ErikJHeels’s Google Resume

There’s more about your on Google then you’ll find on

Google’s specialized search sites allow you to create a “Google resume” of anyone. I searched a bunch of Google sites about myself (naturally) and found lots of stuff I’d forgotten about. Here’s my Google resume:

  1. Google Blog Search
  2. Google Book Search
  3. Google Groups Search
  4. Google Image Search
  5. Google News Archives
  6. Google Patents
  7. Google Scholar
  8. Google Trademarks
  9. Google Video Search
  10. Google Web Search

Of the sites on this list, only “Google Trademarks” is not an actual Google site. That’s a search of the USPTO’s TARR database via Google. Google has added a specialized patent search but has not yet added a specialized trademark search. Being able to search trademarks via Google would be a boon to brand managers. I hope that Google adds this functionality soon.

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