA)
  657. Pondmark Inc. (Chilmark, MA)
  658. Position Clicks Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  659. Positive Horizons, Inc. (Scituate, MA)
  660. Power Athletics, Inc. (Brewster, MA)
  661. Power Source Training Center, Inc. (Fitchburg, MA)
  662. Pregnancy Family Services Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  663. Premier Polymers, Inc. (Scituate, MA)
  664. Preview Diagnostics, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  665. Primatech Medical Solutions, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  666. Proactive Philanthropy, Inc. (Marshfield, MA)
  667. Procrasdonate, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  668. Proformance Products, Inc. (Newburyport, MA)
  669. Progressive Approach, Inc. (Lunenburg, MA)
  670. Project Footprints Inc (Boston, MA)
  671. Pw Ma Sub I Corp. (Woburn, MA)
  672. Pyramid Advisors Gp, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  673. Pyramid Capital Management, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  674. Quahog Property Management, Inc. (Bourne, MA)
  675. Quantis Inc. (Salem, MA)
  676. Quincy Friends Advocating Music Education(Q F.a.m.e.), Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  677. R & D Transportation, Inc. (Westport, MA)
  678. R & T Contractors, Inc. (Bellingham, MA)
  679. R & V Sandwiches, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  680. R. J. Pelchat Excavating, Inc. (Gardner, MA)
  681. R5 Enterprises, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  682. Raising Stars Parents Organization Inc (Marshfield, MA)
  683. Ran, Inc. (Milford, MA)
  684. Random Acts Of Generosity, Inc. (Natick, MA)
  685. Rare Real Estate, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  686. Rave Ministries (Plympton, MA)
  687. Raymond W. Glaser, Inc. (Centerville, MA)
  688. Rays Of Compassion For Children & Families, Inc. (Agawam, MA)
  689. Rck Capital Inc. (Boston, MA)
  690. Rdfz Overseas Alumni Association, Inc. (Wayland, MA)
  691. Rdk Restoration, Inc. (Cohasset, MA)
  692. Reagan & Company, Pc (Fitchburg, MA)
  693. Realmquests Services, Inc. (Milton, MA)
  694. Red Tug Productions, Inc. (Jamaica Plain, MA)
  695. Redbrook, Inc. (Uxbridge, MA)
  696. Reentry Financial Corporation (Middleton, MA)
  697. Refuge, The (Taunton, MA)
  698. Remarkably Radiant, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  699. Residential Risk Management Corporation (Sudbury, MA)
  700. Restore Sports Inc. (Pepperell, MA)
  701. Revere Info Tech, Inc. (Revere, MA)
  702. Rhi Construction Inc. (Florence, MA)
  703. Right Price Gas, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  704. Rightway International Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  705. Rise Above Foundation, Inc (Worcester, MA)
  706. Rival Cab, Inc. (Hyde Park, MA)
  707. River View Package Store, Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  708. Robert A. Morrison, Inc. (Edgartown, MA)
  709. Robert D. Cohen, Esq, P.c. (Boston, MA)
  710. Robert Decoste Installations Inc. (Billerica, MA)
  711. Roberts Interiors Inc. (Manchester, MA)
  712. Rocasuba Charitable Foundation, Inc. (Mashpee, MA)
  713. Rock’s Tavern, Inc. (Middleton, MA)
  714. Rodriguez Investment Group Inc. (Middleboro, MA)
  715. Round River Productions, Inc. (Seekonk, MA)
  716. Rowe Physical Therapy, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  717. Roxbury Dorchester Mattapan Hyde Park Transportation Services,Incorporated (Mattapan, MA)
  718. Rrav, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  719. Rrc Consulting, Inc. (S. Easton, MA)
  720. S & W Concrete, Inc. (Rehoboth, MA)
  721. S R S P, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  722. S.w.i.f.t. Performance, Inc. (Bedford, MA)
  723. Safe Harbor North Family Martial Arts, Inc. (Topsfield, MA)
  724. Sagar India Charitable Foundation, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  725. Sager & Son, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  726. Salem Fast Food, Inc. (Salem, MA)
  727. Saludeza Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  728. Sandra L. Olson Lung Cancer Fund, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  729. Save Bourne Sports, Inc. (Bourne, MA)
  730. Sbtn-Boston, Inc. (West Bridgewater, MA)
  731. Sc Landscaping Contractor, Inc. (Mashpee, MA)
  732. Schindler & Bailey P.c. (Boston, MA)
  733. Schofield On Line Enterprises, Inc. (Southbridge, MA)
  734. School Of Fish, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  735. Scott Mcelrath, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA)
  736. Sea Waves Beauty Corp. (Medford, MA)
  737. Securus Via, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  738. See Forever Properties Ltd (Dorchester, MA)
  739. Semcasting, Inc. (Andover, MA)
  740. Shaller-Howley Corporation (Saugus, MA)
  741. Shalom Missionary Church (Everett, MA)
  742. Shalrie Joseph Soccer Club, Inc. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
  743. Shankara Shakti, Inc. (Florence, MA)
  744. Shooshaloo Inc. (Milford, MA)
  745. Shpe Umass Lowell, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  746. Sj 2009, Corp. (Melrose, MA)
  747. Small Theatre Alliance Of Boston, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  748. Snezh-Alex Fre Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  749. Sodi, Inc. (East Longmeadow, MA)
  750. Sound Shuttle Records Corporation (Boxford, MA)
  751. Sovereign Development Corporation (Quincy, MA)
  752. Sparky’s Car Care Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  753. Sparky’s Collision Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  754. Spectrum Construction And Energy Solutions Corp. (Boston, MA)
  755. Speech And Language Therapy Service, Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  756. Spirits In Black, Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  757. Spiritual Healing Temple, Inc. (South Deerfield, MA)
  758. Spring Technologies Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  759. Ssf Carpets, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  760. St Mary And St Mina Corp. (Norht Oxford, MA)
  761. St. Basil’s Syriac Orthodox Church, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  762. Star Physical Therapy, Inc. (Chelsea, MA)
  763. Stephen J. Buckland Corp. (Forestdale, MA)
  764. Stinson And Company Ltd. (Lincoln, MA)
  765. Stone Ridge Foundation, Inc. (Newburyport, MA)
  766. Stow Youth Basketball Association, Inc. (Stow, MA)
  767. Strategic Opinion Research, Inc. (Wakefield, MA)
  768. Streamline Floor Covering Inc. (Raynham, MA)
  769. Strivers Foundation Limited (Cambridge, MA)
  770. Stryj Properties, Inc. (Westford, MA)
  771. Student Exchange Alliance, Inc. (Mashpee, MA)
  772. Studio7arts, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  773. Sturtevant Automotive, Inc. (Wellfleet, MA)
  774. Sugar Plum Babies, Inc. (Middleboro, MA)
  775. Sullivan Cleaning Service Inc., (Randolph, MA)
  776. Sun Life Financial (U.s.) Services Company, Inc. (Wellesley Hills, MA)
  777. Sunlite Limo, Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  778. Sunshine Convenience Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  779. Super Wash Laundromat, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  780. Supporters Of American Local Economy, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  781. Susan’s Shear Madness Hair Salon Inc. (Littleton, MA)
  782. Sustainability Software Consulting, Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  783. Sustainable South Shore Inc. (Hull, MA)
  784. Suzuki Of Swansea, Inc. (Swansea, MA)
  785. Sweet Building & Remodeling, Inc. (Sterling, MA)
  786. T.c.c Builders Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  787. Tab, Inc. (Leeds, MA)
  788. Tavco Trading, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  789. Td&I, Inc. (Wareham, MA)
  790. Techfriends, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  791. Technology Consultants Group,Incorporated (Topsfield, MA)
  792. Technology For Autism Now , Inc (Roslindale, MA)
  793. Ted And Debbie Kelly Foundation, Inc. (Weston, MA)
  794. Templink Corporation (Stoughton, MA)
  795. Ten Key Accounting And Bookkeeping Services, Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  796. The Beacon Hill Cookie Company Inc. (Boston, MA)
  797. The Bill Petravage Memorial Foundation, Inc. (Greenfield, MA)
  798. The Boston Chapter Of The Usability Professionals’ Association, Inc. (Hyde Park, MA)
  799. The Buzz Magazine, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  800. The Claddagh Fund Charities, Inc. (Weymouth, MA)
  801. The Detail Stop, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  802. The Friends Of Tarkiln, Inc. (Duxbury, MA)
  803. The Hindu Temple Of Massachusetts, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  804. The Imperial Companies Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  805. The Institution Of Justice Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  806. The Massachusetts Forum Of Estate Planning Attorneys, Inc. (Salem, MA)
  807. The Michael Butter Foundation Inc. (Rockport, MA)
  808. The Militant Consumer, Inc. (North Andover, MA)
  809. The Sound Of The 7th Trumpet Church (Lynn, MA)
  810. The Thomas R. Mcdermott Scholarship Fund, Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  811. The Vision For Edward Everett Square, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  812. Thecars Company, Ltd. (Sudbury, MA)
  813. Third Event Incorporated (Boston, MA)
  814. Thrifty Trucking Corp. (Pembroke, MA)
  815. Tile Solutions Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  816. Tirona Corp. (Quincy, MA)
  817. Tls Technical Consulting Corporation (Somerville, MA)
  818. Top Notch Cleaning, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  819. Top’s Churrascaria, Inc. (Peabody, MA)
  820. Topnotch Tech Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  821. Topo-Formisio, Inc. (Westport, MA)
  822. Torlan,Incorporated (Chatham, MA)
  823. Town Smoke Shop Corporation (Chelsea, MA)
  824. Tp Landscaping & Contracting Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  825. Training Force, Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  826. Transformative Engineering, Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  827. Transition Consulting Group, Ltd. (Framingham, MA)
  828. Travel Engagement Media, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  829. Trg Ii Restaurant, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  830. Trinovis Software, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  831. Trionic Mobility Systems Inc. (Essex, MA)
  832. Tripham Corporation (Boston, MA)
  833. Tristar Painting Inc. (Medford, MA)
  834. Truck Savers, Inc. (Carver, MA)
  835. Trust Realty Holdings Corporation (Shrewsbury, MA)
  836. Tsolias Incorporation (Athol, MA)
  837. Tucker & Shepley Benefits And Insurance, Ltd. (Plymouth, MA)
  838. Tunefoolery Music, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  839. Twin Brothhers Hood Cleaning Co. (Pittsfield, MA)
  840. Ugandan Diaspora And American Development Association, Incorporated (Watertown, MA)
  841. Under The Same Moon, Inc. (Ashland, MA)
  842. United Social Initiatives Incorporated (Chestnut Hill, MA)
  843. United Stone And Cabinet Inc. (Walpole, MA)
  844. Universal M&M Management, Corp. (Salem, MA)
  845. Upstart, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  846. Usa Marine, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  847. V & Z Assets, Inc. (Stoneham, MA)
  848. V.e.a Holdings Corp. (Cambridge, MA)
  849. Vacuum Plus Manufacturing, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  850. Valid8 Technologies, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  851. Valta & Gilberto, Inc. (North Adams, MA)
  852. Value Management Advisors, Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  853. Vanasse Florida Partners, Inc. (Andover, MA)
  854. Vascular Care Of Metrowest, P.c. (Framingham, MA)
  855. Vaughns Towing & Recovery, Inc. (Buzzards Bay, MA)
  856. Veritas Supply, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  857. Vidal Law Group, P.c. (Newton, MA)
  858. Vietnam Campaign Inc (Somerville, MA)
  859. Vietnamese Christian Church Of Worcester (Worcester, MA)
  860. Vincent Management Associates Incorporated (Falmouth, MA)
  861. Virtify, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  862. Virtual Museums Inc (Cambridge, MA)
  863. Vitruvian Medpro Consulting, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  864. Vmc Services, Inc. (Dedham, MA)
  865. W46 Commercial Cleaning Services, Inc. (East Walpole, MA)
  866. Wachusett Academic Endowment Fund, Inc. (Holden, MA)
  867. Walnut Hill Carpentry, Inc. (Orange, MA)
  868. Walton Group Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  869. Wam Foundation Inc. (Boston, MA)
  870. Wasabi Steakhouse, Inc. (Wareham, MA)
  871. Washington Street Merchants Association, Incorporated (Dorchester, MA)
  872. Wayland Baseball And Softball Association, Inc. (Wayland, MA)
  873. Webb Structural Services Inc. (Reading, MA)
  874. Wellness Promotions, Inc. (Westport, MA)
  875. Western Mass Building Restoration, Inc. (Monson, MA)
  876. Westfield Youth Basketball, Inc. (Westfield, MA)
  877. Westport United Youth Soccer Club, Inc. (Westport, MA)
  878. Wheeler Asset Management Company (Berlin, MA)
  879. White Chiropractic Health Center Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  880. Whole Child Foundation For Complimentary Health, Inc. (Florence, MA)
  881. Wild West Brewing Company (Southampton, MA)
  882. Willard’s Auto Service & Sales, Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  883. William Green Inc. (Shelburne Falls, MA)
  884. Wings Over D.c., Inc. (Agawam, MA)
  885. Witch City Plumbing Corp. (Salem, MA)
  886. Wjb Inc. (Ashland, MA)
  887. Wmass Storm, Inc. (Agawam, MA)
  888. Women, Acton & The Media Corp. (Cambridge, MA)
  889. Wompatuck Realty, Inc. (Hanson, MA)
  890. Woodland Theatre Company, Inc. (Sherborn, MA)
  891. Worcester Tea Party, Inc. (Webster, MA)
  892. Xpress Courier, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  893. Xpress Reprographics Inc. (Charlestown, MA)
  894. Yo Taco, Inc. (Duxbury, MA)
  895. Youk’s, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  896. Z Century Tech, Inc. (Wayland, MA)
  897. Zetics, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  898. Zhao Corporation (Quincy, MA)
  899. Zr Corporation (Middleton, MA)
  900. Zymbat Medical Innovations, Inc. (Wes Newton, MA)

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