866 #Startups Formed In Massachusetts In 05/2009

New Massachusetts companies.

Entrepreneurs in Massachusetts formed 866 new companies in May, 2009. That’s down 8 percent from the same month in 2008:

period current year ago change
2008-10 826 959 -14%
2008-11 651 777 -16%
2008-12 839 921 -9%
2009-01 945 1200 -21%
2009-02 831 951 -13%
2009-03 954 1001 -5%
2009-04 886 980 -10%
2009-05 866 940 -8%
TOTAL 6798 7729 -12%


  1. This data is taken from Massachusetts public records and was correct at the time of publishing.
  2. This list includes newly incorporated companies in Massachusetts (so-called “domestic corporations”) as well as companies organized in other states that have filed to do business in Massachusetts (so-called “foreign corporations”). Some of these companies may not technically be startups, but I’m measuring the same data each month, so the year-to-year comparisons are valid. Put another way, it is what it is.
  3. Please do not ask to be “removed” from this database unless you have the ability to travel back in time and undo your filing.
  4. I have linked each company name to its corresponding record at the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office (or Secretary of the Commonwealth – whatever).
  5. I have linked each president’s first name to its dot-com equivalent website. It is likely that many of these links are 404 and that others go websites for individuals with the same names who (smartly) registered their own names as domain names. Please do not ask to have any links “corrected” because the links are not mistakes, they simply demonstrate that personal branding is as important as corporate branding.

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  8. A Community Theater Organization Reaching For The Stars, Inc. (Tewksbury, MA)
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  11. A J – Fence And Construction, Inc. (Rockland, MA)
  12. A Plus Painting & Remodeling, Corp. (Everett, MA)
  13. A-Costa Insurance Agency Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  14. A.j. Limo-Transportation, Inc. (East Boston, MA)
  15. A&A Subs Corp. (Fall River, MA)
  16. Aaron’s Home & Garden Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  17. Abcna, Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  18. Abv, Inc. (Norton, MA)
  19. Access Financial Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  20. Actifio Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  21. Aden Construction, Inc. (Dudley, MA)
  22. Adp Staffing Inc. (Revere, MA)
  23. Advanced Moving Co. Inc. (Lanesboro, MA)
  24. Advanced Wash Solutions, Inc. (Wakefield, MA)
  25. Advantage Equestrian Center, Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  26. Aeris Dental Center, Inc. (Salem, MA)
  27. Affectiva, Inc. (Newtonville, MA)
  28. Agape Cleaning Services, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  29. Agawam Robotics Education Foundation, Inc. (Feeding Hills, MA)
  30. Agni Institute, Incorporated (Granby, MA)
  31. Ahuja Corporation (Marshfield, MA)
  32. Al-Qasim, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  33. Aleris Dental Center, Inc. (Salem, MA)
  34. Alison Taylor Photography, Inc. (Dracut, MA)
  35. All Nation High Tech Solutions Inc. (Malden, MA)
  36. All That Jazz, Inc. (Lakeville, MA)
  37. Alliance Of Massachusetts Amusement Businesses And Attractions, Inc. (Wellesley, MA)
  38. Allot Communications, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  39. Almoda Body Art, Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  40. Alonso Medical, P.c. (Fall River, MA)
  41. Alpha & Omega Cleaning Concepts, Inc. (Foxborough, MA)
  42. Alpha Home Financial Services, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  43. Always Here Home Care, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  44. Amd Auto Services Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  45. American Emi Solutions, Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  46. American Photographic Artisan Guild Inc (Wilbraham, MA)
  47. American Roundtable To Abolish Homelessness, Inc., The (Boston, MA)
  48. American Sanitary And Plumbing Museum, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  49. Amnam Education Development Corporation (Dorchester, MA)
  50. Amparo International Inc (Leominster, MA)
  51. Andella Iron, Inc. (Rockland, MA)
  52. Android Enterprises, Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
  53. Anduril Consulting Services Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  54. Animal Protection Center Of Southeastern Massachusetts, Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  55. Antonellis Realty Management, Inc. (Newton, MA)
  56. Appmaniax Inc. (Walpole, MA)
  57. Aquvee, Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  58. Arborvalley Landscaping, Inc. (South Hadley, MA)
  59. Arezou Goli, M.d., P.c. (Dover, MA)
  60. Aries Media, Inc. (East Boston, MA)
  61. Ark Modification Services Inc. (Walpole, MA)
  62. Arz, Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  63. Asob Incorporated (Waltham, MA)
  64. Assonet Auto Incorporated (Assonet, MA)
  65. Assurance Home Management, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  66. Atlantida Construction & General Cleaning, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  67. Auburndale Community Library, Inc. (Auburndale, MA)
  68. Auris Surgical Robotics, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  69. Austin Consultants Ltd. (Worcester, MA)
  70. Automobile Locators International, Inc. (Sudbury, MA)
  71. Avg Exploit Prevention Labs, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA)
  72. Avon Community Access And Media, Inc. (Avon, MA)
  73. Awesome Home, Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  74. Axia Group Inc., The (Springfield, MA)
  75. Axis Of Hope, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  76. Azores Carpet Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  77. Bada Bings Bar And Pizzeria Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  78. Baggage Or Container Auto Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  79. Bangkok D&F Incorporated (South Dennis, MA)
  80. Bangkok Foods Inc. (Charlestown, MA)
  81. Barile Enterprises, Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
  82. Bay Shore Staffing, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  83. Beach Point Grille, Inc. (N. Truro, MA)
  84. Beacon Aptitude Testing Inc. (Wakefield, MA)
  85. Beacon Street Laundromat, Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  86. Bedugnis & Associates, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  87. Benchfly, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  88. Benchmark Property Management Ltd. (Bourne, MA)
  89. Bennetts Property Management, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  90. Berkshire Connect, Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
  91. Berkshire Five Corners, Inc. (Lenox, MA)
  92. Best Jobs, Corp. (Billerica, MA)
  93. Bhs Post Prom Party, Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  94. Biblical Academic Success And Relationship Advocacy Inc (Brockton, MA)
  95. Big Red Property Services, Inc. (Canton, MA)
  96. Bimini Holdings, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  97. Bio Fuel Development Corp. (Carver, MA)
  98. Blackstone Valley Chaos, Inc. (Upton, MA)
  99. Blackstone Valley Energy, Inc. (Millbury, MA)
  100. Blue Branch, Inc. (Chester, MA)
  101. Blue Hills Therapuetics Inc. (Boston, MA)
  102. Bng Consulting Inc. (Scituate, MA)
  103. Bob Drinkwater Installations Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  104. Bokhary Brothers, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  105. Bono Agency, Inc., The (Needham, MA)
  106. Boston Arts After School Organization Inc. (Newton, MA)
  107. Boston Door Company Inc (Cambridge, MA)
  108. Boston Federal Financial Inc. (Berlin, MA)
  109. Boston Harbor Consulting Inc. (Boston, MA)
  110. Boston Jewish Music Festival, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  111. Boston Recovery Inc. (Carlisle, MA)
  112. Botanica Ache, Inc. (Roxbury, MA)
  113. Boxford Water Shed Association, Inc. (Boxford, MA)
  114. Branco’s Tile And Stone, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  115. Brazilian Cultural Center – Os Forrozeiros, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  116. Brethren, Inc. (Falmouth, MA)
  117. Brian M. Glover, P.c. (New Bedford, MA)
  118. Brothers Pest Control, Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  119. Bsbp Corporation (Rockport, MA)
  120. Bukas Na Puso, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  121. Bunder Enterprises Incorporated (Peabody, MA)
  122. Butt Brothers, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA)
  123. Buywithme, Inc. (Groveland, MA)
  124. Buzzards Bay Center, Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  125. Byrne Enterprises, Inc. (Hudson, MA)
  126. C F S Realty And Managment Corp. (Boston, MA)
  127. C J Design, Inc. (Mashpee, MA)
  128. C.o. Environmental Corporation (Rockland, MA)
  129. C&F Brothers Services Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  130. C+C Slush Factory, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  131. C2 Mg, Inc. (Rowley, MA)
  132. Cake Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  133. Callanish Incorporated (Grafton, MA)
  134. Campaign For The Ayer Mansion Incorporated (Boston, MA)
  135. Candid Hub, Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  136. Candlewood Partners, Inc. (Wenham, MA)
  137. Caning Restoration Co. (Fitchburg, MA)
  138. Cantilena C.c. Corporation (Lenox, MA)
  139. Cape Cod Cycling Club Inc (Hyannis, MA)
  140. Cape Cod Moes, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  141. Captain Ellis Inc. (Centville, MA)
  142. Captain’s Auto Center, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  143. Cara Duinn, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  144. Carmel Desgrottes Ministry Nonprofit Incorporated (Randolph, MA)
  145. Cassidy Carpentry, Inc. (Weymouth, MA)
  146. Catherine P. Stone, P.c. (Mashpee, MA)
  147. Cc Asphalt Sealcoating & Paving Incorporated (Billerica, MA)
  148. Cellular Plus Of Ma Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  149. Celtic Striping Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  150. Celticare Health Plan Of Massachusetts, Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  151. Center For Entrepreneurship And Business Incubation, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  152. Center For Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Inc. (Sandwich, MA)
  153. Cfrx, Inc. (Braintree, MA)
  154. Chanhdanh Construction Co., Inc. (Canton, MA)
  155. Chaplain Ministry In Action Corporation (Holyoke, MA)
  156. Chelsea Pride Youth Football And Cheering, Inc. (Chelsea, MA)
  157. Cheruks, Inc., (Revere, MA)
  158. Chesley Welding Co. (Middleton, MA)
  159. Christian Alliance Church, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  160. Christopher Environmental Associates, Inc. (Lancaster, MA)
  161. Chromatic Systems Corporation (No. Andover, MA)
  162. City Hall Systems, Inc. (Millville, MA)
  163. City Of The Great King Ministries Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  164. Cityconnect, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  165. Citywide Glass Of Fall River Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  166. Clamalot, Inc. (Rehoboth, MA)
  167. Class A Cleaning, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  168. Cleaning Solutions 4u, Inc. (Hyannis, MA)
  169. Cleanwater Technology, Inc. (Rockland, MA)
  170. Clearview Digital Advertising Inc. (Boston, MA)
  171. Cliftex Manager, Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  172. Climateworks, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  173. Cloumac Construction Corp. (Webster, MA)
  174. Clover Financial Group, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  175. Cmb, Inc. (North Dighton, MA)
  176. College Recruiting, Inc. (Andover, MA)
  177. Colonial Auto Transport Inc. (Seekonk, MA)
  178. Commonwealth Auto Body, Inc. (Revere, MA)
  179. Community Food Service Ltd. (Cambridge, MA)
  180. Concept Integration Inc. (Hingham, MA)
  181. Connections Holdings Incorporated (Acton, MA)
  182. Consider -The Garden, Inc (Conway, MA)
  183. Consortium Of Boston Area Children’s Theatres, Inc., The (Winchester, MA)
  184. Constitution Investment Group, Inc. (Cotuit, MA)
  185. Construction Supervisors Association Of Ma, Inc. (Norwell, MA)
  186. Contemporary Forums (Newton, MA)
  187. Cool Moo Classic Fresh Ice Cream, Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  188. Core Computers, Inc. (Orleans, MA)
  189. Costa Heating And Air Conditioning, Inc. (Raynham, MA)
  190. Costello & Figueroa, Attorneys At Law, P.c. (E. Boston, MA)
  191. Couet Family Dental, Inc. (Middleboro, MA)
  192. Country Butcher & Deli, Inc. (Groton, MA)
  193. Couriertemps, Inc. (No. Easton, MA)
  194. Cr Newbury Street Corp. (Boston, MA)
  195. Cranberry Counseling Professional Corporation (Marshfield, MA)
  196. Creative Energy Solutions, Inc. (Littleton, MA)
  197. Crispy Dough Pizzeria Inc., (Clinton, MA)
  198. Ctj Enterprises, Inc. (Wakefield, MA)
  199. Ctt Construction, Inc. (Milford, MA)
  200. Cuiaba Construction, Corp. (Somerville, MA)
  201. Culik Law P.c. (Beverly, MA)
  202. Curran & Hall Industries, Inc. (South Attleboro, MA)
  203. Cushing Family Auto Sales, Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  204. Cv Auto Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  205. Cyber Solutions, Inc. (North Attleboro, MA)
  206. D & G Portable Restrooms, Inc. (Stow, MA)
  207. D & P Painting Services, Inc. (Hyannis, MA)
  208. D & S Design- Scapes, Inc. (Acushnet, MA)
  209. D M Breault, Inc. (Marion, MA)
  210. D-Sites, Inc. (Hudson, MA)
  211. D. E. Tocio Development Corporation (Concord, MA)
  212. D.w. Enterprises, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  213. Dacruz Framing, Inc. (Wareham, MA)
  214. Dainoras Raudonius, Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  215. Dale S Rimbach Enterprises, Inc. (Littleton, MA)
  216. Damon Orthodontic, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  217. Daniel J. Toscano, P.c. (Boston, MA)
  218. David G Wain Plumbing & Heating Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  219. David Lenger, Inc. (North Easton, MA)
  220. Dc Devices, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  221. Dcsfx, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  222. Deborah Stone Enterprises, Inc. (Maynard, MA)
  223. Depasquale’s Homemade Pasta Shoppe, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  224. Desmond Solutions Inc. (Weymouth, MA)
  225. Dexom Mobile Corporation (Springfield, MA)
  226. Dgga Trans Corp. (Swampscott, MA)
  227. Difronzo Distribution Corp. (Woburn, MA)
  228. Dillweed, Inc. (Melrose, MA)
  229. Dilly’s Tile Services, Inc. (Everett, MA)
  230. Direct Display Solutions, Inc. (Fitchburg, MA)
  231. Dj Devcorp. (Wayland, MA)
  232. Dolly Dyk Corporation (Arlington, MA)
  233. Dong Long, Inc. (Marlborough, MA)
  234. Dorchester Youth Winter Guard, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  235. Dotcomcierge, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  236. Dr. Soo Jung Song, P.c. (Acton, MA)
  237. Dresses For A Cure, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  238. Dtb Enterprises, Inc. (Duxbury, MA)
  239. Dudley Sand And Gravel Corporation (Dudley, MA)
  240. Duncan Plumbing & Heating, Inc. (Walpole, MA)
  241. Dure Enterprises, Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  242. E & M Consulting Inc. (Boston, MA)
  243. E & S Hamd Inc. (Revere, MA)
  244. E Z Auto Body, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  245. E&E Bedding Company, Inc. (Chelsea, MA)
  246. Eagle Claw Mission, Corp. (Weymouth, MA)
  247. Eagles Wings Enterprises, Inc. (Webster, MA)
  248. East Coast Hockey Foundation, Inc. (Bridgewater, MA)
  249. Eastern New England-Arlington Soap Box Derby Association, Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  250. Eco Wash, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  251. Ecotranslogix, Inc. (Wellesley Hills, MA)
  252. Ed Exterior Construction Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  253. Eddy’s Landscaping & Snowplowing, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  254. Edson Fashions Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  255. Education Meets Opportuntiy, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  256. Educational Advocacy Services, Inc. (North Reading, MA)
  257. Educational Organization For Improvement Of History Studies.inc. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
  258. Eif Fast Communication, Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  259. Ekouwan Corporation (South Lawrence, MA)
  260. Elewa’s Corporation (Boston, MA)
  261. Ellisa Incorporated (Nantucket, MA)
  262. Elm Street Cabinetry, Inc. (Stoneham, MA)
  263. Emersion Consulting Inc., (Brookline, MA)
  264. Emery Electric, Inc. (Middleborough, MA)
  265. Emk Construction, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  266. Emma Jane Scholarship Fund, Inc. (Swansea, MA)
  267. Enchanted Moments, Inc. (Tewksbury, MA)
  268. Entrepreneurial Ventures In Education, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  269. Enviro Painting Solutions, Inc. (North Andover, MA)
  270. Envision Concrete & Masonry, Inc. (Dracut, MA)
  271. Equity Industrial Greenland Associates Corp. (Needham, MA)
  272. Equity Real Estate Financial Services Inc. (Allston, MA)
  273. Eurotech Automation, Inc. (Methuen, MA)
  274. Exotic Beauty Corp. (Wilmington, MA)
  275. Expresso Dominicano, Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  276. Exquisite Occasions Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  277. Exstar, Inc. (Melrose, MA)
  278. Ez Mart Holding Inc. (East Weymouth, MA)
  279. Faces By Joanne, Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  280. Facing Cancer Together, Incorporated (Newton, MA)
  281. Faith Fellowship Chapel (Swansea, MA)
  282. Farooq Charities Incorporated (Methuen, MA)
  283. Faxinal Installation Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  284. Fenway Car Wash, Inc. (Belmont, MA)
  285. Finn Valley Finished Carpentry Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  286. Firehoze, Inc. (Marlborough, MA)
  287. First Bay Colony, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  288. Five Stars American Corp. (Everett, MA)
  289. Five Stones, Inc. (Rockland, MA)
  290. Flash Code, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  291. Food Face Inc. (Allston, MA)
  292. Foster Auto Rental, Inc. (Revere, MA)
  293. Frank N Shell, Inc. (West Dennis, MA)
  294. Frc Ventures, P.c. (Norwood, MA)
  295. Freddy’s Auto Wholesale, Inc. (Clinton, MA)
  296. Friendly Farm Convenience, Inc. (Fairhaven, MA)
  297. Friends Helping People In Need, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  298. Friends Of Dodici, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  299. Friends Of Herring River, Wellfleet/Truro, Inc. (Wellfleet, MA)
  300. Friends Of Melrose Lacrosse, Inc. (Melrose, MA)
  301. Friends Of North Reading Parks & Recreation Committee, Inc. (No. Reading, MA)
  302. Friends Of Umass Skiing Inc (Amherst, MA)
  303. Friendship Circle Of Boston, Inc., The (Chestnut Hill, MA)
  304. Frontier Investment Properties, Inc. (Pride Crossing, MA)
  305. Fundacion Ayuda Al Projimo Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  306. Future Home Realty Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  307. Fuyami Corp. (Boston, MA)
  308. G N E Auto Wholesale, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  309. G&Q Transportation, Inc. (Harvard, MA)
  310. G2 Technology Group Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  311. Gad Trading Corporation (Malden, MA)
  312. Gao’s Royal Musical Collection Inc. (Bedford, MA)
  313. Gary Dinardo Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. (Weston, MA)
  314. Gary Medeiros, Inc. (Swansea, MA)
  315. Gb Management Inc. (Southwick, MA)
  316. Gd Hall & Associates, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  317. Geargas Corp. (Lowell, MA)
  318. Genlyte Group Incorporated (Burlington, MA)
  319. Get Free, Inc. (Brewster, MA)
  320. Get There Enterprises, Inc. (Medway, MA)
  321. Gfii/Cardel Corporation, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  322. Gim Services Inc. (Lynnfield, MA)
  323. Global Children Services Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  324. Global Light Speed, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  325. Globel, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  326. Go To Inc. (Braintree, MA)
  327. Gomez Management, Inc. (South Hadley, MA)
  328. Good Samaritan Compassionate Center Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  329. Granville Police Association Incorporated (Granville, MA)
  330. Great Tree Services, Inc. (Westfield, MA)
  331. Greater Boston Connection Ltd. (Boston, MA)
  332. Green Pages Plus Inc. (Blackstone, MA)
  333. Green Shovels Inc. (Kingston, MA)
  334. Green Your Home, Ltd. (S. Weymouth, MA)
  335. Greencomm, Inc. (Greenfield, MA)
  336. Greenlynne Group Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  337. H & D Custom Cycles, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  338. H & N Pavement Marking, Inc. (Bridgewater, MA)
  339. Habanero Salvadorian & Mexican Grill, Inc. (Allston, MA)
  340. Hadland Technologies, Inc. (Groton, MA)
  341. Hair Spa, Inc., The (Brockton, MA)
  342. Haleema Corp. (Mashpee, MA)
  343. Hancock Consulting Services, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  344. Hanging Out, Inc. (North Attleboro, MA)
  345. Hansa Corp. (Brockton, MA)
  346. Happy Dollar, Inc. (Mattapan, MA)
  347. Happy Nails & Spa Inc. (Great Barrington, MA)
  348. Harrington Healthcare At Hubbard, Inc. (Southbridge, MA)
  349. Hatun Runa, Inc. (Wayland, MA)
  350. Hayes Landscaping Incorporated (Plymouth, MA)
  351. Hcameron Enterprises, Inc. (Salisbury, MA)
  352. Heads Of State, Inc. (No. Dartmouth, MA)
  353. Height Thinktank Corporation (Concord, MA)
  354. Helinski Law, P.c. (Boston, MA)
  355. Highbranch Corporation (Newburyport, MA)
  356. Highway Safety Systems, Inc. (Rockland, MA)
  357. Hodge Hockey, Inc. (Lynnfield, MA)
  358. Holyoke Glbtq Task Force, Inc., The (Westfield, MA)
  359. Home Valet, Incorporated (Groton, MA)
  360. Horizon Chimney Services, Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  361. Horizons Fireproofing, Inc. (Brant Rock, MA)
  362. Hrba Group, Inc. (Marblehead, MA)
  363. Hro Enterprises, Inc. (Ashland, MA)
  364. Hull House Of Pizza Inc. (Hull, MA)
  365. Hunter Transit, Inc. (Milford, MA)
  366. Hvh’s Bagels & Cream, Inc. (North Attleborough, MA)
  367. I Northeast Fishery Sector, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  368. Ianus Investments, Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  369. Ibowes, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  370. Iglesia Cristo Es El Camino Int’l Inc. (Holyoke, MA)
  371. Iglesia De Dios Pozo De Jacob, Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  372. Iglesia Evangelica Sanando Atl Herido (Southbridge, MA)
  373. Iglesia Pentecosta Jehova Proveera (Springfield, MA)
  374. Iglesia Pentecostal Restaurados En Cristo Corporation (Springfield, MA)
  375. Iglesia Pentecostal Un Nuevo Amaneser Corporation Ciilhz (Turners Falls, MA)
  376. Iglesia Primitiva – La Uncion Hace La Diferiencia (Lawrence, MA)
  377. Igreja Pentecostal Palavra Da Fe Inc., (Framingham, MA)
  378. Ii Northeast Fishery Sector, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  379. Iii Northeast Fishery Sector, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  380. Immaculate Flooring, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  381. In4med, Corporation (So. Easton, MA)
  382. Independence Homecare, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  383. Inductive, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  384. Insola Formosa, Inc. (Roslindale, MA)
  385. Institute For Healthcare Optimization, Inc. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
  386. Insure To Cure, Inc (North Attleboro, MA)
  387. Integrated Clean Technologies, Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
  388. Interactive Realtors, Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  389. International Imports, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  390. International Institute Of Personal Finance, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  391. International Society Of Exposure Science, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  392. Intraconnected Solutions, Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  393. Investor Suffrage Movement, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  394. Iron Horse Contracting, Inc. (N. Billerica, MA)
  395. Isolvit, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  396. Item, Inc. (Carlisle, MA)
  397. Iv Northeast Fishery Sector, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  398. Ix Northeast Fishery Sector, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  399. J & S Auto Service Inc. (Tewksbury, MA)
  400. J R Landscaping Inc., (Watertown, MA)
  401. J.m Waitkus Corporation (Raynham, MA)
  402. J&K Tanning, Inc. (Milton, MA)
  403. Jackrack, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  404. Jeremiah J. O’sullivan, Inc. (Andover, MA)
  405. Jills, Inc. (Attleboro, MA)
  406. Jim Dahler Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. (Brookfield, MA)
  407. Jim The Floor Guy Inc. (Holyoke, MA)
  408. Jimmy’s Ride, Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  409. Jmac Sales Inc. (Longmeadow, MA)
  410. Jms Fitness, Inc. (Wilmington, MA)
  411. Jms Healthcare, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  412. Jo’s Fitness Inc. (Belmont, MA)
  413. Johnnys Place, Inc. (Westfield, MA)
  414. Joseph Foley Company Inc. (West Roxbury, MA)
  415. Jowill Inc. (West Tisbury, MA)
  416. Jrm Ventures Inc. (Boston, MA)
  417. Junior’s Produce And Deli, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  418. Justice House Of Prayer-Boston, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  419. K & D Development Corp. (Waltham, MA)
  420. K-9 Coaching, Inc. (Braintree, MA)
  421. K&G Consulting Incorporated (Revere, MA)
  422. Kado Oglu Inc. (Natick, MA)
  423. Kan Real Estate Solutions, Inc. (South Hadley, MA)
  424. Kevin R. Hayden, P.c. (Boston, MA)
  425. Kids Kampus Corp. (Attleboro Falls, MA)
  426. Kidsfirst, Inc. (Georgetown, MA)
  427. Kidz Wurld, Inc. (North Attleborough, MA)
  428. Klcm World, Inc. (West Roxbury, MA)
  429. Kld Communications, Inc. (Eastham, MA)
  430. Knight Marketing And Communication, Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  431. Koji Crystal, Inc. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
  432. Kosta Corp. (Lynnfield, MA)
  433. Kristin M. Callahan Foundation, Inc. (North Andover, MA)
  434. Kristine Charters, Inc. (Weston, MA)
  435. Kt Concepts, Inc. (Wakefield, MA)
  436. Kyoto Enterprise, Inc. (Mansfield, MA)
  437. L & T Subs, Inc. (Revere, MA)
  438. L. J. Mahoney & Associates, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  439. La Cure Usa, Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  440. Labformatix, Incorporated (Medway, MA)
  441. Lamarre Bros. Contracting Corporation (Attleboro, MA)
  442. Langhorne Company, Inc. (Georgetown, MA)
  443. Larry Lafountain Electrical Contractor, Inc. (Holyoke, MA)
  444. Laura Gramse, Dmd Pc (Springfield, MA)
  445. Law Office Of Jonathan M. White, P.c. (Medford, MA)
  446. Law Office Of Paul J. Pezza (Boston, MA)
  447. Lazziz Restaurant, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  448. Lco-Green Corporation Inc., (Maynard, MA)
  449. Leading Insurance Services, Inc. (Fort Lee, MA)
  450. Leapforward Solutions, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  451. Learn Yu Wen North American Limited (Allston, MA)
  452. Learning Cottage, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  453. Learning Curve Consortium Worldwide, Inc., The (Framingham, MA)
  454. Learning Management Institute, Inc. (Winchester, MA)
  455. Leicester Town Band, Inc. (Leicester, MA)
  456. Lenlong And Associates, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  457. Lenton & Sons, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  458. Leominster Youth Robotics, Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  459. Let The Healing Begin, Inc. (Hyde Park, MA)
  460. Lia’s Kitchen, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  461. Liberty Fleet Cruises, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  462. Lincoln Carpentry Inc. (Lincoln, MA)
  463. Lincoln Catharine Realty Corporation (Worcester, MA)
  464. Linkwell Communications, Inc. (Needham, MA)
  465. Lismark Corporation (Somerville, MA)
  466. Little Brook Farm & Garden, Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  467. Little Q Company, Inc. (Braintree, MA)
  468. Live Bass, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  469. Living The Dream Auto Care Inc. (Canton, MA)
  470. Logan Maintenance Services, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  471. Longwood Investment Advisors, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  472. Lovemoney Inc. (Roxbury, MA)
  473. Lowell Family Medical Care, P. C. (Dracut, MA)
  474. Lower Cape Floors, Inc. (Harwich, MA)
  475. Lsrne, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  476. Ltc Service Solutions Company (Saugus, MA)
  477. Lucky Nails – Nail & Spa, Inc. (Lee, MA)
  478. Lucky 99 Center, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  479. Lucky Chen, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  480. Lucky Horse Equine Rescue, Inc. (Bolton, MA)
  481. Luvalan Management Corp. (Peabody, MA)
  482. Lyme Awareness Of Cape Cod, Inc. (Mashpee, MA)
  483. Lysette & Jardus, Inc. (Mattapan, MA)
  484. M & J Flooring, Inc. (Taunton, MA)
  485. M & M Pools Incorporated (Fall River, MA)
  486. M&F Trucking & Kids Inc. (Bridgewater, MA)
  487. Maa Trading Corporation (Cambridge, MA)
  488. Maanaim Cleaning Service Inc. (Milford, MA)
  489. Maddog Transport, Inc. (North Attleboro, MA)
  490. Magniture Systems Incorporated (Marblehead, MA)
  491. Magnolia Land Care Inc. (Magnolia, MA)
  492. Mandaean Society Of Massachusetts, Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  493. Manzanita Advisors, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  494. Maranatha Baptist Church Of Agawam, Inc. (Feeding Hills, MA)
  495. Marco Carpet Inc. (Chicopee, MA)
  496. Maria Luisa De Moreno International Foundation, Inc. (Holden, MA)
  497. Mark Richard Mcelroy Adw Auto Detailing (Weymouth, MA)
  498. Marlene M. Bouffard & Company, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  499. Marquee Theatre Productions Inc. (Somerset, MA)
  500. Marvelous Industries, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  501. Mass General Services, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  502. Massachusetts Coalition For Water Resources Stewardship, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  503. Massachusetts Correctional Benevolent Association Inc. (Milford, MA)
  504. Massachusetts Material Management, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  505. Mastercraft Exteriors Of Massachusetts, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  506. Mastroianni Construction & Landscape, Inc. (W. Newton, MA)
  507. Matias Construction, Corp. (Malden, MA)
  508. Matt & Lucas Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  509. Mayflower Portuguese Water Dog Club Of Massachusetts Inc (Barnstable, MA)
  510. Mazo Services Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  511. Mbv Towing & Transportation, Inc. (Revere, MA)
  512. Mc Compliance Services, Inc. (Walpole, MA)
  513. Mclaughlin Masonry, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  514. Mcpherran Software Inc. (Sharon, MA)
  515. Mdm Consulting Corp. (Westwood, MA)
  516. Med Pak Inc. (Mashpee, MA)
  517. Medeiros Home Improvement, Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  518. Medserv International, Incorporated (Holden, MA)
  519. Melo Landscaping Inc. (Abington, MA)
  520. Memories At Legacy, Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  521. Mercavo, Inc. (Marblehead, MA)
  522. Merchant’s Fabrication, Inc. (Auburn, MA)
  523. Messtc Inc. (Woburn, MA)
  524. Metbuild, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  525. Metro Public Safety Supply, Inc. (Bellingham, MA)
  526. Metrowest Gymnastics, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  527. Michael Cummings And Associates Inc. (Hingham, MA)
  528. Microfinance Initiative, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  529. Middlesex Biofuel Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  530. Midlake & Winter, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  531. Mightytechs, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  532. Mike’s Enterprises, Inc. (Whitinsville, MA)
  533. Mill City Dart League Corp. (Lowell, MA)
  534. Ministerio Evangelistico Y Misionero Restaurando Al Caido Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  535. Ministerio Profetico Voz D’alerta (Holyoke, MA)
  536. Mint For Mounts, Inc. (W. Newbury, MA)
  537. Miss Belleza Latina Boston, Inc. (Medford, MA)
  538. Missing Children’s League, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  539. Mjal Trading Corp. (Quincy, MA)
  540. Mobile Middleware Solutions, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  541. Modelo Group, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  542. Mpal6, Inc. (So. Easton, MA)
  543. Ms Communications, Inc. (Chicopee, MA)
  544. Ms. Lancelot Janitorial And Paper Products, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  545. Murphy Services, Inc. (Orleans, MA)
  546. Musum, Inc. (Chicopee, MA)
  547. Mv Color And Finish, Inc. (Oak Bluffs, MA)
  548. Mv Greenback, Inc. (Oak Bluffs, MA)
  549. Mylifearc Corporation (Newton, MA)
  550. N30i Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  551. Nancy Medina, D.m.d., Professional Corporation (Cambridge, MA)
  552. Natick General Practice, P.c. (Natick, MA)
  553. National Cleaning Services, Inc. (Peabody, MA)
  554. National Fence And Supply Co. (Attleboro, MA)
  555. Navability, Inc. (Southborough, MA)
  556. Ncp Corporation Inc. (New Bedford, MA)
  557. Nd A Ryd Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  558. Netinfoglobal Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  559. Never You Mind, Inc. (Falmouth, MA)
  560. New England Fall Prep Hockey League, Inc. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
  561. New England Fitness Distributors, Inc. (Glastonbury, MA)
  562. New England Natural Healthcare Consulting Inc. (Gardner, MA)
  563. New England Spine Center, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  564. New England Stunts And Safety Rental, Inc. (Bridgewater, MA)
  565. New Enterprise Factory, Inc., The (Wilbraham, MA)
  566. New Hope Soap, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  567. Newgrange Design Inc. (Wakefield, MA)
  568. Newton Portfolio Corporation (Newton, MA)
  569. Next Generation Marketing, Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  570. Nexxus, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  571. Nlc Flooring Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  572. Nm Acquisition Corp. (Boston, MA)
  573. No. 1 Gloucester Buffet, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  574. North American Women’s Baseball League, Inc. (Newburyport, MA)
  575. North Attleboro Hockey Association, Inc. (North Attleboro, MA)
  576. North Central Incubator For Green Economics, Inc. (Orange, MA)
  577. North Reading Internal Medicine, P.c. (North Reading, MA)
  578. North River Tank Service, Inc. (No. Weymouth, MA)
  579. North Shore Car Service Corporation (Revere, MA)
  580. North Star Distributors, Inc. (Oak Bluffs, MA)
  581. Northeast Healthcare Management, Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  582. Nouvoservice, Inc. (Lynn, MA)
  583. O’toole Law Group, P.c. (Duxbury, MA)
  584. O&M Consulting Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  585. Oak’s Pizza, Inc. (Seekonk, MA)
  586. Obotek Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  587. Ogen (Usa), Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  588. Oh Deer Inc. (Wayland, MA)
  589. Olde Colony Clean Water, Inc. (Norfolk, MA)
  590. Olea Medical Solutions Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  591. Oliver Wendell Holmes House Corporation (Cambridge, MA)
  592. Om Harirar Corporation (Lowell, MA)
  593. Omnihealth Biosciences Corporation (Weston, MA)
  594. Oms Transporation Company, Inc. (Cohasset, MA)
  595. On The Job Uniform & Equipment Co., Inc. (Swansea, MA)
  596. One Call Trash Remove, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  597. One Earth Designs Inc (Cambridge, MA)
  598. Oneiro Tactics Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  599. Online Writers Guild Incorporation (Malden, MA)
  600. Orchid Treatment Center, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  601. Oriental Sport Club Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  602. Orwig Corp. (Duxbury, MA)
  603. Ossa Scientia, Incorporated (Holden, MA)
  604. Our Town Scholarship Fund Inc. (Harwich, MA)
  605. P & M International Corp. (Quincy, MA)
  606. P J General Construction Corp. (Milford, MA)
  607. P.k. Jewelers, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  608. P.l.g. Contracting, Inc. (Stoneham, MA)
  609. Pablo’s Carpets Inc. (Springfield, MA)
  610. Paige Yates Real Estate, Inc. (Weston, MA)
  611. Pamrock Construction Inc. (Hanover, MA)
  612. Pandora’s Gift Box Ltd. (Danvers, MA)
  613. Paper City Flooring Inc. (Southampton, MA)
  614. Pappas Family Realty, Corp. (Cotuit, MA)
  615. Pariglo Solutions Inc. (Newton, MA)
  616. Parkside Tavern, Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
  617. Parts Plus X-Press, Inc. (Belchertown, MA)
  618. Patrizias Italy Trattoria Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  619. Patrons Of Belmont Performing Arts, Inc. (Belmont, MA)
  620. Pattison Street Realty Corp. (Abington, MA)
  621. Pavo Radio Technologies, Inc. (Billerica, MA)
  622. Performance Electrical Contractors, Inc. (S Weymouth, MA)
  623. Petroleum Service Of Worcester, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  624. Phelo Corp. (Spencer, MA)
  625. Pico Innovations, Inc. (Groton, MA)
  626. Pine Cone Consulting Company, Inc., The (Boston, MA)
  627. Pinkyotto Newbury Corporation (Boston, MA)
  628. Plan It Network, Inc. (Waquoit, MA)
  629. Planet Transportation, Inc. (W Springfield, MA)
  630. Plum Island Institute Inc. (Newburyport, MA)
  631. Plymouth Rock Dog Talent, Inc. (Bourne, MA)
  632. Plymouth Rock Title, Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  633. Pollyram Corporation (Shrewsbury,, MA)
  634. Powder House Village Gp, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  635. Power Access Screening Solutions, Inc. (Westport, MA)
  636. Practical Policy, Inc. (Marlborough, MA)
  637. Pricerite Mortgages.com, Inc. (Westport, MA)
  638. Prime Dental, Inc. (Wareham, MA)
  639. Primitive Traditions, Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  640. Priti International Corporation (Melrose, MA)
  641. Professional Constable Services Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  642. Progreen Cleaning Company, Inc. (Holland, MA)
  643. Property Central Inc. (Stoneham, MA)
  644. Public Eye Advertising, Inc. (Fairhaven, MA)
  645. Purcell Systems, Inc. (Amesbury, MA)
  646. Purple Valley Marketing Group Inc. (Williamstown, MA)
  647. Puzzles To Remember, Inc. (Natick, MA)
  648. Quality Auto Sales Incorporated (Malden, MA)
  649. Quality Children’s Transportation Corporation (Worcester, MA)
  650. Quincy Emergency Care, P.c. (Quincy, MA)
  651. Quonic Incorporated (Quincy, MA)
  652. R & E Transportation Inc. (Boston, MA)
  653. R Cleaning, Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  654. Rac Carpet Installations Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  655. Raei Shelter Corp. (Brockton, MA)
  656. Ranirax Systems Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  657. Ravenbrook Feline Resue, Inc. (Marshfield, MA)
  658. Rayvis Construction, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  659. Rcm Tax Services, Inc. (Hyde Park, MA)
  660. Redefined Consulting Group Inc. (Mansfield, MA)
  661. Redmen Wrestling Club, Inc. (Tewksbury, MA)
  662. Resort Boutiques International Inc. (Nantucket, MA)
  663. Resource Systems, Inc. (So. Lee, MA)
  664. Richmond Partners, Inc. (Holliston, MA)
  665. River And Main Restaurant Corp. (Norwell, MA)
  666. Riverhawks, Inc (Lowell, MA)
  667. Rkt Corporation (Hopkinton, MA)
  668. Robert H. Clewell, P.c. (Rowley, MA)
  669. Roberto Coin, Inc. (Mashpee, MA)
  670. Roberto’s Family, Inc. (Montague, MA)
  671. Rodrigues, Inc. (Belchertown, MA)
  672. Romeg Enterprises, P.c. (Sturbridge, MA)
  673. Rosa’s Antojitos I, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  674. Roselyn Enterprises Incorporated (Chelmsford, MA)
  675. Ross & Family, Incorporated (Winchendon, MA)
  676. Roxolar, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  677. Roxton Enterprises, Inc. (Winchester, MA)
  678. Rttk Realty Management, Inc. (Fitchburg, MA)
  679. S K Construction, Inc. (Stoughton, MA)
  680. S.o.s Operation Espoir Inc (Worcester, MA)
  681. S&K Market Inc., (Randolph, MA)
  682. Sabet Family Inc. (North Andover, MA)
  683. Sabmarina, Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  684. Salon B Inc. (Dartmouth, MA)
  685. Salone Health Care Services Corporation (New Bedford, MA)
  686. Salted Services, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  687. Saltmarsh Industries Inc. (Granville, MA)
  688. Sam & Mina Corporation (West Roxbury, MA)
  689. Sanghikaram Wat Khmer, Temple (Lynn, MA)
  690. Santa’s Sleigh Inc., The (Boxford, MA)
  691. Sante Fanm Ak La Fanmi, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  692. Santo’s Paving, Inc. (Lawrence, MA)
  693. Sap Boy Entertainment, Inc. (Brockton, MA)
  694. Saugas Family Dental, Pc (Saugus, MA)
  695. Scanlon Masonry Inc. (Brighton, MA)
  696. Scholarpro Incorporated (Milton, MA)
  697. Scm Trucking Corp. (Franklin, MA)
  698. Sct Tickets, Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  699. Seaford High ’75 35th Reunion Committee, Inc. (Merrimac, MA)
  700. Second Wind Consultants Inc. (Hadley, MA)
  701. Seeking Solace Counseling, Corp. (Somerset, MA)
  702. Selexis Inc. (Marlborough, MA)
  703. Sellew Construction Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  704. Serafim Auto Repair, Inc. (Dracut, MA)
  705. Setoneup Inc. (Randolph, MA)
  706. Sharpview Inc. (Newton, MA)
  707. Shg Engineering, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  708. Shiro Lounge, Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
  709. Shrewsbury Robotics, Inc. (Shrewsbury, MA)
  710. Shubham Mart, Incorporated (Charlton, MA)
  711. Siam Bistro Thai Restaurant Corp. (Boston, MA)
  712. Side Green, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  713. Sigma It Services Inc. (Boston, MA)
  714. Simsco Contracting, Inc. (Upton, MA)
  715. Sjbd Corp. (Medford, MA)
  716. Slattery’s Steakhouse, Inc. (Huntington, MA)
  717. Smithabee Corporation, The (Yarmouth Port, MA)
  718. Solar Design & Installation, Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  719. Soliduv, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA)
  720. Somerset Consulting Corporation (Somerset, MA)
  721. Somerville Body Works, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  722. Soul Sisters Foundation, Inc., The (Kingston, MA)
  723. South Shore Bsc, Inc. (Braintree, MA)
  724. Southshore Tennis, Inc. (Scituate, MA)
  725. Sparkplug Power, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  726. Spaulding Hospital-Cambridge, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  727. Special Occasion Limousine Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  728. Spectrum Business Development, Inc. (Westborough, MA)
  729. Spectrum Strategies Inc. (Merrimac, MA)
  730. Spiritual And Financial Educational Services, Inc. (Leverett, MA)
  731. Srne Leasing Corp. (Tyngsboro, MA)
  732. St. Casimir’s Lithuanian Choir, Inc. (Auburn, MA)
  733. Stanton Flaherty Group, Inc. (Milton, MA)
  734. Star Nails & Spa Inc. (Kingston, MA)
  735. Steeplechase Networks, Inc. (Southfield, MA)
  736. Stelios Pizza House, Inc. (East Bridgewater, MA)
  737. Stoneage Stuff Inc. (Watertown, MA)
  738. Stop Loss Insurance Services, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  739. Stop Shaken Baby Syndrome, Inc. (Saugus, MA)
  740. Stosz Construction And Property Services, Inc. (Amherst, MA)
  741. Stratus Networks, Inc. (Whitinsville, MA)
  742. Studio Blue 7, Inc. (Three Rivers, MA)
  743. Sudbury Wealth Management, Inc. (Sudbury, MA)
  744. Summit Consulting & Sales, Inc. (Swansea, MA)
  745. Sun Build Cooperative, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  746. Sunset Fruit Co., Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  747. Super Target Liquor Of Massachusetts, Inc. (Plainville, MA)
  748. Supreme Landscaping & Masonry, Inc. (Hudson, MA)
  749. Swami Auto Works, Sales & Services, Inc. (Fall River, MA)
  750. Swiss Shipping Line, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  751. Tablecritic, Inc. (Hyde Park, MA)
  752. Talbot-Collins International, Inc. (Harvard, MA)
  753. Tangorra Wedding Planning, Inc. (Newburyport, MA)
  754. Tatnuck Bead Company, Inc. (Westborough, MA)
  755. Taxpayer Advocates Inc. (Newburyport, MA)
  756. Taylor Investment Group, Inc. (Roslindale, MA)
  757. Teach By Travel, Inc. (East Brookfield, MA)
  758. Tebo Properties East, Inc. (Millbury, MA)
  759. Techfoundation,Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  760. Telus Computers, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  761. Temp Working Center, Inc. (Lowell, MA)
  762. Teoma, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  763. Th Distributors, Inc. (Methuen, MA)
  764. The Book Of Business Corporation (Franklin, MA)
  765. The Clothes Vine, Inc. (Melrose, MA)
  766. The E13 Group, Inc. (Holliston, MA)
  767. The Japanese Resource Exchange, Inc (Waltham, MA)
  768. The Key Concierge Inc. (Boston, MA)
  769. The Loan Mod Headquarters.com, Inc. (Westport, MA)
  770. The Luxury Box Restaurant Corporation (Leominster, MA)
  771. The Main Street Still, Inc. (Agawam, MA)
  772. The Manchester Group Inc. (Middleton, MA)
  773. The Order Of The Crusaders Of The Most Precious Blood And The Blessed Virgin Mary Of Mount Carmel (The Carmelites Of The Primitive Observance) (West Roxbury, MA)
  774. The Pet Barn Warehouse Incorporated (Worcester, MA)
  775. The Pink Polka Dot, Inc. (Mashpee, MA)
  776. The Research Group, Inc. (Florence, MA)
  777. The Trooper Paul Barry Family Foundation Inc. (Franklin, MA)
  778. The Webster Dudley Business Alliance, Inc. (Webster, MA)
  779. The Wine Steward Of Cape Cod, Inc. (West Barnstable, MA)
  780. Thirtythreemillionreasons, Inc. (Arlington, MA)
  781. Thuan Dat Supermarket, Inc. (Dorchester, MA)
  782. Tianjin, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  783. Tigercub Technology, Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  784. Timmy;S The Deal, Inc. (Easton, MA)
  785. Tin Group, Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  786. Tio & Adam’s Painting, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
  787. Tire Tattoo, Inc. (Brookline, MA)
  788. Tj Green Corp. (Beverly, MA)
  789. Tlc Delivery, Incorporated (Canton, MA)
  790. Tonuse Inc. (Worcester, MA)
  791. Tony Brogan Inc. (Canton, MA)
  792. Treewise Mass. Inc. (Vineyard Haven, MA)
  793. Tribeca Marketing Group, Inc. (Framingham, MA)
  794. Trireme Corp. (Wellesley, MA)
  795. Tucan Auto Sales Corp. (Taunton, MA)
  796. Tumblehome Press Inc. (Weston, MA)
  797. Two Brothers Painting Inc., (Hudson, MA)
  798. United States Proxy Exchange, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  799. Universal Mergers And Acquisitions, Inc. (Middleton, MA)
  800. University Of Liberia Alumni Chorus, The (Brockton, MA)
  801. Unlimited Flooring Inc. (Chicopee, MA)
  802. Upton Foreign Auto Service Corp. (Upton, MA)
  803. Us Max Construction Co. (Milford, MA)
  804. Uwandiigbo Academy Inc. (Holbrook, MA)
  805. V Northeast Fishery Sector, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  806. V Q T Construction & Carpentry Inc. (Haverhill, MA)
  807. Valderrama Corporation (Maynard, MA)
  808. Van Allen Restaurant Services, Inc. (Gt. Barrington, MA)
  809. Vanguard Telecom Inc. (Newton, MA)
  810. Vencedor Software Group Inc. (Burlington, MA)
  811. Ventura Enterprises, Inc. (Danvers, MA)
  812. Vetstein Law Group, P.c. (Framingham, MA)
  813. Vi Northeast Fishery Sector, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  814. Vidhi And Dev Corporation (Roxbury Crossing, MA)
  815. Viet Phu, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  816. Vii Northeast Fishery Sector, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  817. Viii Northeast Fishery Sector, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  818. Viluca, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  819. Vip Taxi Of Norwood, Inc. (Norwood, MA)
  820. Virtual K Inc. (Lexington, MA)
  821. Virtualization Group, Inc. (Lakeville, MA)
  822. Visions In Education, Inc. (Amherst, MA)
  823. Vivace Vino, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  824. Vivagene Biotech, Inc. (Quincy, MA)
  825. Vls, Incorporated (Lawrence, MA)
  826. Voosus Oosus Music Corp. (East Bridgewater, MA)
  827. Vr Inc. (Charlton, MA)
  828. W. Dean Eastman Foundation Inc. (Andover, MA)
  829. W.h. Goodwin Enterprises (Salem, MA)
  830. Waggin Tails Pet Care Services Inc. (Waltham, MA)
  831. Washington Beech Revitalization Corporation (Boston, MA)
  832. Washington Mills Saudi Arabia, Inc. (No. Grafton, MA)
  833. Waterstone Financial Service, Inc. (Boston, MA)
  834. Watts Green Inc. (Canton, MA)
  835. Wellesley At Home, Inc. (Wellesley, MA)
  836. Wellesley North End Pizza, Inc. (Wellesley, MA)
  837. Welly’s Restaurant, Inc. (Marlborough, MA)
  838. Wenaumet Iscream Inc. (Pocasset, MA)
  839. West Selden Construction Inc. (Mattapan, MA)
  840. Weymouth Retail Inc. (East Weymouth, MA)
  841. White’s Importing And Exporting, Inc. (No. Andover, MA)
  842. Wild 57’S, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  843. Willwork-Boston, Inc. (South Easton, MA)
  844. Wilson Square Auto Sales, Inc. (Peabody, MA)
  845. Win Wing Trading Company (Malden, MA)
  846. Wise Solutions Inc. (Littleton, MA)
  847. Wn Construction Inc. (Plymouth, MA)
  848. Worcester Community Church (Worcester, MA)
  849. Worcester Orthodontics, P.c. (Worcester, MA)
  850. World Auto Repair Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  851. X Northeast Fishery Sector, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  852. Xi Northeast Fishery Sector, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  853. Xii Northeast Fishery Sector, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  854. Xiii Northeast Fishery Sector, Inc. (Gloucester, MA)
  855. Xtreme Automotive Powersports And Marine Inc. (Leominster, MA)
  856. Yarmouth Youth Baseball Association, Inc. (Yarmouth Port, MA)
  857. Yiiiy Corporation (Allston, MA)
  858. Youngberg Law Firm, P.c. (Lakeville, MA)
  859. Youngs Harwood Floor, Inc. (Malden, MA)
  860. Yousaf Zai, Inc. (Beverly, MA)
  861. Yummy Asian, Inc. (Hanover, MA)
  862. Yunshung, Inc. (Peabody, MA)
  863. Z Design Studio, Inc. (Belmont, MA)
  864. Zata Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
  865. Ziad Incorporated (Worcester, MA)
  866. Zk Food Corporation (East Weymouth, MA)

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