* 17 Seconds #32 – Clocktower Law’s newish address, 2017 fees, Unidesk exit

Our USPS mail forwarding is about to end.

By Erik J. Heels

First published 1/17/2017; ErikJHeels.com; publisher: GiantPeople.

USPS worker commenting on snail image on mailbox: We finally decided to just embrace it.

We Have Still Moved

A reminder that we moved to Acton about a year ago. Our mail forwarding is about to end, so here’s our newish address again:

Clocktower Law LLC
537 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 301
Acton MA 01720-2954
phone: 978-263-0400
fax: 978-246-0256

2017 Fees

Also, as we do about yearly, we have updated our pricing. Two changes:

First, we changed office action replies from fixed-rate pricing back to hourly. The fixed-rate experiment backfired, both because we were losing money and because the fixed-rate model created a disincentive for us to file replies.

Second, we have changed the way we bill for foreign agents. For procedural matters, rather than charging hourly to manage both prongs of the agent-attorney-client relationship, we markup agent invoices 25% (resulting in an 80/20 agent/attorney split) and round (up or down) to the nearest $100. So you could (theoretically) save money (at the expense of time) by establishing separate attorney-client relationships with our agents for foreign matters. And we save time/money by not logging every minute in QuickBooks. For substantive matters, we bill hourly.

Now in its fourth award-winning year, our hourly rate remains $425.

We will continue to experiment with pricing – and to be transparent about it. If you can find an IP law firm that is more transparent about pricing than Clocktower Law, then you should hire them and fire us!

Congrats to Unidesk!

Finally, congrats to Clocktower Law client Unidesk on getting acquired by Citrix! Unidesk is happy for the exit, and Clocktower Law is happy to have the best acquisition/year/attorney ratio of any IP law firm in the country. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

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