840 #Startups Formed In Massachusetts In 07/2009

New Massachusetts companies.

Entrepreneurs in Massachusetts formed 840 new companies in July, 2009. That’s down seven percent from the same month in 2008:

period current year ago change
2008-10 826 959 -14%
2008-11 651 777 -16%
2008-12 839 921 -9%
2009-01 945 1200 -21%
2009-02 831 951 -13%
2009-03 954 1001 -5%
2009-04 886 980 -10%
2009-05 866 940 -8%
2009-06 927 920 1%
2009-07 840 908 -7%
TOTAL 8565 9557 -10%


  1. This data is taken from Massachusetts public records and was correct at the time of publishing.
  2. This list includes newly incorporated companies in Massachusetts (so-called “domestic corporations”) as well as companies organized in other states that have filed to do business in Massachusetts (so-called “foreign corporations”). Some of these companies may not technically be startups, but I’m measuring the same data each month, so the year-to-year comparisons are valid. Put another way, it is what it is.
  3. Please do not ask to be “removed” from this database unless you have the ability to travel back in time and undo your filing.
  4. I have linked each company name to its corresponding record at the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office (or Secretary of the Commonwealth – whatever).
  5. I have linked each president’s first name to its dot-com equivalent website. It is likely that many of these links are 404 and that others go websites for individuals with the same names who (smartly) registered their own names as domain names. Please do not ask to have any links “corrected” because the links are not mistakes, they simply demonstrate that personal branding is as important as corporate branding.

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  14. A-Team Painting & Home Improvement, Inc. (Brimfield, MA)
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  21. Able Bodies Physical Therapy, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  22. Abtech Corp. (Newton, MA)
  23. Accurate Transportation, Inc. (West Springfield, MA)
  24. Ace Realty Development, Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  25. Acton Community Access Television, Inc. (Acton, MA)
  26. Adam J. Demaral, Cpa, P.c. (Raynham, MA)
  27. Adgenuity Marketing Solutions, Inc. (Wellesley, MA)
  28. Advanced Communications And Media, Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  29. Advantage Insulation, Incorporated (East Falmouth, MA)
  30. Advocates For Rockland Abington, Weymouth, Hingham, Inc. (E. Weymouth, MA)
  31. Aerosoft Usa, Inc. (Dedham, MA)
  32. Affordable Environmental, Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  33. Affordable Home Care Of America, Inc. (Whitman, MA)
  34. Ag Therapeutics Incorporated (Boston, MA)
  35. Ag Transportation, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  36. Al’s Auto Sales, Inc. (Methuen, MA)
  37. Alex Truck, Inc. (Everett, MA)
  38. Ali H Goli Md P.c. (Dover, MA)
  39. Alison Miniter Inc. (Ipswich, MA)
  40. All Hazard Incident Command Solutions, Inc. (Mattapoisett, MA)
  41. All Nations Tabernacle Of Revival Christian Church (Abington, MA)
  42. Alliance For The Empowerment Of Local Communities, Inc. (Winchester, MA)
  43. Almaz Development, Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  44. Alpine Plumbing And Heating, Inc. (Somerset, MA)
  45. Alpine Restaurant Group, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  46. Always Ez Automobile Rentals, Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  47. Always The Best Clean , Inc. (Bradford, MA)
  48. Amaral Carpentry, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  49. Amarante Paes Investments, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  50. Amd Global Telemedicine, Inc. (North Chelmsford, MA)
  51. America Floors Inc. (South Yarmouth, MA)
  52. American Asset Recovery Contractors, Inc. (Hanson, MA)
  53. American Capital Energy, Inc. (North Chelmsford, MA)
  54. American Family Healthcare Group Services Corporation (Malden, MA)
  55. American Graffiti, Inc. (Lunenburg, MA)
  56. American Invention Management, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  57. Amhara Development Association In The North America Boston Chapter (Abana-Boston Inc.) (Jamaica Plain, MA)
  58. Amstaff Plumbing Incorporated (Norwood, MA)
  59. Anarchy, Inc. (W. Peabody, MA)
  60. Andspace Labs, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  61. Angelina’s Pastry Corporation (Arlington, MA)
  62. Anorak Corporation (Boston, MA)
  63. Apollo Processing, Inc. (Florence, MA)
  64. Apperian, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  65. Applied Cleaning Solutions, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  66. Aquamarine Builders, Inc. (Edgartown, MA)
  67. Aquamarine Dredge, Inc. (Edgartown, MA)
  68. Aquastrength, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  69. Arelli Inc. (Sturbridge, MA)
  70. Argenius Worldwide, Inc. (Milton, MA)
  71. Arias Jewelers Inc. (North Attleboro, MA)
  72. Ashdod Animal Alliance, Ltd (Duxbury, MA)
  73. Asia Grill & Sushi, Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  74. Asign Incorporated (Clinton, MA)
  75. Assessconnect Inc. (Groton, MA)
  76. At Home Personal Care Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  77. Ate Systems, Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  78. Atlantic Capital Advisors, Inc. (Wayland, MA)
  79. Attleboro Vision Care Associates, P.c. (Attleboro, MA)
  80. Auto World Collision Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  81. Auto World Sales & Leasing Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  82. Auto-Matic Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  83. B&L Industries, Inc. (Holliston, MA)
  84. B&T Fire Sprinkler Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  85. Bain Cor, Inc. (Abington, MA)
  86. Bajak Enterprises Inc. (Malden, MA)
  87. Banyakitara Association Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  88. Bapa Shree Inc. (Concord, MA)
  89. Barry L Gordon Sales Inc. (N. Easton, MA)
  90. Battle Road Farms, Inc. (Concord, MA)
  91. Bay State Animal Cooperative, Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  92. Bay State Cartage Administration, Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  93. Bay State Network, Inc. (Rockland, MA)
  94. Baystate Window Decor Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  95. Bb & Ty Trading Inc. (Boston, MA)
  96. Bc, Inc. (Reading, MA)
  97. Bcr Mechanical, Inc. (Rockland, MA)
  98. Beacon 16 Software, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  99. Beautiful Carpet Corp. (Lowell, MA)
  100. Beauty Salon One Of Wellesley, Inc. (Wellesley, MA)
  101. Beks, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  102. Belkadian Enterprises Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  103. Belle Isle Market Place Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  104. Bena Corporation (Peabody, MA)
  105. Benoit & Mccarthy Photography, Inc. (Danvers, MA)
  106. Berkeley Healthcare Group, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  107. Best City Corp. (Jamaica Plain, MA)
  108. Biemme Usa, Corp. (Boston, MA)
  109. Big Fresh, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  110. Bl Healthcare, Inc. (Foxboro, MA)
  111. Blackburn Performing Arts, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  112. Blackstone Valley Taxi Inc. (Millbury, MA)
  113. Blue Hills Center. Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  114. Blue Line Ventures, Inc. (E. Weymouth, MA)
  115. Blue Livery, Inc. (East Boston, MA)
  116. Bluebird Taxi Inc. (No. Dartmouth, MA)
  117. Body Politic, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  118. Bollywood Enterprises Incorporated (Springfield, MA)
  119. Bongiorno Realty, Inc. (Andover, MA)
  120. Book Of Odds Enterprises, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  121. Bos Manold Fund For Haitian Opportunity, Inc., The (Jamaica Plain, MA)
  122. Boston Capital Energy Manager Corporation (Boston, MA)
  123. Boston Sommelier Society, Ltd. (Waltham, MA)
  124. Boston Sustainable Fishing Community Preservation Fund, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  125. Boston Swing Central, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  126. Bradford Alpine Race Team, Inc. (Georgetown, MA)
  127. Brazusa Communication Company (Marlboro, MA)
  128. Breeze Carpet Installations Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  129. Brianthy Restaurant, Inc. (Reading, MA)
  130. Bright Pearl Dance Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  131. Brigit’s Flame Inc (Somerville, MA)
  132. Brockton Haitian-American Baptist Ministries (Brockton, MA)
  133. Broncop Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  134. Brookline Endodontic Associates, P.c. (Brookline, MA)
  135. Brothers Construction Home Improvement, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  136. Bug Busters Computer Services, Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
  137. Buyyourtours, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  138. Cafe Cabana Corporation (New Bedford, MA)
  139. Cafe Spice Mit Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  140. Callahans Bar Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  141. Cambridge Place Investment Management Inc. (Concord, MA)
  142. Camella Teoli Housing, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  143. Campusezmart Inc. (Belmont, MA)
  144. Cantina Di Soave Usa, Inc. (Clinton, MA)
  145. Cape Coastal Builders Incorporated (Harwich Port, MA)
  146. Cape Cod Auto Finance, Inc. (East Falmouth, MA)
  147. Cape Cod Hydrangea Society, Inc. (South Yarmouth, MA)
  148. Capesters, Inc. (Barnstable, MA)
  149. Caring Partners, Inc. (Tewksbury, MA)
  150. Carlson Comps Inc. (Methuen, MA)
  151. Case Snow Management, Inc. (North Attleborough, MA)
  152. Catalano Automotive Repair, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  153. Catastrophic Emergency Fund, Inc. (Wellesley, MA)
  154. Cavalcante Enterprise, Inc. (Revere, MA)
  155. Cavana Corporation (Somerville, MA)
  156. Cayenne Industries Inc. (Seekonk, MA)
  157. Cc Group, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  158. Ccp International (Shipping) Inc. (Hyde Park, MA)
  159. Celebrity Lecture Agency, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  160. Center Brickhouse Pizza, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA)
  161. Center For Educational Development, Corp (Medford, MA)
  162. Center For Martial Arts & Fitness Inc. (Belchertown, MA)
  163. Central Mass Baseball Club, Inc. (Auburn, MA)
  164. Central Orthodontic Associates, Inc. (Fitchburg, MA)
  165. Cf Truck’s Services, Inc. (Westborough, MA)
  166. Chapa Quente Restaurant, Corp. (Marlborough, MA)
  167. Chef Robotics, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  168. Chicopee Tradings, Inc. (Chicopee, MA)
  169. Child Works Discovery Corp. (Sterling, MA)
  170. Childen’s College Learning Center Inc. (Mattapan, MA)
  171. Children Across America Inc. (Milford, MA)
  172. Chip Partners, Inc. (North Reading, MA)
  173. Christ The Redeemer Anglican Church, Inc. (Danvers, MA)
  174. Chuanjun Wu, D.m.d., Pc (Boston, MA)
  175. City Jewelers Corp. (Swansea, MA)
  176. Cloud Technology Partners Inc. (Dracut, MA)
  177. Cmg@Ventures Capital Corp. (Waltham, MA)
  178. Co-Marketing Plus, Inc. (Hopkinton, MA)
  179. Colossal Brokers, Inc. (Westfield, MA)
  180. Combotech, Inc. (Braintree, MA)
  181. Community Action Network, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  182. Comolli Mangement Group, Inc. (Somerset, MA)
  183. Comprehensive Medical Teaching Institute Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  184. Concave Sports Usa Ltd. (Cohasset, MA)
  185. Conpertus, Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
  186. Consortium Of Universities For The Advancement Of Hydrologic Science Inc. (Medford, MA)
  187. Constitution Property, Casualty & Life Company (Cotuit, MA)
  188. Copley Tax Executive Group, Inc. (Roslindale, MA)
  189. Cots Inc. (Marshfield, MA)
  190. Country Road Networks Inc. (Byfield, MA)
  191. Credit Education Initiative, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  192. Cropcircle Kitchen, Inc. (Jamaica Plain, MA)
  193. Crs Realty Corp. (Methuen, MA)
  194. Curasan, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  195. Cw Liquors, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  196. D S Carpet Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  197. D. T. Ward, P. C. (Dunstable, MA)
  198. D.u.b. Concept, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  199. D’ Brea Corporation (Cambridge, MA)
  200. D&D Masonry & Chimney Ct. Division Inc., (Chicopee, MA)
  201. D&M Services Corporation (Dorchester, MA)
  202. Danieli Corp. (Weymouth, MA)
  203. Danielle’s Catering, Inc. (Revere, MA)
  204. Dartmouth Investment Corporation (W. Roxbury, MA)
  205. David James Corporation (Wrentham, MA)
  206. Ddd Enterprise Of America, Inc. (North Reading, MA)
  207. Deal Handyman, Inc. (Roslindale, MA)
  208. Defying Bounds Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  209. Deliberate Practice Consulting Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  210. Dent Craft Of New England Inc. (North Reading, MA)
  211. Dentek Dentistry, Pc (Springfield, MA)
  212. Details On Wheels, Inc. (Randolph, MA)
  213. Dgh Auto Detailing Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  214. Dhany Restaurant, Inc. (Marlborough, MA)
  215. Diya Convenience Store Inc. (Dracut, MA)
  216. Dl Auto Sales Incorporated (Somerville, MA)
  217. Dnd, Inc. (Sturbridge, MA)
  218. Dolly’s Cleaning Incorporated (South Yarmouth, MA)
  219. Doubly Gifted Corp. (Woburn, MA)
  220. Downey Enterprise, Corp. (Fairhaven, MA)
  221. Downtown Boston Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Corporation (Boston, MA)
  222. Dressed Up, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  223. Drg Services, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  224. Drn Realty, Inc. (Webster, MA)
  225. Drt Group Ltd (East Boston, MA)
  226. Ducere Consulting Group, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  227. Dynawave Cable Incorporated (Haverhill, MA)
  228. E & Cl, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  229. E Squared Properties Inc. (Somerset, MA)
  230. Eas Painting, Inc. (Harwich, MA)
  231. Eas Pizza, Inc. (Tewksbury, MA)
  232. East Coast Driving School, Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  233. East Weymouth Family Dental, P.c. (East Weymouth, MA)
  234. Easton Community Access Television, Inc. (No. Easton, MA)
  235. Easymetro Inc. (Centerville, MA)
  236. El Probocon Restaurant Corporation (Springfield, MA)
  237. El Santaneco Restaurant Inc. (Chelsea, MA)
  238. El Tripletazo Corporation (Springfield, MA)
  239. Elc Service Group, Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  240. Elise Spies Scholarship Fund Inc. (Millis, MA)
  241. Elliot Lunch Cart Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  242. Els Informatics, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  243. Embarques Ivan, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  244. Emmanuels House Of Restoration, Inc. (W. Springfield, MA)
  245. Energesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  246. Engineering Staffing Pros Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  247. Entra-Solar Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  248. Environmental It Services, Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  249. Eps Eatery Inc. (No. Easton, MA)
  250. Etal Studio Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  251. Everett Aluminum, Inc. (Everett, MA)
  252. Evergreen Stone, Inc. (Holbrook, MA)
  253. Executive Institutional Advancement Exchange Inc. (Princeton, MA)
  254. Experia Usa, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  255. Extraneous Noise Incorporated (Somerville, MA)
  256. Exultium, Inc. (Amesbury, MA)
  257. Ez Line Inc. (Southborough, MA)
  258. Ez Rider Limo Service, Inc. (Dartmouth, MA)
  259. F & M Express Transport Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  260. F/V Princess Elena, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  261. Faa Management, Inc. (No. Reading, MA)
  262. Faith Transportation Corp. (Nahant, MA)
  263. Family Pharmacy And Medserv International Management Company, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  264. Fe Hua Restaurant, Inc. (East Brookfield, MA)
  265. Filtec Precision Ceramics Corporation (Westford, MA)
  266. Fishplate Floors & Interiors, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  267. Five College Storage, Inc. (Amherst, MA)
  268. Fontaine Heating, Inc. (So. Hadley, MA)
  269. Fontaine Masonry Restore Inc. (Southbridge, MA)
  270. Forest Systems.org, Inc. (North Easton, MA)
  271. Forest-The Trees, Inc., The (Northampton, MA)
  272. Frank Bagley Flooring Inc. (Westborough, MA)
  273. Freedom Systems, Inc. (Mansfield, MA)
  274. Friends Of Newton Crystal Lake, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  275. Friends Of The Dudley Literacy Center, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  276. Frx Polymers, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA)
  277. Fu Hing Main Restaurant, Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  278. Fulcrum Marketing, Inc. (Concord, MA)
  279. Fund For Myeloma Education And Research, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  280. Funlovingpets.com, Inc. (Groveland, MA)
  281. G & C Transportation, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  282. G. Oconnell Construction, Inc. (Mansfield, MA)
  283. G.i.h.e., Inc. (Boston, MA)
  284. Gaila Fund For Women With Cancer, Inc. (Hingham, MA)
  285. Garden City Church (Beverly, MA)
  286. Garische Intrnational, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  287. Gasp Arts, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  288. Gateway Enterprises Auto Sales Inc. (Wareham, MA)
  289. Gathr.me, Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  290. Gbs Carpentry And Painting, Inc. (Revere, MA)
  291. Gearscrm, Inc. (Sudbury, MA)
  292. Gekodeals. Com Corp. (Waltham, MA)
  293. Genesis Community Church, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  294. Gerry Bergeron & Company, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  295. Ghostrider Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  296. Ghvl 2008-C, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  297. Giovanni’s House Of Pizza, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  298. Glass Repair, Incorporated (Walpole, MA)
  299. Global Cycle Solutions, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  300. Gmb Restaurant Group Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  301. Gmd Construction, Inc. (Milford, MA)
  302. Gnathodus Consulting, Inc. (Sudbury, MA)
  303. Golden Corner Of Brockton, Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  304. Gorham Contracting Inc. (Milton, MA)
  305. Goval Auto Sales, Inc. (Milford, MA)
  306. Great Minds Interactive, Inc. (Newburyport, MA)
  307. Greek American Social Construction Club, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  308. Green Decisions, Inc. (Weston, MA)
  309. Green Market And Mckinnon’s Meat Inc. (Chelsea, MA)
  310. Green Puppy Inc. (Newburyport, MA)
  311. Green School Preservation Group, Inc. (Middleborough, MA)
  312. Green Transportation, Inc. (Amherst, MA)
  313. Greenfield High School Music Parents Association, Inc. (Greenfield, MA)
  314. Greenhouse Windows, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA)
  315. Greige-Valero, Inc. (Winchendon, MA)
  316. Greylock Holding Inc. (Rockland, MA)
  317. Gta Co., Inc. (Everett, MA)
  318. Guerrero Investment, Incorporated (Lawrence, MA)
  319. Guertin Awards, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  320. Gummerus Ltd (Brookline, MA)
  321. H + A Jewelry, Inc. (Wellesley, MA)
  322. Haas Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  323. Hadri Corporation (East Boston, MA)
  324. Haiti Ok. Inc. (Mattapan, MA)
  325. Hampden Holdings Inc. (Hanover, MA)
  326. Handyman Dispatch Centers, Inc. (Marshfield, MA)
  327. Hanes Newco Inc. (Boston, MA)
  328. Hannoush Jewelers Of Mass., Inc. (West Springfield, MA)
  329. Happy Guy, Inc. (Hudson, MA)
  330. Harambee Spirit Corporation (Lowell, MA)
  331. Haymarket Consulting, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  332. Headwater Cider, Inc. (Amherst, MA)
  333. Health Benefit Advisors Inc. (Seekonk, MA)
  334. Helen Martin, P.c. (Everett, MA)
  335. High Street Pizza, Inc. (Dedham, MA)
  336. Highland Management Partners Viii Limited (Lexington, MA)
  337. Hip Hop Health Inc. (Boston, MA)
  338. Hipercept, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  339. Holland Health, Inc. (Marshfield, MA)
  340. Homeland Coastal Protection, Inc. (Marshfield, MA)
  341. Hometown News, Inc. (Ashburnham, MA)
  342. Homeview Exteriors, Inc. (S. Dartmouth, MA)
  343. Horeb International Ministries (Lowell, MA)
  344. Horta’s Fish Market, Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  345. House Of Chang, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  346. Hrmpact, Inc. (Belmont, MA)
  347. Hs Deals, Inc. (Westwood, MA)
  348. Huhu Groups Incorporated (Somerville, MA)
  349. Humanity Bridge Foundation Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  350. Hunk Kah C Records Inc. (Springfield Mass, MA)
  351. Huong Loan, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  352. Icare, Inc. (Alston, MA)
  353. Iglesia De La Comunidad Nueva Vision (Charlestown, MA)
  354. Iglesia Pentecostal Poder Y Uncion Shalom Adonai (Holyoke, MA)
  355. Iglesia Pentecostal Puerta Eterna, Inc. (Holyoke, MA)
  356. Igreja Pentecostal Ministerio Milagres Da Fe, Inc. (E. Boston, MA)
  357. Independent Video Artists For Community Media, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  358. Infinity Abatement Services Inc., (Lawrence, MA)
  359. Innovative Contracting Services Inc. (Medford, MA)
  360. Instantnightlife, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  361. Institute For Safety In Office Based Surgery, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  362. Integra Healthcare Centers, Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  363. Intelicoat Technologies Newco Inc. (South Hadley, MA)
  364. Intelligent Systems Integration Inc. (Medway, MA)
  365. Inter-Island Services Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  366. International Vision, Inc. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
  367. Invigorated Minds, Inc. (Easthampton, MA)
  368. Island Counseling Center, Pc (Shrewsbury, MA)
  369. Island Deli & Market, Inc. (Vineyard Haven, MA)
  370. J & C General Contracting, Inc. (Salem, MA)
  371. J & D Tools, Inc. (No. Easton, MA)
  372. J & E Auto Sales, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  373. J. S. Ventures, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  374. J.b. Bain, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  375. J.t.sushi, Inc. (Agawam, MA)
  376. Ja Management Inc. (Dudley, MA)
  377. Jack’s Auto Repair Inc ., (Milford, MA)
  378. James B. Craver & Associates, P.c. (Dover, MA)
  379. James F Kerrigan Builder Craftsman, Inc. (Scituate, MA)
  380. Janine King Foundation, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  381. Jarjoura Consulting, Inc. (Hyde Park, MA)
  382. Jesswrite Productions, Inc. (West Newbury, MA)
  383. Jf General Services Incorporated (Somerville, MA)
  384. Jjip Enterprises, Corp. (Norton, MA)
  385. Jmaz, Inc. (Fairhaven, MA)
  386. Jn Auto Service, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  387. Joe Green Home Solutions, Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  388. John Tobin’s Theatre District Productions, Inc. (West Roxbury, MA)
  389. John Ware Research Group, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  390. Joie Mei, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  391. Jomco, Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  392. Josiah Smith Tavern Corporation (Weston, MA)
  393. Julios Painting, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  394. Junk Heroes, Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  395. Justo Auto Repair & Auto Sale Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  396. K & C Retail, Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  397. K & J Spartan Corp. (Wellesley, MA)
  398. Kadoshi Communications, Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  399. Kangogift, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  400. Katawave, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  401. Kbg, Inc. (Roslindale, MA)
  402. Keeping Auburn Warm, Inc. (Auburn, MA)
  403. Kejapa, Inc. (Chelsea, MA)
  404. Kelly Book Holding Corporation (Dedham, MA)
  405. Kendall Partners I, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  406. Kenney – Quinn – Ford Brain Tumor Research Foundation, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  407. Kevin & Jung, Inc. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
  408. Ki Bar Incorporated (Boston, MA)
  409. Kids Club Childcare And Preschool, Inc. (West Roxbury, MA)
  410. King Restaurant, Inc., The (West Roxbury, MA)
  411. Kings Oak, Inc. (Seekonk, MA)
  412. Kinley, Inc. (N. Chelmsford, MA)
  413. Kode Corp. (Waltham, MA)
  414. Kzd Management Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  415. La Carreta Framingham Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  416. Lael Enterprises, Inc. (Canton, MA)
  417. Lafayette Realty Group Corp. (Fall River, MA)
  418. Landscapes Unlimited S-Corporation (West Barnstable, MA)
  419. Laos Literacy Project, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  420. Laptop Fun Inc. (Holden, MA)
  421. Lasanne Strategies, Inc. (Danvers, MA)
  422. Law Office Of Christopher T. Perry, P.c. (Chelmsford, MA)
  423. Law Office Of Raymond J. Cannon, Jr., P.c. (No. Andover, MA)
  424. Law Offices Of Adam J. Tobin, P.c. (No. Andover, MA)
  425. Ldksoftware, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  426. Le Mirage Cafe, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  427. Leo Painting, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  428. Life-Skills Solutions Inc (Lynn, MA)
  429. Like A Drop Of Water, Inc. (Scituate, MA)
  430. Lin Van Corp. (Brighton, MA)
  431. Liquidpath Consulting, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  432. Lisa’s Nails On Newbury, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  433. Little East Conference, Inc. (North Dartmouth, MA)
  434. Ljj Group Corp. (Needham, MA)
  435. Lofberg Food Services, Inc. (Dartmouth, MA)
  436. Love It Company, Inc. (Norton, MA)
  437. Lowell Sewing Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  438. Luna Bella Media, Inc. (Somerset, MA)
  439. Luscious Cuisine, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  440. Lynn Oral Surgery Associates, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  441. M & J Wang Corp. (Palmer, MA)
  442. M & M Plumbing Inc. (Mattapoisett, MA)
  443. M.k.s. Enterprises, Inc. (E. Falmouth, MA)
  444. M.t. Mayo Corporation (Woburn, MA)
  445. M2 Investment Corporation (Worcester, MA)
  446. M7 Transportation, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  447. Maa Durga Corp. (New Bedford, MA)
  448. Mace Macro (The Americas) Limited (Boston, MA)
  449. Macro-Mediterranean Holistic Nutrition, Ltd. (Boston, MA)
  450. Macwilliams Sanders Communications, Inc. (Amherst, MA)
  451. Magnolia Home Health Care Services, Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  452. Magnum Anti Ballistic Systems Corporation (Danvers, MA)
  453. Malin Excavation Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  454. Mamy Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  455. Marbling Fine Arts New England Corporation (Lynn, MA)
  456. Maria Holt Designs, Inc. (Sheffield, MA)
  457. Marine Corp. League Of Bristol County Detachment #1285, Inc. (No. Dighton, MA)
  458. Market Holdings, Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
  459. Marlin Mobile, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  460. Marshfield Youth Basketball, Inc. (Marshfield, MA)
  461. Martha Karua For President Corporation (Boston, MA)
  462. Mas Boston Quran Institute Corporation (Roxbury, MA)
  463. Mass Diesel Performance, Inc. (Walpole, MA)
  464. Mass Property Management Group, Inc. (Sagamore, MA)
  465. Massachusetts Alternative Fuel Foundation, Inc. (Winchester, MA)
  466. Massachusetts Business Chamber Of Commerce, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  467. Massachusetts Orthopedic Treatment Center Pc (Worcester, MA)
  468. Massachusetts Poetry Outreach Project,Inc (Carlisle, MA)
  469. Massachusetts Reinsurance Bar Association, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  470. Master Heo’s Tae Kwon Do, Inc. (Holyoke, MA)
  471. Matarazzo Holding, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  472. Maya Transportation, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  473. Mcauley Law Office, P.c. (Methuen, MA)
  474. Mcd Rv Broker Inc. (E. Freetown, MA)
  475. Mckinney & Associates Inc. (Boston, MA)
  476. Mckinney Validation, Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  477. Medical Data Guidance, Inc. (Gardner, MA)
  478. Megaexpo, Inc. (Peabody, MA)
  479. Melanie M. Rabeni, D.d.s., P.c. (Plymouth, MA)
  480. Melissa M. Thompson, D.m.d., P.c. (Woburn, MA)
  481. Memory Works Productions Inc. (North Easton, MA)
  482. Metro East Mechanical, Inc. (Melrose, MA)
  483. Mgp Fitness, Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  484. Michael G. Hughes, M.d., P.c. (Hyannis, MA)
  485. Michael Giamberardino, Inc. (Wilmington, MA)
  486. Michael’s Hair Care Inc. (Malden, MA)
  487. Mickey M. Associates, Inc. (Longmeadow, MA)
  488. Microlend Inc. (Charlestown, MA)
  489. Milestone Consulting, Inc. (Kingston, MA)
  490. Mill City Holdings Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  491. Miranda Quality Maintenance, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  492. Mk Development , Inc. (Newton, MA)
  493. Mmv Equipment Inc. (W. Springfield, MA)
  494. Momelan Technologies, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  495. Monarch Homes Assisted Living Corporation (Woburn, MA)
  496. Monili Company, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  497. Monique Siding, Inc. (Woonsocket, MA)
  498. Motherless Child, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  499. Moto Solutions Corporation (Reading, MA)
  500. Motorcycle Cruise Controls, Inc. (Carlisle, MA)
  501. Mouzaki Inc. (Roslindale, MA)
  502. Movimiento Cristiano Impactando Ias Naciones, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  503. Mpms Community Service Foundation, Inc. (Middleton, MA)
  504. Mr Green Landscaping Corp., (Framingham, MA)
  505. Mugs Overnight Delivery, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  506. N.e. Xpress Delivery Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  507. Nail Delight, Inc. (Hanson, MA)
  508. Nanobiosym Education And Research Institute, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  509. Nashoba Valley Bookkeeping Inc. (Tyngsboro, MA)
  510. Nbge Blocker Corp Iii (Rc) (Waltham, MA)
  511. Nbge Blocker Corp. 1 (Rc) (Waltham, MA)
  512. Nbge Blocker Corp. Ii (Rc) (Waltham, MA)
  513. Needham Fastpitch, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  514. Neil Crowley Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  515. Netcom Wireless Facilities 2, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  516. Netsoft, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  517. New Alamo, Inc. (Everett, MA)
  518. New Barolo Inc. (Hyannis, MA)
  519. New Brookline Village, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  520. New England Fleet Service Corporation (Hopkinton, MA)
  521. New England Performing Arts Theater Society, Inc. (Seekonk, MA)
  522. New England Radiation Oncology Associates, P.c. (Newton, MA)
  523. New England-Sheffield-Springfield-Ekiwanis, Inc. (Longmeadow, MA)
  524. New Forestry Solutions, Inc. (Westhampton, MA)
  525. New Home Exterior Construction, Inc. (Ashland, MA)
  526. New Main Moon Of Yeung Inc. (So. Hadley, MA)
  527. Newcloud Solutions Corporation (Hingham, MA)
  528. Nextek Solutions, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  529. Nicholas Charles Caruso, Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  530. No More Guantanamos Incorporated (West Whately, MA)
  531. No Pressure On Us Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  532. Nonprofit Products International, Inc. (North Andover, MA)
  533. Nora’s Restaurant, Inc. (Southwick, MA)
  534. Norfolk Wood Floor Supply Inc. (Roxbury, MA)
  535. North American Chinese Performing Arts Associations, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  536. North East Door Supply, Inc. (Roxbury, MA)
  537. North Easton Companies, Inc. (No. Easton, MA)
  538. North Shore Home Medical Supply, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  539. North Shore Home Services Corp. (Melrose, MA)
  540. Northeast Business Group, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  541. Northeast Purchasing Group, Inc. (Rehoboth, MA)
  542. Northeast Valve & Actuation Corp. (Westfield, MA)
  543. Northern Berkshire Crc, Inc. (North Adams, MA)
  544. Norwood Mustang Hockey Club, Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  545. Novatio Engineering, Inc. (Belmont, MA)
  546. Npcc, Inc. (E. Harwich, MA)
  547. Oda Boston Inc. (Hyde Park, MA)
  548. Om Maiya, Inc. (North Dartmouth, MA)
  549. Omega Sales, Inc. (Danvers, MA)
  550. Omni Enterprise Corp., (Framingham, MA)
  551. One Love Soccer Inc. (Boston, MA)
  552. One Mill Street Inc Corp. (Haverhill, MA)
  553. Opennarra, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  554. Organizacion De Latino Americanos, Inc (Milford, MA)
  555. Oriol Therapy Services, Inc. (Holden, MA)
  556. Oxbow Schoolhouse Inc. (Littleton, MA)
  557. Oxford Shipping & Cargo Services Corp. (Dorchester, MA)
  558. P.j. Ferguson Insurance Agency, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  559. P&L Ventures Ltd. (Boxford, MA)
  560. Paez Enterprise, Inc. (Roslindale, MA)
  561. Paolini & Haley, P.c. (Rowley, MA)
  562. Paris Street Market, Inc. (East Boston, MA)
  563. Parkway Care Solutions, Corp. (Revere, MA)
  564. Participant Level Advice Network Inc. (Boston, MA)
  565. Partners Medical Billing & Management Corp. (Needham, MA)
  566. Pat-Z Remoldeling, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  567. Patrick Donnelly Foundation, Inc., The (Sturbridge, MA)
  568. Patrick J. Kelleher & Associates, P.c. (Hanover, MA)
  569. Patriot Glass, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  570. Pax Christi Massachusetts, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  571. Paysourceusa Iii, Inc. (Dayton, MA)
  572. Peace & Happiness Foundation, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  573. Peace Baby, Inc. (Groton, MA)
  574. Pecora & Son’s Auto Body Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  575. Pennington Station Ltd Inc (Nahant, MA)
  576. People First Food Pantry, Inc., The (Uxbridge, MA)
  577. People’s Acupuncture Clinic, Inc. (Amherst, MA)
  578. Peregrine Courier Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  579. Persimmon Foundation, Inc. (Amherst, MA)
  580. Pet Assist Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  581. Peter Amorello Construction And Demolition, Inc. (Sutton, MA)
  582. Pharaoh Tec Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  583. Phj Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  584. Photonix, Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  585. Pi-Con.org Corporation (Littleton, MA)
  586. Pimentel’s Donut Shop Corp. (East Taunton, MA)
  587. Pioneer Medical, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  588. Pjr Services, Corp. (Everett, MA)
  589. Point To Point Automotive Carriers, Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  590. Potterbilt Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  591. Poulter Consulting, Ltd (Groton, MA)
  592. Premier International Realty & Investments, Corp. (Framingham, MA)
  593. Prestige Pet Sales Associates, Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  594. Prime General Corporation (Mashpee, MA)
  595. Pro Nails & Skin Care Inc. (Sudbury, MA)
  596. Pro Pizza & Grill, Inc. (Rowley, MA)
  597. Pro Tech Stove Co., Inc (Acton, MA)
  598. Procity Marketing Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  599. Professional Services Landscaping, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  600. Project-13, Inc. (Holyoke, MA)
  601. Puma Construction, Inc. (Milford, MA)
  602. Qualifying Times Ministries, Inc. (Southwick, MA)
  603. Quest Auto Group, Ltd. (Bellingham, MA)
  604. R & T Transportation, Inc. (Uxbridge, MA)
  605. R And R Ventures, Inc. (Wellesley, MA)
  606. R. Genest Foundations Inc. (Dracut, MA)
  607. R.j. Arsenault Construction Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  608. R.m.n. Pizza, Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  609. R2d2o Holding, Inc. (North Dighton, MA)
  610. Radhe Krishna Inc. (Westport, MA)
  611. Rainbow Pond, Inc. (Walploe, MA)
  612. Rainer Agency, Inc. (Revere, MA)
  613. Ramallah, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  614. Rami Jradeh, D.m.d., P.c. (Cambridge, MA)
  615. Ramos Family Market Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  616. Randolph Youth Mentor Foundation Inc. (Randolph, MA)
  617. Rapid Specialized Transportation, Inc. (Everett, MA)
  618. Rasjs, Inc. (Methuen, MA)
  619. Ray-Ray’s Corner Kitchen, Inc. (Clinton, MA)
  620. Raymond Law, P.c. (Andover, MA)
  621. Raynham Community Access Media, Inc. (Raynham, MA)
  622. Rc Noonan Trucking, Inc. (Billerica, MA)
  623. Rcm Property Management, Inc. (East Boston, MA)
  624. Reading Discount Liquors, Inc. (Reading, MA)
  625. Recompute Global Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  626. Redstone Energy, Inc. (Tyngsboro, MA)
  627. Reginas Landromat Inc., (Peobody, MA)
  628. Relate To Autism, Inc (So. Egremont, MA)
  629. Resultz Fitness Inc. (Great Barrington, MA)
  630. Reva Corporation (Wilmington, MA)
  631. Rhodes Realty Associates, Inc. (Berlin, MA)
  632. Rhododendron Needlers Quilt Guild, Inc. (East Walpole, MA)
  633. Ribbons, Inc. (Uxbridge, MA)
  634. Richard Paul, Inc. (Palmer, MA)
  635. Riverside Sports Bar & Restaurant, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  636. Rjcjr Corporation (Brookfield, MA)
  637. Rk Productions, Inc. (Chicopee, MA)
  638. Rkp Supermarket Corp. (Northbridge, MA)
  639. Rnkitchens, Inc. (Blackstone, MA)
  640. Rob Peters Entertainment Incorporated (Braintree, MA)
  641. Robert E. Winer, Attorney At Law, P.c. (Weymouth, MA)
  642. Roly Poly Boston Inc. (Weston, MA)
  643. Ron Perreault Enterprises Incorporated (Whitinsville, MA)
  644. Ronzio Enterprises Inc. (Norfolk, MA)
  645. Rose Preservation Fund, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  646. Rose Workers Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  647. Rotary Club Of Lexington Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  648. Roth Insurance Group Inc. (Hingham, MA)
  649. Route 126 Auto Repair Inc. (Holliston, MA)
  650. Rpc Tax & Services Co Inc (New Bedford, MA)
  651. Rubenstein And Associates, Pc (Framingham, MA)
  652. Ruby Thai South Shore, Inc. (Braintree, MA)
  653. Ruby Tunes And Auto Accessories, Inc. (No. Easton, MA)
  654. Ruthie Carpenter Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. (Pembroke, MA)
  655. Ryan’s Ride, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  656. S & A Ventures, Inc. (North Reading, MA)
  657. S.m. Boyd, Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  658. Saavedra Grocery, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  659. Sab Solutions, Inc. (Medfield, MA)
  660. Sabasai, Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  661. Sage Co., Inc. (East Falmouth, MA)
  662. Saim Enterprises, Inc. (Uxbridge, MA)
  663. Salem Street Healthcare Center, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  664. Salon Janay Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  665. Sam Power Sports, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  666. Sandwich Farmers’ Market, Inc., The (East Sandwich, MA)
  667. Sasuma, Inc. (Dartmouth, MA)
  668. Sbp Corp. (Fitchburg, MA)
  669. Scargo Manor, Inc. (Dennis, MA)
  670. Schmidt Trucking, Inc. (Southampton, MA)
  671. Schyberg Casey & Carlson, P.c. (Worcester, MA)
  672. Seascape Technology, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  673. Seaweed Systems, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  674. Semi Services, Inc. (Amesbury, MA)
  675. Seraphim Skin, Inc. (Oak Bluffs, MA)
  676. Serrudo & Powell, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  677. Seva World Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  678. Shake Fitness, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  679. Shaseleen Skin Care Salon, Inc. (Belmont, MA)
  680. Shiro Japanese Restaurant, Inc. (Berlin, MA)
  681. Shri Mahavir, Inc. (Foxboro, MA)
  682. Shriji Swami Corp. (Abington, MA)
  683. Si X Semiconductor Inc. (Andover, MA)
  684. Silva’s Market Of Hudson, Inc. (Hudson, MA)
  685. Simoes Construction, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  686. Simplify Your Life, Inc. (South Dennis, MA)
  687. Sippican Stove & Fireplace Shop, Inc. (North Easton, MA)
  688. Skillter Inc. (Boston, MA)
  689. Sks Consulting, Inc. (Bellingham, MA)
  690. Skydeck360, Ltd. (Boston, MA)
  691. Slavic Baptist Church, Inc. (Feeding Hills, MA)
  692. Small Biz Cfo, Inc. (Hull, MA)
  693. Smart Market, Corp. (Framingham, MA)
  694. Smart Recycling Of Ct, Inc. (Hampden, MA)
  695. Smi Holdings, Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  696. Sociedad Cultural Dominicana De Nueva Inglaterra, Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  697. Soldier On Development Company, Inc. (Leeds, MA)
  698. Solstice Home Care, Inc. (W.roxbury, MA)
  699. Somerset Uniform & Supply Company, Inc. (Somerest, MA)
  700. Sonador Associates, Inc. (Marblehead, MA)
  701. Sovereign Grace Community Church, Inc. (Topsfield, MA)
  702. Specialty Tooling And Process Inc. (Abington, MA)
  703. Speed Construction, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  704. Spickett, Incorporated (Auburn, MA)
  705. Spirit Of Power Living Word Ministries International, Inc. (Randolph, MA)
  706. Spotlight Express, Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  707. Springfield Limo And Coach Inc. (Sprinfield, MA)
  708. Stanlok Corporation (Worcester, MA)
  709. Staying True To America’s National Destiny, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  710. Stoney Brook Estates, Inc. (Rutland, MA)
  711. Strategic Services, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  712. Street Legal Sleds, Inc. (Groton, MA)
  713. Strive 2 Be, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  714. Studio 120 Architects, Inc. (North Easton, MA)
  715. Sue’s Packaging Solutions, Inc. (Princeton, MA)
  716. Sun Massage Center, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  717. Sunday Buffet Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  718. Superior Real Estate Group, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  719. Surgical Education Foundation, Inc., The (Newtonville, MA)
  720. Surya Yogurt Corporation (Tewksbury, MA)
  721. Swan Imaging, Inc. (Somerset, MA)
  722. Swing With Style, Ltd. (Danvers, MA)
  723. Swiya Liquors, Inc. (Winchendon, MA)
  724. Sykes And Cole, P.c. (Hyannis, MA)
  725. Synostics, Inc. (Weston, MA)
  726. Tambone Construction Company (Lynnfield, MA)
  727. Taqueria Montecristo Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  728. Target Tile Installation Inc., (Framingham, MA)
  729. Taylored Contracting, Inc. (Rockland, MA)
  730. Teckmar Media Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  731. Teknology Consulting Group, Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  732. Templeton Salvage, Inc. (Templeton, MA)
  733. Ten Islands, Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  734. Tenants In Victory – Inquilinos En Victoria, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  735. Terminalfour, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  736. Terrico Corp. (Bellingham, MA)
  737. Tewksbury Old Man Softball League, Inc. (Tewksbury, MA)
  738. Tha Ratreport Inc. (Boston, MA)
  739. Thayer Equine Training And Medtech, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  740. The American Foundation For Sustainable Living, Inc. (Spencer, MA)
  741. The Bina Farm, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  742. The Commonplace Initiative, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  743. The Daniel Talbot Foundation Inc. (Medford, MA)
  744. The God Parents Foundation, Inc. (Peabody, MA)
  745. The Jack Morrill Memorial Foundation, Inc. (Amesbury, MA)
  746. The Newyorker Deli, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  747. The One Native Nation Foundation, Inc. (North Reading, MA)
  748. The Porteus House, Incorporated (Quincy, MA)
  749. The Scott Partnership Inc. (Boston, MA)
  750. The Star Entertainment Corporation (Jamaica Plain, MA)
  751. The Toolbox, Incorporated (Norwell, MA)
  752. The Ucal Mckenzie Breakaway Foundation Incorporated (Dorchester, MA)
  753. The United Methodist Church Of Martha’s Vineyard Inc. (Oak Bluffs, MA)
  754. The Victory Lap Ltd (E. Falmouth, MA)
  755. The Wheeler Group, Inc. (Hanover, MA)
  756. Tile Installations, Inc. (N. Dartmouth, MA)
  757. Tioga Fitness, Inc. (Marblehead, MA)
  758. Titan Corp. (Fall River, MA)
  759. Tlc Oasis, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  760. Tnt Flooring Services, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  761. Toossi, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  762. Townsend Wireless Inc. (Townsend, MA)
  763. Tr7umphant Product7on Company Inc. (Boston, MA)
  764. Trackman Equipment & Sales Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  765. Trenergi Corp. (Waltham, MA)
  766. Tributes, Inc. (Charlestown, MA)
  767. Trinet Matrix, Inc. (Canton, MA)
  768. Trinet Matrix, Inc. (Canton, MA)
  769. Triple Play Batting Cages, Inc. (Clinton, MA)
  770. Troy Properties, Inc. (East Brookfield, MA)
  771. Trudeau Homes International, Inc. (Acton, MA)
  772. Turtle Feet Creative Learning Center Inc. (South Easton, MA)
  773. Tuscany Court Condominium Corporation (Attleboro, MA)
  774. Tvg Contracting, Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  775. Twin Machine Co., Inc. (Lakeville, MA)
  776. Two As One, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  777. Two Brothers Market Ii, Inc. (Roxbury, MA)
  778. Twotix Corporation (Middleton, MA)
  779. Tz Consulting Inc. (Boxboro, MA)
  780. Ultimate Automotives, Inc. (Webster, MA)
  781. Ultimate Mailers Guide, Inc., The (Mashpee, MA)
  782. Ulysse’s Cab, Inc. (Mattapan, MA)
  783. Uniacke Design Associates Inc. (Walpole, MA)
  784. United Brothers Contractors, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  785. United Eagle Travel Corp. (Chicopee, MA)
  786. United Research Bureau, Inc. (Feeding Hills, MA)
  787. Universal Community Voices Eliminating Disparities,Inc. (Indian Orchard, MA)
  788. Universal Pipeline & Paving Corp. (Norwell, MA)
  789. Uptown Physical Therapy Inc. (Malden, MA)
  790. Us Group Enterprises, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  791. Us Remodeling, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  792. Usa Beta-Energy And Import Export Corp. (Revere, MA)
  793. Usecoproducts Corporation (Groveland, MA)
  794. Uyleman Consulting, Inc. (Marlborough, MA)
  795. Values Tree, Inc., The (Arlington, MA)
  796. Vanessa Otero Consulting Services, Inc. (Chicopee, MA)
  797. Vargas Auto Repair Inc., (Springfield, MA)
  798. Vaughan Art Incorporated (Brewster, MA)
  799. Verdance Consulting Services, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  800. Vet Gel Technologies, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  801. Vickers Realty Corporation (Worcester, MA)
  802. Viet Thai Restaurant, Inc. (Dracut, MA)
  803. Viet Travel& Financial Group Incorporation (Boston, MA)
  804. Virgil Ghita, Inc. (Bourne, MA)
  805. Vital Impact Chaplaincy Pastoral Ministries (Framingham, MA)
  806. Vlc & Partners, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  807. Voice For Earth Inc. (Westborough, MA)
  808. Voices Of Metrowest, Inc (Natick, MA)
  809. Vulvodynia Matters, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  810. W.q. Transport, Inc. (South Easton, MA)
  811. Waggoner Built, Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  812. Waldron Remodeling Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  813. Walid Benaissa, Dmd, Pc (Newton Centre, MA)
  814. Wayside Wealth Management, Inc. (Sudbury, MA)
  815. Website Poems Inc. (Holden, MA)
  816. West Boylston Teacher’s Association, Inc. (West Boylston, MA)
  817. West Side Contractors, Inc. (West Springfield, MA)
  818. Western New England Basketball Camp, Inc. (Northampton, MA)
  819. White Lotus Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  820. Wicked Restaurant Group Corp. (Boston, MA)
  821. Windsor Acquisition Corp. (West Bridgewater, MA)
  822. Women On The Move, Inc. (Marblehead, MA)
  823. Working Media, Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  824. Workplaces, Inc. (Winchester, MA)
  825. Wrapped Up In Sports, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  826. Wunderkinds, Inc. (Swampscott, MA)
  827. Wv Blocker Corp. 11 (Rc) (Boston, MA)
  828. X Garcia Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  829. Xan Mechandisers, Inc. (East Wareham, MA)
  830. Xl Hybrids Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  831. Yes We Can Realty, Inc. (Randolph, MA)
  832. Yhs Insurance Agency, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  833. York Street Market – New England, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  834. Your Olive Branch, Inc. (Easthampton, MA)
  835. Ypl, Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  836. Yuen Sisters, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  837. Yun Hai, Inc. (South Deerfield, MA)
  838. Zani Services, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  839. Zavoo, Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  840. Zongjie Wei, M.d., P.c. (Hopkinton, MA)

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